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Hello there SEprom! My name is Gibi - I have been watching ASMR videos by accident since I realized that some sounds and movements made me feel blissfully relaxed. I've watched the ASMR community grow into something incredible, and I decided that I wanted to hop in and be a part of it! You will see a variety of videos from me, from roleplays, to makeup, to cosplay, to original characters! I hope you very much enjoy.

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  1. a living potato

    day3 of saying : yes

  2. DeLaney Wilson-Ford

    She looks like a person named brandie!

  3. Ch S.

    You are so creative! What an idea!

  4. Emma J

    Omg hearing my own voice was so weird 🤯

  5. Alan Ayazyam

    Every time I turn around you have another 10K subscribers congrats :)

  6. Internet’s Finest

    It’s no wonder Gibi’s acting in roleplays are so good.

  7. Cora mth

    Day 100 (ayy 100 days let's go!) of asking Gibi to recreate the whole Shrek movie once she reached 5 million subscribers

  8. Animated Asmr


  9. Shhheila ASMR

    Imagine my *surprise* hearing my name at ✨1:10:03!✨ The question was "which fictional character do you love but feel would be absolutely insufferable in real life!" Thanks gibi for including me! It was lots of fun hearing funny stories and getting to know you better! I think this is the third time we have technically had a collab together too, hehe 😂🙏✨

  10. Ashley Merlin


  11. Tanner Kimbro

    Have you heard of the manga series junji ito collection

  12. Ashley Goldsmith

    Do another fastest asmr pleases its my favorite kind of asmr

  13. Izaya Wilhite

    *casually puts on my deodorant* me:Ma'am, um ma'am why are- Lady quit using my stuff!

  14. Alt Frog

    "Do you have a boyfriend?" No "Do you have a girlfriend" No "Whats your biggest insecurity" ..I have a partner yk they're just nonbinary-

  15. WisSu

    31:20 OH MY GOD, GIBI, this part is the part which triggers the most

  16. SheepyCheeze Studios

    I was about to submit but I was way too busy with graduation. Dammit. Hopefully there will be a numero 2

  17. Samantha Freiermuth

    Yay! I love that my voice memo was picked. Thanks for sharing the sheet music apps!

  18. BagginZHD

    I’m guessing that was Raven with the potatoes question lol

  19. Gabi Braun

    The murder mystery party actually sounds kind of fun 😝

  20. Noah Bloom

    Omg I wasn’t actually expecting you to use my recording but I’m so glad you did!! I’m proud that I’m in the video but embarrassed about how my voice sounds lol. Thanks for answering my question :)

  21. Kevin L

    Think about it Spanish is just Russian gibberish *I don't mean it in a rude way*

  22. Ro Se

    Me: _listens and sleeps to this interesting video_ 💤 Also me: _wakes up for curiosity to see Gibis face at __36:34_ 🧐 Also me: _listens to Gibis ASMR Rap Cover from Cardi B after this video_ 😏 Also me: _comes back, writes this comment and re-listens to this video to get some sleep again_ 😄😴

  23. Dee's ASMR

    day one of asking gibi for a video inspired by astronaut in the ocean when she reaches 4 million subscribers

  24. Icy

    0/10 you didn't break the girls throat who read your future.

  25. Raymond Jiang

    Is it just me, or do like 80% of the whispered male voices all sound like Ben?

  26. With Love, Grace

    You killed this roleplay, I loved everything about it !

  27. Peter Wolff

    19:03 Gibi, I can say with nearly 100% certainty that he thought it was a date. Also, imagine finally working up the courage to shoot your shot, and at the same time the girl meets the guy that will become her future husband. RIP.

  28. Katlynn Arbaugh

    Did anyone else notice the little piece of gibis hair that's sticking up in the back🤣

  29. ToysTV

    When she said r is for relaxation And g is for gibi That makes sense

  30. Maralise De la cruz

    I am soooooo sleepy 😴😴😴😴😴

  31. Joshua

    Gibi have you read the book commotion in the ocean? Watch lily whispers recent video its super weird! As you have such a big audience I know u could spread her awareness really fast!!

  32. ToysTV

    A if for Apple (Obviously) _gibi 2021

  33. GamerSloth23

    I listened to this on 2x and still heard everything clearly

  34. Eveliuejejen Aguilar


  35. Kermit the Frog


  36. FilterWing Productions

    Me: plays it on 2x speed Gibi: *speaking gibberish*

  37. Tevin Vezina

    I miss Luigi 😢 as a fellow past elderly dog parent I can empathize. RIP to the OG Luigi

  38. Noah Procko

    I’ve watched all three, and I love how almost clinical this one is, but the other two are an absolute mess in comparison lol

  39. User 2389

    Why are asmr top comments always so cringe inducing 😖

  40. ToysTV

    ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤ Nevermind

  41. ToysTV


  42. Noemy La fra

    What a f great big fantastic incredible and unic job....

  43. Vianne Credere

    Please do one for Daisy I’m begging you


    “Okay we’ll just take off 20 inches

  45. beckyleed3

    Me: its not just 1 hour its 1 hour and- My Sister: SHUT UP!!!

  46. Gibi ASMR

    Just a small disclaimer that Karuna was the one that asked me when I going to have a baby -- yall in the comment section are right, DONT go around asking random people (even if you follow them on youtube) "when" they're going to have kids LOL. Karuna is a friend, and I have talked about children before and she knows I'm interested in having them, which is why I was totally comfortable with her asking that! Always be sure to support your friends decision in whether they want kids or not, and remember that some people want kids but can't have them. I should've said this during the video, I apologize!!

