ASMR | Barely Audible, Close Unintelligible Whispering | Page Tapping & Turning


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    Don't mind me just reading Death Note lore while putting you to sleep :-)
    I switch to the iPad at 12:34 !

    Sleep well all ^_^

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    1. Riley Levene

      Imma use this to help me advise for exams. Thanks Gibi! :D

    2. K S

      Captions Im to smart for this world

    3. Tony Barrera

      Gracias por el ASMR

    4. Alex Bell

      is it just me who wants to know how to unintelligible whisper

    5. wang yuchen

      She really just said skdeferddududubahskretyuqutoposipbbskr

    6. Blair Everitt

      Me: turns on subtitles for the heck of it The subtitles: TF IS THIS WHAAAAAA Me wondering where the subtitles are...

    7. ~cherry.cola_~

      I was actually crocheting myself a shirt while listening to this and it actually really helped me concentrate! Your videos are amazing! (sorry I'm watching this late)

    8. Pee

      Only words I heard the whole time was storyline and at first

    9. Cela

      Gibi: saying how your not supposed to hear the video pretty much Me, with great hearing (sometimes): alr then im gonna test it- Future me tell me how Future me: I can't hear $H!T- well i can kinda but not that much lol she isn't really speaking but she's speaking lol

    10. John Rocketo

      Great video. I love how you added some tapping and tongue noises in too for added effects. You’re an AMSR master! By the way that coral shirt looked amazing on you. Would love to see a sleeve rolling and scratching video in that with those long nails in that shirt. The finger movements on t-shirt sleeves are awesome. Thanks, appreciate your hard work!

    11. stella.b

      i accidentally skipped to the next video and it was Nikacado screaming and my volume was all the way up 💀

    12. Katelynn Thieme

      How could you not like tsukki😐😩

    13. Who even is this guy

      how do you literally just own ASMR like if ASMR was a business your the largest shareholder

    14. Angie Doll

      I love when SEprom doesn’t give ads on ASMR videos. It’s midnight and I need to sleep lol

    15. captain exe

      When she said "jumalaonturhajajokainenonvitsi" I felt that.

    16. Arvid Hörstedt

      12:40 literally gives me goosebumps

    17. Arvid Hörstedt


    18. Chris Evans

      And then they turned of

    19. Chris Evans

      I had caps on and when she started it said *unintelligible whispers for the rest of the video*

    20. oofling

      She hates it she even said she is faking to kile it by her face oml i love you gibi

    21. Jaycee Shannon

      What if she’s just telling us the numbers and the answers for in Baldi’s basics when the numbers are all jumbled

    22. zo zo

      Sometimes i understand and sometimes i don't.

    23. Rylie Caldwell

      Barely audible but the captions can't even tell me

    24. Abby James


    25. Soccer Barrios

      Tapping on all your rings👍👍❤️

    26. DJ 3

      I respect your ASMR and stay safe

    27. DJ 3

      it's just a question I'm not trying to be creepy or anyting

    28. DJ 3

      where do you live GB

    29. aspiringghost3 plays

      I was able to hear words but i couldnt clearly hear them to know what they were.

    30. bella


    31. IamTheLock- YT

      The nail video are the best I have been watching this channel for 2 years and the finger fluttering and nails and whispers are the best plz plz plz do more

    32. TheManWho UsesPasswordForHisPassword

      What my mom hears when I tell her to shut the door while leaving my room

    33. BlocksRock_YT

      I'm a bit late, but can't help noticing Undyne on your iPad case...

    34. Alexs32 Astley

      Where is part 2

    35. retro

      I got the honey ad with you when I clicked the video! So my ears wont be destroyed before I even watch!

    36. Belton Tisdale

      But when’re we getting “unintelligent whispering”?

    37. Mean Softy

      I mumble out the words of a story when I read and don’t notice. People around me get very annoyed when I do it.

    38. runfromliv

      This reminds me of when you’re half asleep at a sleepover at 3am but your friend is still carrying a one sided conversation, and then you tune back in and it feels like you’e having a stronk

    39. Aviation Boy!

      1:11 when I fail a test

    40. Theredino

      My dumbass tryed turning on subtitles

    41. MkMischief

      Love the Unintelligible Whispers but feel like I am missing out on the Gibi Death Note Hot Takes!!

