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    Watch the first part here:
    And be sure to vote which Park you'd like to travel to for the third and final video, on my Community tab!

    Thank you to the amazing Lauren for collaborating with me; she is a very talented script writer and super Disney knowledgeable, it's been awesome to work with her scripts during this series!
    If you'd like to work with her, you can shoot her an email at:
    LMscreenwriting at gmail dot com !! (Spelled out to prevent spam!)

    In this video, you (the sweepstakes winner yay!!) have arrived and are checking in to your Resort of choice -- the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Of course, there are lots of goodies awaiting you, and even more information to soak in! Don't worry, we have it all covered :)
    (PS this is the most customer service-y i have ever looked in my entirE LIFE)
    Sleep well everyone!

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    This video was edited by Shawn, my full-time editor! Give him some love: MrTheVestman
    (maybe some extra love for this one because my greenscreen was terrible and he had to do sO MUCH MASKINGAJSDKLFJA;KSD IM SORRY)

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    1. Anita Lulu

      Reverso deceiver. God knows the truth. Lake of 🔥

    2. Ava Trudeau


    3. Kreuger Vr

      Gibi: this is worth 1,000 dollars The card: 1 - 500$

    4. Anime_Nerd ASMR

      Sanaa was a great dining experience! I got the cauliflower soup and the bread service! 👌🏻 it was sooo good.

    5. Dignital

      Me seeing the card limit is 500 and Gibi says it is loaded with 1000 dollars

    6. FireFox Squad

      I call the yoda and poncho lol

    7. Angel Gonzalez


    8. DanTheCannon

      A+SMR as per yoush

    9. EuqinimodArt

      wait...does Disney really give out $1000 gift cards to sweepstakes winners?

    10. King Briele

      I love your asmr but you saying Jambo is annoying

    11. Dead meat numbers

      Day 45 of asking gibi for shrek movie asmr

    12. Emma Doll

      Notice how she points with 2 fingers. Walt Disney always did that because it was rude in some places to point with one. If you've ever been to Disney you'll notice all of the characters do it too

    13. Xx Squiggle_lxvs_y0u xX

      When gibi works at Disney land for a day so she could get better at making this:I uH hey lol hey uh welcoem to Disney- I mean animal kingdom Me:you are hired you got the job :)

    14. Ada Doston

      Wait does this mean she going to do all the of the sections???

    15. Ada Doston

      Call me Kris and Gibi are the two people whom continue to amaze me with their ability to seamlessly play characters

    16. Teragamerplays

      This is really nice. Great job! It makes me relax

    17. Joe Bridge

      Can you pls ship the grogu plush to me??pls

    18. etha5330 etha5330

      im un subscribing i can't take this

    19. etha5330 etha5330

      like my god dude yell once in a while'

    20. etha5330 etha5330

      darn dude you wisper to much and i don't like that

    21. Epiphany

      As someone who stays at Disney often, this is exactly how much time it takes you to check in, no joke.

    22. Roberto Cerimele

      Ayo Gibi rockin with the giyuu tomioka scarf thingy

    23. Lahela Batres

      Gibi even got a DISNEY WORLD NAME TAG! The details in her videos is above and BEYOND! Love love love it!

    24. Patricia Martínez

      Okey so I could not sleep because I really got excited about going to Disney again. I felt like I had flashback moments of previous experiences but also like small kid moments of excitement.

    25. Foxy plays Gaming

      Did the special guest win the lottery?

    26. BM Mamun

      What type camera you used???

    27. Llama Boy76

      Was it just me that thought she called us Jumbo? 0:00

    28. Anthony NGUYEN

      She is very nice to me to my favorite iPhone app for the app update on the iPhone and iPad app is awesome

    29. The Scarlet Tunic

      Longest hotel check in, in history

    30. P-MAN ART

      I find it funny that the giftcards where 1000$ each and yet they said 25$ - 500$

    31. hotchokky

      legend has it if you type the creators name 3 times you get pinned Gibi Gibi Gibi

    32. Haad

      Ima need the other half of my gift cards, those only hold 500$ a pop

    33. The Scarlet Tunic

      Since when does splash mountain still exist?

