ASMR | Cozy Coffee for Your Evening (or Morning!)


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    Ooooo I was excited to shoot today's video!! I feel like I have a bunch of random coffee-type triggers and I wanted to combine them into one! This is a hybrid vid of half "regular triggers" and half RP, so a little more casual. I hope you enjoy :)
    Coffee is one of the most relaxing things in the world to me! which is funny because then I'm all caffeinated...

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    1. Marc Oltean

      401 Dislikes are from iced coffee people

    2. ぜんり

      We be

    3. Abigail Yoder

      *Me, an iced coffee person* 😢

    4. Amanda Ellixson

      & i don’t even like coffee... 😅 your videos always help me ♥️

    5. Valentín

      This video was so fucking weird. I think gibbi is finally going insane

    6. king Kruger

      29:33 I do that too

    7. A42671 Lois WILLIAMS

      i love hello fresh ! its so amazing !

    8. CplWonk

      Funnily enough, Intelligentsia's Black Cat beans are very very brown and not remotely as black as Starbuck's Verona.

    9. mag mog

      you should buy one of those children's cooking toys and make an asmr cafe/food stand or something!!!!

    10. Nope

      I like that gibi didn't offer us any artificial sweetenr choices but *did* give us plenty of milk/alt milk options.

    11. Jason904

      Do you smoking asmr? Do you smoke in real life?

    12. Grox, we'll destroy you galaxy for you

      Ho great sponsorship time i had hello fresh yesterday or today im not sure one of the two thoe

    13. Grace Harper

      at 10:47 when the cup was tipped 😤

    14. Death The Turtle

      I personally pronounce it like “gif”, but I can see why people pronounce it like “gif”.

    15. I like dogs

      It’s 12:14 am, not sure wether i should call this night cozy coffee or morning cozy coffee 😂

    16. Holly Plott

      The second I saw the wooden coffee machine I knew they were from Karuna lol

    17. Isabelle

      With these kind of videos I just want to stay awake and watch the whole thing🙊

    18. Onlyy_me

      Not me thinking the donuts were real

    19. Biznis Kitty

      I love the sound of coffee beans!

    20. Christopher

      I think i would watch a video of just Gibi Ad Reads

    21. Eco

      Dude I don’t know why but I’m my opinion she’s is very very cute

    22. KnoxWendragoat

      Welcome back to Gibi takes 30 minutes to make you coffee

    23. Rey

      Are you trying to wake me up or put me to sleep again 😂

    24. Valerie M

      After the fake coffee maker I should have known the donuts were fake... I was so confused when she started scratching them 😂

    25. Artivo

      The title: Cozy Coffee for you Evening (or Morning!) Me: *Watching this while eating my lunch* 👁👄👁

    26. Astral Horizon

      i love the reference to karuna

    27. Rileyquinn07

      I feel so dumb lmao it took me till the end to realize the donuts were fake😭😭

    28. alicia gerlette

      I love hellofresh and your videos are awesome thank you for the coffee ☕

    29. Rbuch2020


    30. Dimitar Valkov

      Algorithm ganggggg

    31. Samantha Marie

      this video made me go make coffee

    32. Helen Fish

      Who ever likes ice coffee comment ice coffee sqad

    33. Analucia GM

      Me, loving iced coffee and hot coffee 🤠 So how I’m I supposed to act?

    34. HarryPlayzYT

      14:57 timestamp

    35. SKULL So2

      Remember one thing, if you don't see any advert in video, all video - advert

    36. Giraffe Dude


    37. Noah Wheat

      2:25 *Horizon Intensifies*

    38. Angel Tokoyami


    39. Noortje A

      "Those are YOUR donuts. I'll back off," she says, after holding and tapping on each and every one of them

    40. alfie 56

      Coffee ASMR videos with Gibi is something I didn't think I needed in life but cannot live without now ☕

    41. ercylis


    42. Killua

      In my country everybody say it gif:c

      1. Red dwarfer

        Same and I took it personally 🤣

    43. KCCardiff Okan

      Gibi taps everything way to fast and oshe hardly gives me tingles

    44. SilkyNuggy

      6:38 Hola soy Dora can you help me find the right flavor caffeine to keep you up past your bed time leaving you with crippling depression?

    45. sarah

      this is by far my favorite video from you :)

    46. WARCAT

      i thought the coffee brewer was real so i tried looking for it on amazon and i realized it was a toy-

    47. With Love, Grace

      I agree hot coffee is superior 😆

    48. mrsjtalia

      the brewing sounds made me want to fall asleep immediately, they were magical

    49. Santiago cuello

      i love you Gibi ASMR.

