ASMR | Colorful Nails Tapping on YOU, Brushing, Press-On Nails ~


921tn visningar574

    Give ninas_nailz some love!!! Thank you so much for sending me these, it's so awesome to support my viewers right back! ^_^

    I loveeeee this trigger... so much. Long nails.... my weakness.
    I really like Batala's nail videos:
    Sharm's :)
    Of course many more to choose from but those three I keep going back to :')

    Anyway this video is extremely self explanatory, but I tap on my nails, your face, and brushes!

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    1. Ely Unicorn

      I have 6 words Those nails are so damn cute!!

    2. HT Gameplay

      Me be like:having all F's in math and at the end of the school year 5+'s Teacher:OOOHHH MY GOOOOD

    3. emma

      14:58 made the purple nail look bent lmao

    4. With Love, Grace

      Lovingggg the nails 🥰😍


      this is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. S0PHX1A

      Best asmr artist

    7. Daniel ernesto alvarado

      That one girl in my class 0:11😐😐😐😐😅😅😅

    8. Paris Morales

      I really love those nails so I'm goona get them ❤🥰😇

    9. Ayla McMillen

      I love the taping on the brush

    10. Tito Lopez

      i love asmr

    11. AshPlayzRobloxPro

      best ASMR i could find. ive watched this 4 times. thank you

    12. SlimThiccJesus

      Y'all weird bro....

    13. Donovan Jackson

      Your asmr is so calming

    14. Zaneta Rhyss Eustaquio

      The thumb: Am I not a finger or do I not have a nail

    15. Katelynn Lange

      All the people that disliked are only mad because both sides of their pillow is warm

    16. ChIkIn NuGgEtS

      0:35 go check out her channel its great!! so is gibis!!!


      not me watching this in the middle of the day for entertainment😶💛

    18. Stefany Torres

      i woke up at this part 10:05 because i was shocked to hear gibi say jojo part 6 jolyne HAHAHA can't wait for the anime

    19. Vilk Playz


      1. Vilk Playz

        I’ll be waiting for that Jolyne Cosplay

    20. Jeremy Manion

      I love to watch gibi

    21. GameyOscar

      Day 39 of Asking gibi to make the Shrek movie but it's asmr

    22. Grace Power

      Can you wash your makeup brushes for a video omggggg

    23. Keirous George

      did she say she moved states or just a different house?

    24. mahlet antwan

      omg if you saw my sisters nails without those nails her nails are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long

    25. AprilAbril

      Those nails are *amazing* for more reasons than just ASMR

    26. Marianna Bortot Rivas

      You are the best asmrtist in the world!

    27. Laya Kudaravalli

      All my favorite triggers in one video!

    28. Matthew Cheng

      This is now my favorite video

    29. Lillie.causewhynot?

      You should do a ASMR house tour!

    30. Bubble Whip

      Yo guys. I just wanna say that we are living in the last days. Just take a look at the world around you. Jesus is coming back soon. Repent from your sins and turn to The Lord before it is too late. Wake up!❤️ I mean this with love guys. I do not want you to end up in hell. Jesus Christ can save you because He died on the cross and took the punishment for your sins🌟✝️❤️You need Jesus❤️✝️🌟👏✝️❤️✝️👏❤️✝️ 👑Jesus Christ is Lord👑❄️❤️🥶🥶👑

    31. Reagan Keany

      5:45 Why did that spiritually touch my eye lids...

    32. lauren

      Into the thick of it

    33. coralee wiebe

      nice nails

    34. Victoria Wiginton

      POV: when you just got your nails done and all you want to do is play with them

    35. Jamie V

      You're nails look very pretty and this gives me tingles every time I watch

    36. Brian

      This makes me feel very relaxed

    37. Jens august mayland bagger

      This video were... AMAZING and satisfying this is definitely top 5 of my favorite videos from you 😊

    38. Squeaker Boodle

      got gibi's honey ad before this lol

    39. Rubi Gurung

      Cute and lovely nails. Good relaxing gibi❤

    40. •cloudyy_niight•

      I like how Gibi mentions other videos and channel instead of making her’s seem like the best 🤗

    41. aneebaba06

      When I was young was so fond of long nails on girls ☺️ (still am of course 😉) but natural not these snap-on ones.

      1. aneebaba06

        I'm in SoCal for work (only a year left) and being from the Pacific Northwest, can't wait to move back!!

    42. I Cant

      Day 32 of asking gibi to do shrek full movie asmr

    43. Josefine Wistrand

      so cute I love the rambling chats

    44. DragZyy

      I’m a dude and I have no right to like those nails as much as I did

    45. ishrat sharmin

      I needed a break from my studies.this is the best decision in my life

    46. Brian Oseuk

      Cool, nails. Yay.