    42. T

      doing homeowrk while watching ASMR is a very dangerous game it takes a will of iron to not fall asleep

    43. Holly Brown

      I love unintelligible whispers but most asmrtist that I follow just take it as mouthsounds and it irritates me not because I don't like them, it's just not what that trigger is

    44. 𝖐𝖆𝖎𝖉𝖊𝖓

      is she reading a death note- 💀

    45. Els Spyi


    46. Ruchi Shah

      Leviiii acker mannnnnnnnnn BAKUGO KATSUKIIIII KARSUNNOOO

    47. DOZ Official

      Am I the only one watching just because I like her voice? you unlocked the treasure

    48. Froz3nblueberries

      Someone finally gets me

    49. Kitty Cake

      Not gonna lie but I love your makeup and your outfit is so cute you picked out really pretty thing but your makeup is beautiful

    50. r a w r

      it's like she's speaking spanish

    51. Jonah Delgado

      5:10 literally saw a ghost

    52. ShadowKnows

      gg u made dong sleep

    53. BubbleGum Pop

      me sleeping next video ; frog sreaming iiiiiiiiii

    54. Olive Anthis

      My teacher when she reads to herself:

    55. Amonguslab

      I thought the she was taping the table at first

    56. Chocolate Muffin

      From what i can tell what shes saying sounds Chinese or Japanese and then I saw the book said desth note woth a Japanese sign or a Chinese sign and I was like, yup!

    57. Eva Nazariyan

      4:19 unusually biologically interesting

    58. Nathen Louks

      Me actually understanding what they are saying so what happened to no spoilers

    59. Mohamed Afeef

      iam gonna sleep now but, i need that iPad so much so i can play pubg 😂💔

    60. Richard Maisu

      I dont understand the whole unintelligible whispers, its almost like an annoyance to me. Kinda like a fly buzzing in your face. To each their own tho.

    61. r

      oooh could you pleasee do scratching and tracing (no tapping) on matte objects?? I love the matte sounds, something like the apple boxes or hardcover books!

    62. Boingo


    63. Afro ASMR

      Thats inaudible whispers Unintelligible you can hear but dont understand it makes no sense It might be a mix of 3 foreign languages or latin for example You can hear it but its gibberish Brittany asmr pioneered the United whisper and created that definition

    64. JarreBearX

      POV: Your looking for a funny comment because there is none

    65. shah a

      YOU DONT LIKE TSUKKI????????

    66. Nathan Wiese

      I hate Covid 19 pleas help and can I get a shout out pls

    67. Carlos jn

      Whatt you don't like tsuki?

    68. Matti Akemi

      Please do more unintelligible whispers ❤️

    69. Hot biscuits

      Me knowing the things she’s Saying also me: I am god

    70. Lewis Cory

      26 mins of pure heaven

    71. Otto BMX


    72. PinPointMobile

      Guys I got it the book said "gokadek kadekogoko kedeg kompokodod skokydakoskd" over and over again

    73. Math Rick

      She speaks in cursive

    74. _xSakura_Chanx_

      This is what I hear: A S M R

    75. Gacha Ramen

      Me: turn on captions 😏

    76. Droope

      What kind of mic do you use?

    77. venus.

      "This is a really funny book that was published" * is holding deathnote lore *

    78. Anabelle Mayer

      tysm to help me with my anxiety ily♥️

    79. adamantine ultimatum

      Yes your doing radiantly.. I just don't own the right to speak into your life unless it's professional or an extreme case scenario

    80. shotohvi


    81. Tra da Man

      POV: you turned on captions to hear what she was saying and it didn’t work

    82. Kartik Mishra


    83. Kartik Mishra

      In hindi: "Moo se supaadi thook kar baat kar"(Babu Ram Style) 😁😁 Just for some laughs, no intention to hurt anyone,,👍🏻👍🏻

    84. Derpy Derp1

      There are very few asmr videos that can give me major tingles and most of those videos are by gibi actually all but one of those videos is by her

    85. Cam

      I really want another book series, like the Star Girl series. The most relaxing all audiences book I can think of is Wishtree by Katherine Applegate. If you want one of those too leave a book suggestion in the reply’s and maybe like this 🤷🏻‍♀️

    86. Hot biscuits

      Who knew she liked death note

    87. Animal lover

      You should do a inaudible manga collection video

    88. Brianna Irven

      I LOVED the sounds of you stroking through you hair!😍❤

    89. Abigail

      Она знает аниме значит уже респект 🤧🍒

    90. Jak3Th3Snake

      Everybody gangsta till Gibi starts speaking Enchanting Table

    91. TKE shogun

      The 550 people who disliked this video is down bad

    92. Ruby Warren

      Knowone: me in class:

    93. o l i v i a p a n

      11:49 she acts like something is so surprising im like CAN U JUST TALK LOUDER WHATS SO SURPRISING

    94. Айгуль и Ямиль

      Тут русские есть?

    95. Natalie Wiebesiek

      I heard meanwhile!!!

    96. tommy t


    97. Mohammad Bilal Mokashi

      Giving spittin facts tho, for real‼️‼️

    98. Thrax

      I love the part where she goes gdhdidjsbsodbldbkabdkl

    99. Veronica Rojas

      *falling asleep* Gibi: I don’t like Tsukki Me: WHAT

    100. codetaku -

      Not gonna lie, asmr death note trivia would be great. The manga was so good and there's probably stuff I missed since I only read it all twice. (If you've only seen the anime, do yourself a favor and read chapter 107 before or after rewatching the last episode. The manga's ending was SO much better)