    50. Cloudy

      I fell a sleep for 20:31

    51. Paul Jennings

      Thank u so much Gibi for making this

    52. Ghosty Bunny

      4:24 Time stamp for me :) (Feel free to click)

      1. Rafael The Brony

        Thanks 😁

    53. leah kathryn

      only og’s will remember this coffee maker from the grocery store video 🧍‍♀️

    54. David Serret

      Funny thing about this, when I watch ASMR videos I don't feel like I'm wasting my time!, cause rest is a true virtue to be learned in these days!! ☆☆☆☆☆

    55. Mariana Arellano Gargan

      Gibi: Can you tell the difference of the beans? Me, who’s actively trained and managed specialty coffee shops for 5 years: 👀 Btw top one is the Starbucks, they overroast and that’s why the beans are oily and darker. At least they’re consistent 😂

    56. Rivannah asmr

      If you don’t have the free time to do the homemade coffee flavors and sweeteners, you could make an asmr video about it. I would like to see :)

    57. MrDean96

      I've listened to this 6 times always with my screen off and thought she was actually making coffee

    58. Bee B

      I don't think you understand how heartbroken I was when I realized the donuts were fake.

    59. usernamequaalquerr

      I drink coffee in the morning, afternoon and evening. It's just so good

    60. Fingerboard_dec Fb

      R the donuts fake? How dare u offer me a fake donut. Tut tut tut. Only joking

    61. Zac L

      I watch asmr when i first get up in the morning, how'd you know! Nothing like a good whisper to get your mind focused. Secret to my success in life. Get up take a cold shower and watch asmr.

    62. strawberry muffins

      the end when she say the tag on it when you no is fresh that was so funny

    63. Kason Lutrick

      why did it take me so long to realize that it's a toy coffee maker

    64. lucy follow me on pintrest bunniegrl

      i recommend pork tenderloin from hello fresh. soo goooddd

    65. Eternally Dead Inside

      Roses are red Their leaves are green The sponsor ends At 2:14!

    66. Klee

      I can’t hear what your saying but I love reading the titles and turning on cc . You make me feel warm just by your smile.

    67. SisyphusX

      Just after you lift the box up, but before you say Hello Fresh, your entire vibe (for 1.2 seconds) is this wonderful glee like a kid with a present. I GOTS A BOX! Even a sponsorship bit can be a genuine connection moment too.

    68. Honey ASMR

      what kind of watch is that?

    69. Honey ASMR

      I love the sass I live for the sass

    70. 0BleuFever0

      Please do a video of just the coffee beans! (with the bowls, utensils, & such)

    71. cherry

      I want an asmr roleplay of making us breakfast in the morning at a hotel, it’s just so nice to me idk why

    72. Simply Sonny

      words cannot describe my joy when when she pulled out the wooden toys

    73. Pug Lord

      No way the coffee machine works

    74. FaZeREALM

      Does Anybody else think when she was making the coffee “so this is what take barristers so long”

    75. MrGallbladder

      I'll take the intelligentsia, please, with cream. Not half and half, but heavy whipping cream.

    76. Oceanside Breeze

      Me thinking that coffee is real 👀

    77. Diehl1 aiden

      I have never had coffee and you are making me want to try

    78. Hannah Ware

      When you mentioned Monkfruit I got so excited because that is literally what I use for my coffee😊

    79. The Imposter


    80. Zach C

      Anyone sitting here wondering where does the water go in the wooden coffee maker until you realize its fake lol😕

    81. Brianna

      It's taken several attempts over a week, but I finally saw this video to the end without falling asleep! 😂❤️

    82. Willis _

      But its gif like gift!

    83. Jess Horsburgh

      The chopsticks with the beans was 👌

    84. Creader Jasder

      Я не нашёл ни одного русского комментария

    85. JAY IZZIE

      I'm not a coffee person I mostly drink tea sometimes i drink ice coffee

    86. Scribble Skribble MLT

      No one: Me: that’s a funky sounding doughnut

    87. charlotte kang

      0:43 ahahahahah why is she trying to do some asmr with the menu and bag and fruits

    88. Freddy Fazzbear


    89. sarah williamson

      This is honestly my fav video ever that you’ve made

    90. charlis aep

      i have testing tomorrow, and this helps me relax so much!

    91. Miyah Douglass

      This is to help you sleep but she’s making us coffee how ironic 😆😝🤣🤣🤣

    92. Joanna S

      I love you so much Gibi and I didn’t expect you to go off on iced coffee drinkers like me 😂

    93. toty 209

      Okay why sound like lol 😂

    94. Perth Fence - Colorbond Fencing Specialists

      Your such a sell out

    95. aprilgv _

      This is my favourite video of yours. I would love to see another one where it's a coffee shop, taking more orders, preparing coffee, tea and snacks. Coffee shop ambiance, the steam jug, background sipping and whispering..ahhh I can envision it now

    96. Evinald

      I’m an iced coffee guy, but if you take the time to bloom and brew coffee right, hot coffee can be amazing.

    97. iam braandon

      Who else got really hungry from the sponsor lol

    98. sammie aramaki

      i didn’t realize that was a toy coffee machine until 10 minutes in

    99. asheon

      me who drinks both hot and iced coffee depending on the day: doesn't care how people pronounce gif-

    100. Maisie

      I seriously thought that the wooden "coffee machine" was a pour-over press or something until the "pods" came out. Hahaha. Still, the "play" coffee machine was a great trigger.