    47. WebzyWongie 90

      Very relaxing

    48. Megan Kroeker

      Nail tapping Asmr is my fav

    49. Ian Olson

      love the video but you have a weird shaped ear

    50. WithLove L ASMR

      I loooove this video! I love when you just chat about you and your life. 🥰 I like the relatable feeling! Also I agree about the nail tapping and nail rubbing sounds. One of the best sounds ever!

    51. Yeetamusboyman

      i love this sooo much!

    52. Boy Boy

      I searched this as a joke now I think it’s really satisfying

    53. Your Daily Dose of LeviOsa

      Is the powder brush supposed to have white on the top, or is that all just powder? 👀

    54. Sturgill

      I literally live 15 minutes from an airport and never hear plane noises, do you live ON the airport lol 😂

    55. jordan midgley

      Me when I get my nails done tapping ...EVERYTHING

    56. emmykins

      the tweezers omg! it sounds like a cat purr, so relaxing. more please!

    57. janelleplaysroblox

      This is so relaxing. It's like being in a daydream if you ask me.

    58. DantesFamily

      i love your Videos Gibi Asmr i subscribed

    59. Simply_Fei

      Fun fact: your face is the camera.

    60. Bailey Shay

      yes please do an eyebrow vid and MORE OF THESE!!!

    61. Adam

      Fantastic video! You have a very interesting name, is that a nickname or your legal name?

    62. Val V

      I LOVE THIS! Literally these are all my fav triggers like the brushing and nails and of course tapping!

    63. Max Leven

      Every time she says can I tap or brush on you face my brain goes YES YES YES

    64. nador 2455

      I love you GIBI

    65. Ander Jordan

      Everytime I watch these ASMR videos i feel so tingly

    66. Cristiano gamer291

      Soo satasfying 😍😍😍😍😍 and Your Nails are sooooo Amazing

    67. Ethan

      19:27 This is so random, I LOST it. Love these videos.

    68. black lover

      In whole video I was starting at the nails😍

    69. Mary Kathryn Hollingshead

      Gibi 20 minutes into the video: hello, hi how ya doing, hi there, hi hello. Me: where tf u been past 20 minutes Also me: gets mad that her nails aren't in rainbow order and is worried as to WHY I'm NOT sleeping

    70. wolfgang smith

      35 seconds in...we got the PERIODT meme

    71. Andrée-Anne Tessier


    72. Gangstergage

      So relaxing asmr

    73. Meaghan Oswald

      I’d love a sequel eyebrow video or a sequel chaotic friend doing you makeup video!! 💕

    74. ASMR With Z

      I love this video! Can you please do a part 2?

    75. Aanya Patel

      Cool nails

    76. bon bon

      aaaaaa ur so pretty

    77. John Cox Master Cartoonist

      As you may or may not know, I'm a cartoonist, so I do more than just doodle, lol.

    78. King _

      The nail on nail sounds are so good. I love how they have a slightly dull tap it makes it even better. Great job ☺️

    79. Isaias Playz

      I watch this video at night because the taping of her nails make me sleepy

    80. Kawaii kid

      Omg lissn to this with hedphones

    81. the goated dl Aaron

      I looking for a girlfriend and I think it's gibe

    82. Van Za Kim

      when GiBI put the brush on the cam I FELT like she was doing it 6:09

    83. itsKawaiiEva

      This feels so good Bc my blanket is in the closest for like two days It’s so colddddd and it makes it even more Uhhhhh bad :)

    84. Scarlett Coker

      I was having such a stressful day but the nail clicking I was just like that’s amazing-

    85. Sophia Martinez

      gibi do you think you could do like a part 2 to this vid but instead you’re wearing glossy long nails? i love your vids so much!!

      1. Sophia Martinez

        i feel like glossy nails would be more clackity if that makes sense lmao! but these nails are sooo pretty ahhhh

    86. No No

      2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost (Yellow, Black Stripe x2)

      1. No No

        2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost (Yellow, Black Stripe x2)

    87. Sullivan Bradford

      I watched exactly 1 asmr video before becoming immune. Now I search for the video to break my curse

    88. PiggyxxFan!

      Omg gibi your eyes look so pretty in the light! 😍❤

    89. Pickles O_o


    90. Gabriella Dogali

      Is it just me or do you get chills when she does this stuff

    91. Courtney Gillespie

      When do I get to tap on your face?

    92. Gabriella Dogali

      I love asmr soo much i will sub

    93. Hannah Templeton

      I swear I clicked on this vid and I saw the Honey add with her

    94. Samuel Scott

      Ahh yes HxH reference is awesome

    95. Evie Weasley

      "my regular short nails" I don't have nails

    96. Salim Ali yaru kunju

      Mouth sound its is so annoying ugh '_'

    97. blaze burgin

      gibi is my mom

    98. forg room !


    99. Philis Phil


    100. Sael Sandoval

      Y el puto video español que dijiste que ibas a hacer como como dos años