ASMR | Daisy is a Club Bouncer | Muted Club Music, Investigating You


539tn visningar401

    Okay like GL falling asleep to this LMAOOOOO but I did say that Daisy was going to be a bouncer after y'all voted for it during one of my streams MANY moons ago. Finally following up on that!! So, enjoy :) I couldn't not add the muted club music in the background!!! The vibe was too immaculate... This one is a bit shorter, more of a potential setup for more lore in the future hehe. You're going undercover at a club; but notice a familiar face at the door...! Maybe not one you wanted to see right now...

    Would you hire Daisy as a bouncer....?

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    1. I like Harry Potter

      Did anyone else notice her voice changed at the end

    2. Eveliuejejen Aguilar


    3. Ada Doston

      Day 19 of asking for Tobias Asmr

    4. Who the fuck thumbs this down like wow bro

    5. Pixeldragon


    6. Hellenism Olympian

      Whenever I watch a Daisy video, I hear 50cent music like in da club or candy shop

    7. ssj panda

      Daisy. I don't want to get into the club, just tell me the brand of lipstick you're wearing please. I need it. I'll give you $100. In quarters.

    8. SoLinkSmash

      You honestly should win some kind of award for Daisy. She is genuinely the best-acted internet character I’ve ever watched, to the point where I and countless others have either not known or constantly forgotten that Daisy is a fictional character. She’s just so fully-formed. Part of why you are the best asmrtist I’ve ever watched is that you are simply a brilliant actress with impeccable comedic timing

    9. Martin Smith

      thumbnail is the best lol

    10. Sturgill

      If only bouncers actually through those annoying drunk peoples ID. To clarify I mean the ones that don’t pay attention to anything but themselves.

    11. hellofoam

      How the hell is she so creative?? Not only was this entertaining but it was actually tingly!!! I am SO impressed

    12. Keagan Ellis

      You should play as Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim

    13. Mark Johnson

      How did she get this job?

    14. 𝒜𝓈𝓂𝓇 𝓂𝓎 𝓂ℯ𝓁ℴ𝒹𝓎

      normal bar people ' hey what can i get you sport?' Gibi (In her strange voice) 'Hey thats china drink?!'

    15. Rattie Tatties

      “You think your gonna come into my club and start hole punching people?” 🤣🤣🤣

    16. Elonda Levine

      Daily you time that 😅😅😅😅😅😅

      1. Elonda Levine


    17. Pyrrhon Kraus

      When you meet your therapist at the club

    18. Gaga Toes

      9:48 pls the recognition Lady Gaga is getting by some of my fav people, this is amazing

    19. Gabe Hostetler

      You do realise, that a bunch of kids watch your videos they will look up what a club bouncer does and who they are, and they will soon find out that this is a strip club, not appropriate for children.

      1. Head of a thousand sheep's wool

        If you're concerned what your kids look up, monitor their internet usage. They're your responsibility. You can't tell people to censor themselves because your kids will see it.

    20. Masters Student 82

      Absolutely nobody is afraid of a white girl females. Sorry but you are defenseless weekling bunny rabbits and are definitely not fit for something like a bouncer. You would get knocked out with a slap.

      1. Head of a thousand sheep's wool

        Okay incel

    21. Randall Cunningham

      You do a daisy vid but in your gibi voice❤❤

    22. Gavin Grant

      She is terrifyingly cute how is she not a professional movie star

    23. ofe

      I thought it was a Chloe price cosplay for a sec

    24. Kaojingct0321

      Next thing you know Daisy is the leader of the FBI

    25. Ariel B

      love the person who was gonna start a mtg draft game in the club

    26. Ariana Crookshank

      How is her voice so high?

    27. I Cant

      Day 29 of asking gibi to do shrek full movie asmr

    28. Lodethebig


    29. BenWasHacked

      Daisy has had more jobs than I have years on this earth

    30. Literally Alois

      Daisy: "Look I'm not usually a rules gal..."

    31. Bred

      The only thing scary about daisy is her hair eyes choker lipstick muscles legs arms hands feet nails ears headphones

    32. Dan Smith

      She's cute

    33. Peter Yeo

      Hey beautiful

    34. Cooper Degenhardt

      Why is this Gibi instead of Daisy’s

    35. Frances Lopez

      Daisy is my favorite 🤩

    36. Dark Knight

      I'm really start to question mr. crumple-what-ever friend isn't really who they are

    37. Jello's Tips and Tricks

      World's quietest party

    38. Bradley Nall Jr

      Daisy has better character development then most modern tv show characters lmao

    39. Nikita Torp

      Omg, she sounds SO much like Frenchy from Grease😱

    40. TGMinnieeMee

      Daisy is *literally* the most precious thing to roam the earth ☺ What a character

    41. Tyler Ings

      It's really funny, because all of this checks out for me personally. I wouldnt go to a club unless it was warranted by work (however legal that work may be), I actually know someone from my past with the last name Montgomery, two in fact, and it makes sense she'd say "Try to seduce him?" Because I like guys XD literally everything checks out, other then the fact I have never known anyone named Daisy. Great roleplay, I'd love to see more Daisy videos!

    42. Idontknowhowbutyoufoundme

      Saw a comment saying we were enemy spys madly in love and imma just say it. _Juni and Carmen's parents_

    43. SylkaChan

      Do you think anime characters are naturally born with all these hair colors, or do they dye it like in real life?

    44. LTM shadow

      Can you please do more of her at the Club Watch this exact video every night and I always fall asleep please two more

    45. StardustCodon

      *Gets an ad* "Skip Time!" *The ad is Gibi* ".....Well played, ads...well played..."