    34. 1fps Zoro

      I swear you know it’s the best ASMR ever when u fall asleep sitting up

    35. the one and only

      gibi: “are you an uno expert?” me: “oh haha no i don’t know much abou-“ gibi: “i could tell 🙂 i could tell 😌”

    36. Laura Perdue

      Gibi is everything that is right in this world.

    37. Jan Mecca V

      Woow this is my first time to see you without a choker ❤️

    38. Ethan Ngako

      gibi: hi jumbo our special guests have arrived jumbo: no gibi:ok great, could you please send bell services jumbo: no gibi: wonderful thank you so much jumbo: i said *NO*

    39. Samantha Ong

      This video brings me so much joy 💜

    40. Dayana Qistina

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    41. disco diva's

      i dont like this its not good asmr

    42. Sheyanne Andreasen

      I want a Disney goodie bag!! Not sure why but I felt like I was getting one than when I got up no bag🤣🤣 I love this touch to the video ☺️

    43. AndySolo Asmr


    44. AndySolo Asmr

      OMG OMG OMG GIBI!!!!!!! 😭💜

    45. Asheroni and Chesse

      I truly wonder if Disney will ever truly fall within my lifetime and I'm only 17 they have time to fall I doubt it but imagine a generation not knowing or thinking it's all so weird

    46. Bigmamabella __

      dude this is so detailed even down to the name tag! i love all the effort you put into all your videos

    47. fluffymaxy

      Was I the only one wondering how Gibi got that personalized Walt Disney World Staff badge?

      1. Arianna Mae

        Probably Etsy. You can get anything off of that website.

    48. Joe Boshwag

      "This is one of a number of gift cards loaded with $1,000" *Card reads $15-$500* "Okay, Gibi. Enough with the lies."

    49. Djdog

      I just imagine the bag is actually just filled with a bunch of mics for the asmr

    50. Ellie mai Foster

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    55. Harry


    56. xoxo2013xoxo1

      Gibi as someone who works front desk at Disney at another deluxe resort I was blown away!! Correct club concierge hours AND the Disney point?! Knowing all the restaurants including the Mara and for sanaa bread service?! Iconic!! Knowing the tours?? Amazing! Also extra points for Disney signature services name drop! This was truly phenomenal and you would make a great cast member!!

    57. Awnnie Shankweiler

      Anyone know her horoscope? I’m very curious

    58. Gregory James

      Imagine spending 40 minutes to just check into your hotel

    59. Jfkfjfjfjf Fjfjfjfjkfkgjenrogofjwrngoskndfn

      Are we not talking about it took 40 minutes to check in

    60. Martha Garcia

      19:19 wow

      1. Martha Garcia

        Little mermaid

    61. Martha Garcia

      It's like when you go to sleep: gibi: congratulations. Me:wow her voice is so pretty.

    62. Ghostydoescommentary

      I’ve experienced so many times and it’s so accurate

    63. JessieGirl0405

      I MUST have more of this. This is my favorite ❤️

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      Gibi may not ever get to go but you made it real ty ❤

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      The green stuffed animal is Named Yoda

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      I wanna go to Disney now 😔👍

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    82. Blaine Babbidge

      Can we all take a minute to appreciate Lauren’s amazing script writing and thank her for collaborating w/ Gibi 😃

      1. Lauren Monroe

        Thank you so much! These are a lot of fun to write!

    83. Slashed Beauty

      Do… do they really greet you with Jambo there!?

    84. Tesa ASMR

      Love your role-play

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      Gibi’s voice sounded so soothing in this video

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      Rain poncho give me a lot of tingles

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      The continued use of customer service voice and the word "magic" really helps it feel like the real deal. Very tingles.

    90. BEST-NINJA

      Gibi: How was your flight in? Me: Good. Gibi: Wow. That sounds real fancy.

    91. ΗΔηηΔΗ

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      Gibi: how was your flight? Me: I walked here on my two bare feet with nothing but an empty bag! Gibi: sounds very fancy.

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