ASMR | Decision Making | Can You Choose?


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    IM SENDING THIS VIDEO TO MY FRIENDS WHO ARE TERRIBLE AT MAKING DECISIOns to force them to practice LOL. Send this to someone who can never decide where they want to go for dinner.....

    I thought this trigger would be fun!! 1. a good excuse to pull out a ton of items and 2. either a good exercise for people bad at making decisions, or a fun experience for people who love choosing!!
    (I am the latter)

    So enjoy!! Let me know what you chose, and if this was fun, difficult, tingly, or anything else! :D

    Gibi ~

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    1. yugioh teen

      as a brit a grub hub and a target gift card are useless so they both go in the trash

    2. Jordan Garcia

      me: that one gibi: perfect

    3. SVR san

      " 11:20 Gibi Scrubs and pats the duck" Me: So lucky, I wish I was the duck Duck: Save me!

    4. SVR san

      Fun fact:The whole prop was already in her desk.

    5. impostor god

      69k likes, nice

    6. Apple Tree

      Me:about to fall asleep Her: Grubhub Me: *add starts playing in my head*😴😴😴😳🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺

    7. Jaydon Vanderson

      a ha very funny

    8. Arnav Raturi

      69K likes, noice

    9. Yangzi Elon

      Bring us back a video with the same concept

    10. kyedi8

      bruh that was the first asmr video i watched alll the way through, i kinda forgot it was supposed to be asmr lol

    11. Xander The When

      "You are not a decisive person" goddamn it stop reading my mind gibi!

    12. Alejandro Mendoza




    14. JAKE5023193

      Gibi: target or grubhub? Me: *flashbacks to january* Also me: TARGET TARGET TARGET TARGET

    15. Abigail Reena

      I’m a Slytherin so I literally have no problem making discussions I’m just here because I’m trying to fall asleep 😐

    16. Lucas Marchetti

      The target one was a bit too easy

    17. Fun Fun Fiona

      These are the ones I got for the video: 1: right 2: honey mask 3: blue/Tara 4: elephant 5: succulent 6: target 7: tambourine dreamer 8: blue 9: pink 10: heroic 11: green pen 12: duck 13: purple 14: left one 15: G bee 16: I don’t know the names but the one with red and white hair 17: bunny pen 18: rainbow one 19: sweet dreams journal 20: red and black 21: pastel and gold 22: my hero academia I chose randomly I don’t read/watch a lot if anime sorry 23: the blue kitty one I loved all of them though and chose mostly randomly

    18. SuperNerd

      Gibi, I am a Libra, what do you think.

    19. Isaiah Mcleod

      woah the funny 69k likes

    20. Emily Lock

      all I can think about during this video is how Chidi from the Good Place would be in full fledge anxiety with stomach pains trying to watch this video 😂😂😂😂

    21. Deac on keys

      One of the best asmrist

    22. joiMio

      I'm Lucio main

    23. Eleonora Antignani


    24. ANA KATZEW

      im a libra yk why Im here lol

    25. Amanda Fuller


    26. Yin

      I choose “One” she told me to pick ONE I did I choose one

    27. ッPreston-Prezton

      I’m such a indecisive person 😟 welp here we go.. and. “Hi I’m Gibi” “Hi I’m severely depressed-“ “Shit.”

    28. Matthew Minou

      I'm maybe too decisive lmao I have strong opinions on the Correct Choice for nearly all of these xD

    29. Shadow Cube

      Gibi making me rethink my life choices while im dreaming man

    30. Dominus Extreme

      Gibi: Do you think you could do it? Me: no

    31. lucifer

      bakugou plz

    32. DJ Vos

      Waffles from Minecraft story mode needs this

    33. Emmanuel Flores

      I know damn well everyone chose that cute dragon🤣

    34. klara hrvanovic


    35. Shin

      15:01 I'm going to choose both because they're perfectly beautiful and perfect ;w;

    36. daan Vonk

      Witch one will u chose the red or the blue pill eeeuh bottle

    37. klara hrvanovic

      Gibi : i heard you’re not so...decisive? Me: i have my pros and cons....

    38. Souris obèse

      I watched the video 2 times in a row so I could choose both of the objects

    39. Souris obèse

      I cried when I chose the elephant over the dragon

    40. FabulouslyFunny101

      ✨cries in libra✨

    41. Mahdi Goku 7


    42. Cheche Yak

      The most difficult fof now was for the tiny todoroki of bakugo 😭😭

    43. MOLDY SOX

      I kinda want to know the game in the DS

    44. p0ww0wp0nch0

      i have crippiling deppression

    45. Mads Kirkegaard

      How old are you?

    46. Target Adrian

      Bin ich der einzige deutsche hier

    47. Shydog

      rainbow and black because i'm ga-A GOOOD GUY

    48. Maya Capell

      I’m aloe mask gangggg

    49. Naglis Dargis

      First time i feel like having an actualy good conversation

    50. Lily Coombs

      She has great ASMR, gives me so many tingles, lovely and entertaining roleplays, extremely beautiful! This is wonderful! She is so young but can pull off a great ASMR! Good job! Keep up the great work you are doing great! ♥♥♥♥♥

    51. Revv.n

      chidi anagonye’s bad place

    52. Eu

      I’m a really indecisive person watching this :-)

    53. Clamsy 007

      me during the first part : oh maybe I just can't choose when someone else is implied ! Gibi : let's make it harder.