      1. Percy the little Green engine

        I don’t think Gibi has adds maybe it’s clickbait but idk

    46. KB Flash

      I like how Daisy makes Gibi look normal

    47. Leslie Flemons

      That accent be going on and off LOL

    48. Courtney Gillespie

      Is it because I'm black 🤣

    49. DawnMagicallyVanished

      Looks like Ramona Flowers

    50. Himanshu Thapa

      Her face when she pulled out the rubber ducky 🤣🤣🤣

    51. Silver _wolf98

      So Daisy a war criminal or something?

    52. Cody Sanford

      I would love to asmr daisy at a club hehe

    53. Greenhiro 7

      Hmmm, watch sponge bob give a tour? NAH, I’d rather have daisy deny me into the clubbbb

    54. Delicate Disaster

      I love that the drink was only gross because it needed *more* alcohol lmfao.

    55. Nolan Beichner

      Why is daisy always wearing the HD-600’s lol.

    56. Mika Plays

      Daisy kinda gives me Georgia vibes, from Ginny and Georgia

    57. WayardVagabond

      I’m getting such “Spy vs Spy” vibes from this idk why but I Love it

    58. Kurosaki Tagami

      More daisy please !!!😭

    59. Silver Adventures

      3:25 a tiefling is looking to return your necktie

    60. Brooklyn Millott

      timestamps 00:00 - daisy is scanning the perimeter 00:29 - daisy tries her first drink 00:42 - daisy liked her first drink 00:53 - daisy performs an original song 1:48 - daisy is a rebel 3:23 - crumplebottom jeans, boots with the fur (with the fur) 5:00 - daisy doesn't understand the function of a rubber duck 5:11 - daist fans herself with sticky notes 5:36 - A WEAPON 8:09 - daisy sus 9:27 - daisy dangerous. but the daisy is short for DAISY ME ROLLIN

    61. Jaqueline Sanchez

      part 2 pls!!!

    62. Miguel Albarracin

      That valley girl like “HeeeYyyYyyyYyyyy” killed me


      Daisy gon keep playing and end up in jail🤣😭

    64. RallyDaBeast06

      "Click" "click" "click" Daisy: "ah ha! A weapon!"

    65. Kaojingct0321

      Plot twist: In the beginning, there was lemonade It was too sour So Daisy poured some water

    66. • Muffin •

      Am- Am I a criminal-

    67. Harb

      The hole puncher paranoia sounds funny until you realize Daisy probably is able to use that as a weapon.

    68. Brian Hanshaw

      Hey the sticky notes are equally as dangerous (They give paper cuts😭😂)

    69. Walter White

      Ladies and gentlemen, this is what all the gamers wanted.

    70. R0ose LeEah

      The person behind me :👁👄👁

    71. Mr. Nobody

      I literally came here expecting the club music to be a certain way and it was exactly as I expected it to be.

    72. yuribiaa San Juan

      Gibi sounds exactly like lilypichu

    73. Txzyteツ

      0:15 I guess she be listening to fine China from future featuring Juice wrld 😂😂😂

    74. Craig

      Daisy wearing some sick huh duh six hunge'os by ol' mate sennheiser

    75. Kristian Nedelchev

      I love that wig

    76. katachui :D


    77. Shae Renuel

      Daisy pls they're not fake sideburns I just haven't been on T for very long-

    78. Live Laugh Love_420

      Daisy:that's some fine China Me:its not called China its called Vodka

    79. nexold

      who is daisy your chanel name is gibi

      1. txddybear loll

        @nexold DAISY IS GIBI I SWEWR TO GOD

      2. nexold

        @txddybear loll why is daisy put on makeup after steling gibi chanel is she evil like thans from avengrs

      3. txddybear loll


      4. txddybear loll

        @nexold ITS A WIG FUCKING CHILD

      5. nexold

        @txddybear loll how they have different hair color and looks different

    80. Sophia Galison

      It meant good old Gerry

    81. Sophia Galison

      Good old simple very 🤪

    82. ItalianRebel

      Next episode of Daisy's life: "Daisy is a Kingpin"

    83. Bell Cranel

      Club!? HAHA no...this is the dungeon let me in or I swear to gods I will fight you...THE DUNGEOOOOON

    84. Emma Louise Delaney

      We really need a Daisy & Tatyana cross over video

    85. The China Rat Girl

      I like how daisy says "The rules don't apply to me" the rules don't apply to me either but I listen to my parents cuz I'm scared of them

    86. NanaNova YT

      I just realised the New Year's party video was foreshadowing Daisy becoming a bouncer

    87. Ghost X_X

      35% of what I'm getting out of this job, jokes on you I'm getting paid 35 doll hairs.

    88. Ghost X_X

      "I'm ready to par-ty" lol

    89. Beal728

      Daisy that has to be water

    90. Calum Butler

      Poor Jerry

    91. Calum Butler

      Jerry's my bitch!

    92. Shade Parallax

      I find myself coming back to this video at least three times a day

    93. Rubi

      fun fact: Daisy is actually wanted in 50 states

    94. Abigail’s Leo

      “Fine China” then *takes a sip*

    95. Sneezle Snoozle

      was this the girl from toy story

    96. Michael Kaylor

      Hmmmmmm. I'm A Lil Sus, Not Gonna Lie..

    97. W i c h

      How does she do the voice- literally how

    98. Yours Chosen

      10:05 😂😂😂 Partay girl interrupting her, and 9:25 how’s Daisy says “Dangerous!”

    99. Mikasa's Scarf

      At this point I'm wondering what the headphones are attached to

    100. TheReal_ist

      *Drunk brod shows up* Daisy: Let me see your id.... Throws ID and tells her to go fetch it. Her: OMG like why did u do that. IM DEAD u straight up roasted that poor girl. 😆😆