    1. Elijah The Kid

      I was asked if I had kids.....I panicked and said yes. I don't

    2. Dorky Penguin

      Have you ever regretted posting something lol that question, here's the answer

    3. BBB ASMR

      @Big Mike if you watched that video you would know??

    4. BBB ASMR


    5. Dork Artist

      your makeup is on point Gibi! also thanks for explaing and the tip!

  47. AmberMask ASMR

    46:16 yass 😘😘😘 happy pride!! (Thanks to the person who asked the question I’d been asking myself the most!)

  48. Anthornn

    Listen to some songs get from Abstract. Some good ones are 22, I’m Good, Still Woke, I Do This, Not Alone. All his songs.

  49. Ali Almozaiyn

    1% of the comments “actually about the video” 99% of the comments “the hoodie”

  50. Pink Omega

    bro, I keep seeing GIBI on youtube ads, im finna fall asleep on them before I watch my video......

  51. Bailey

    You should do a miraculous ladybug cosplay type video

  52. Bean Phase

    Gibi: “these videos can get kinda *lengthy*” video: *is literally an hour long*

    1. Gibi ASMR

      honestly it couldve been two LOL

  53. Leo Rubio

    Hey gibi i know its late but does anybody ask if your ok when you tell them you like sad songs and is it annoying.

  54. Hi

    Where am I supposed to go i got more B's

  55. ASMR Musings • Mash-up Memes

    I loved listening to this! Very relaxing to listen to. And loved hearing these questions come from disembodied voices. 😆 I think the part that stood out to me was how you had made custom videos that you did not realize were fetish videos. I'm glad you brought this into the spotlight since SammyASMR recently tweeted about an ASMR artist being manipulated by _other_ ASMR artists into making fetish videos like glove videos, feet videos, etc.. So thank you for bringing this up! I hope all ASMR artists take note.

  56. the•mile•file

    ⭐ "Reminded me of my horribly obnoxious classmate" -Fed-Up Classmate

  57. jim voz heer

    Best part at 29:32

  58. LornSåid


  59. ben trimble

    Gibi was saying the VO market's basically over-saturated, but thanks to her, we can get character voices like Daisy, Bart (the cop), and the Russian suit-fitter who seems to know *everything* we need before we do. : )

  60. Country Lyricist

    😭😭😭😭😭😭 Sad panda 🐼 for all the people that don't have Twitter and completely missed out on this beautiful opportunity.

  61. Hiroaki Hanyu

    lo-fi hip hop, that's ma gurl :)

  62. i am

    Watch one of your videos....you will not flip from side to side....promise!!👍💗

  63. ✨Bella✨

    ok but like dropping floor cleaning solution on the FLOOR is just motivation to clean🌚

  64. Kate

    weird question but are you lgbt+? you give off bisexual vibes

    1. Gibi ASMR


  65. Pikachu

    I love your intro 🧏‍♀️🧏‍♀️

  66. Smothzilla 0702

    I should’ve turned Twitter notifications on

  67. Clonemace

    "Lovely human beings of Twitter." Yeah, okay buddy I don't know what world you live in.

  68. Mr Blue Sky

    I find it quite odd that someone would ask "When are you having baby?" - what if they don't want kids or can't have kids? Why is it always society's way that you must have kids.

    1. Mr Blue Sky

      @Gibi ASMR Well maybe, I only say it cos it could be potentially such a heavy or difficult question for someone. I didn’t know you knew the person who asked so it’s no big deal don’t worry :) x

    2. Gibi ASMR

      @Mr Blue Sky I should've said something!! Cuz you're absolutely right

    3. Mr Blue Sky

      @Gibi ASMR That’s fair enough then 😌

    4. Gibi ASMR

      Yes, you're right!! But Karuna personally knows I want kids; so in this context I was definitely ok with it :)

  69. Clonemace

    It's pronounced Jeebee? I thought is was gi-bee.

  70. Nunya Beezwax

    I wonder if you got any prank ones that started off whisper and ASMR-y but all of a sudden went SHOUTY AND LOUD AND "WAKEY WAKEY ALARM TIME RING RING SLEEPY PEEPL!!!!!"

  71. Elliyana Mauras Montanez

    I thought she was gonna mention the allergic reaction on the date thing

  72. Errr Errr

    Wording could have been better lol

  73. W3EB.

    What quirk ideas did you guys come up with? Let me know! I came up with, I can make an area dark, a persons vision dark, an I can make myself dark. Name: Pitch Black

  74. Emma Doll

    Notice how she points with 2 fingers. Walt Disney always did that because it was rude in some places to point with one. If you've ever been to Disney you'll notice all of the characters do it too

  75. Wanderer

    I love your voice! No diss to all the other talented ASMRtists, but yours is one of the few I can actually listen that doesn't grate my nerves. I especially like your accent videos - Tatyana is my favourite! Would totally love another video her or different Slavic persona! ❤

  76. Frankie New

    My daughter is 13 and wants to do voice acting. I've spoke to her about how hard thisll be and how saturated it is but it's funny that she's interested in that, I've never known another teenager to be.

  77. Donnie Pangborn

    Guys... If something happens to Gibi.. We need to go flash mob all the mattress firms... We will know the truth!

  78. Emma Doll

    I believe she got... 5? 5 or 6 of mine right lol

  79. Christine Shen

    Gigi: pulls the things out in 23 mins Me: pulls the things out in 23 seconds cuz I ain’t patient k?