    54. ; Silent Simp ; 🌟

      When you are the most indecisive person in the friend group 💀

    55. julia

      this video is not made for libras at all-

    56. DustinPlayz

      Imagine what her desk must look like in this video

    57. Camille Mahoney

      chidi anygonye is typing...

    58. yo

      oh my god the second half made me feel so guilty i could never do this irl

    59. Mia R

      This was so satisfying. I was so close to falling asleep. (Not from boredom)

    60. Leonardo Dormentoni

      "We have a Bruno Bucciarati journal" YOU. HAVE. WHAT.

    61. Mocha Tea

      Thank you gibi, I not all the best of making decisions for myself, but this kinda helped me, my mind isn’t that clear anymore, but thank you

    62. LovesDarkBlue

      Also omg Gibi’s face. Glowing and beautiful! Imagine having perfect skin. Couldn’t be me 😅

    63. LovesDarkBlue

      I love interactive ASMR like this!!!


      so i guess im harvey dent lol hello

    65. vangard

      Ⓔᵍᵍ 𝕊ᗩL̥ͦȊ̈⒟

    66. Edenlikespasta

      When you're so indecisive that it's more stressful than relaxing 😅

    67. Lucy Infer

      Asmr starts My anxiety levels - it's okay, just a few choices Comic book - now let's make it difficult, I want one of the objects but I won't talk and you then have to choose My Anxiety Levels - OH SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT, RED CODE, ALL SYSTEMS FULLY FULL, THEY WILL HAVE A STRONG CRISIS

    68. Gabby Gray

      1. Left 2. Honey Mask 3. Burgundy Nail polish 4. Wooly Elephant 5. Succulent (P.s I’m already feeling sleepy) 6. Zz.. Target... zzz... Gift card 7. Tsmbrrjne Dresmerzzzs perfume (Tambourine Dreamer) 8. Red bottle 9. Pink Hair clip 10. Heroic lipstick 11. Orange Pen (Level Two) 12. Stuffed Yeti!!! (I’m falling asleep I might’ve missed one) 13. Yellow GFUEL CUP 14. Mercy shot glass 15. Ykxkxxxjj..... ZZZ.. zzzz... Zzzz...

    69. a kid

      chooses target gift card grub hub guy starts chokeing me to deth

    70. Marianna Bortot Rivas

      Gibi: gibi or gibi?

    71. Marianna Bortot Rivas

      Everyone: enjoying the video me: gets jealous cause I want all of her stuff

      1. MxlicStones YT


    72. Noah Hayden

      Liquid gold

    73. Madmitchell 78

      Me with choosing cereal:uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Other stuff:that one!

    74. pingu .s

      Give us the answere wat u wanted

    75. grothendieck

      gibi:green pen or orange pen? me: carrot

    76. Sofia Baldi

      I'm a libra and I don't know how to act♎😂

      1. BananaBolt

        We don’t give a shit

    77. Lilly Playz

      Omg I got so much triggers! Thanks for doing this video! ♥️

    78. Emmathebasicgurl

      Gibi: Bakugo or Todoroki Me: We can’t skip right?

    79. Jackaboy1912

      rip target i have not seen one in years

      1. BananaBolt

        Targets still exist

    80. Kurisu

      This should be an exercise for those harem anime protagonists who can't choose a girl at the end.

      1. vangard

        Ⓔᵍᵍ 𝕊ᗩL̥ͦȊ̈⒟

    81. Naomi Beacham


    82. Musicpeeps

      Hello libras how are you

    83. Amanda Dunn

      Is it just me or at least 7:11 when she opens the blue jar thing it sound like an effect from Minecraft

    84. YT Wutisurnam3

      (Full vid) Right hand Honey mask Indigo nail polish Crinkly dragon Grass Target gift card Tambourine dreamer Red glass bottle Pink hair clip Heroic Orange It’s been good Fluffy ducky Purple shaker Merce shot glass G🐝

    85. What do you expect me to put here?

      “If you take the blue pill you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe and if you take the red pill I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes”

    86. Brianna StarGate

      I love your voice it’s so calming

    87. BananaBolt

      We need a whole video of that glorious crinkly dragon.

    88. Jorian

      *Gibi:* Do you choose grubhub or target? *Indian tech scammer:* you know the anwser😏

    89. Marianna Bortot Rivas

      I heard you ar

    90. Slurpey

      Is it me or was I just talking to my screen trying to answer gibis questions lol Like if you did to Gibi: do you whant the dragon or elephant. Me:elephant gibi staring at me intensely

    91. Krystal Brizuela

      i’m bisexual i can’t even choose a gender to be attracted to

      1. Krystal Brizuela

        @eatability damn you got me there #undecisiveclub😔✊🏼

      2. eatability

        Oh, ha, you think your decision making is hard? I’m pansexual.

    92. fran!!

      "i heard you're not the most decisive person" me, a nonbinary bisexual, switch: yea, u got me.

    93. Eashan Mukherjee

      Who told you ???????

    94. Ivy

      The bakugou and toroki one was illegal


      14:43 İTS SO HARD >:O

    96. Adriano Sousa de Jesus

      What is the purpose of ASMR? I don't get it.

    97. Kiel CH

      This was so effective but my mom scolded me cuz i slept and didn't do chores:/

    98. Md Farhan Akhtar

      I wish that you reach 5.99 M subs

      1. Md Farhan Akhtar


    99. Md Farhan Akhtar

      How can we smell that ? 🤨 Ok we not 🙁

    100. Md Farhan Akhtar

      Gibi - you cannot skip the video me - but I can pause and change the video 😎