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    Sooo I tried to film the phone screen from behind as you can see, but it kept going out of focus and my phone was too bright most of the time, but luckily I thought ahead and recorded my screen natively! So we just used that :) I kept the camera screen in the shot so you can kinda see my hands at least. I hope you like it!
    I've been going to TOWN on learning Spanish this last month!! My friend nips is helping me a lot too, and I also use apps like HelloTalk and FluentU! I have been getting a bunch of requests to do more spanish videos, does this count!?!!? Don't laugh at me ;-;

    Sleep well everyone! Maybe another full Spanish video soon after I've kept practicing... :D

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    1. Gibi ASMR

      ¡Habla español conmigo! Deja un comentario aquí 👀

      1. Happy DG

        Yo hablo español soy de Puerto Rico 🇵🇷!

      2. Maggie McLaughlin

        Hola Gibi! Yo aprendo espanol en escuela 😉 tu es muy bueno hablas espanol! Gracias por in video fantastico!

      3. Mr.V (A.K.A. Manuel Vioque)

        Hey Gibi! Soy un seguidor de España, me encantan tus videos, sigue asi!

      4. Ellie C

        Hola como estas Gibi eres epica uwu

      5. ををLydiaをを

        Buenassssss Gibi, saludos desde españa, espero que venga a visitarnos pronto

    2. María Doblas

      I'm a Spanish native speaker and I noticed that some of the Spanish phrases that duolingo shows aren't actually the nicest way to say that. Also, it mixes verb tenses so it may even be more confusing in the future for you to fully learn Spanish

    3. Fearless

      Hola gibi

    4. Jei Azul

      Hola Gibi, genial poder hablar con tu youtuber de ASMR favorita en español. Saludos.

    5. Josh Pérez

      Jajaja yo hablo español!, yo quiero aprender ingles, se me hace muy dificil! Algun consejo? O tip?

    6. Jolien Bex

      You should really make this a weekly video or maybe even daily if it's possible! I've been waiting for sooo long to see someone make an asmr video while learning Spanish on Duolingo and I'm so glad you are the person to do it because I absolutely loved every second :)

    7. Iasonas Gavalas

      It's simple: spanish or vanish

    8. Lexi Chircop

      At my school we had to learn Maltese, English, french, Italian lol. I dropped french the second I could

    9. Gianfranco Montiel

      I'm a native Spanish speaker, but if Gibi wants to learn spanish, so do I

    10. axel

      That damn bird is slowly trickling into real life and the media. If your not scared, you fucking should be.

    11. Ethan Salisbury

      Ethan will buy you one phone

    12. Guillermo Alejandro Gonzalez

      Que dialecto es el español de Duolingo?

    13. Dead meat numbers

      Day 47 of asking gibi for shrek movie asmr

    14. Fire Faith

      The only thing I don't like about learning Spanish is that I feel like I'm learning Portuguese (my native language) again but better. Um abraço aos irmãos Latinos desde o Brasil

    15. Pablo Nicolas Torres

      Hola Gibi!! Hermosas combinaciones: english, español, tu sonrisa y ASMR!! Saludos desde Argentina!!

    16. Gerson Guzmàn

      Hello miss Gibi

    17. Agustin Tirado


    18. Luciano Moreno

      Me da ternura ver cómo aprendes español ❤️ jsjs

    19. Kevin L

      Think about it Spanish is just Russian gibberish *I don't mean it in a rude way*

    20. Rtahvel

      Duolingo Owl: Its simple! Spanish *or vanish*

    21. Hi There

      I've just started Duolingo should I do just 1 language or multiple what would u lot suggest?

      1. Hunter Norton

        start with 1 so you don't overwhelm your vocabulary

    22. Tom Poops

      I from Argentina and muy buena pronunciación :D

    23. Ada Doston

      👁️👄👁️ just remembering I was learning Spanish at some point

    24. Ada Doston

      This reminds me of a Cosplay I saw at a convention. "Murderous Duolingo Bird" "Now beg for your life, In Spanish"

    25. Sher K

      hola :)

    26. Linux Debían


    27. M R C S

      I feel like you should've started off the video with "Ola! Soy Gibi

    28. An OtherXD

      I love how you don't take the ASMR concept too far but it's still enjoyable

    29. Princeton Plummer

      Duolingo: You better had come back to spanish class or else...

    30. Gamer Kid 9999

      Hola yo tambien se el español :D

    31. Nico Castro

      22:52 disculpa jdhsns

    32. Drama

      21:10 yess, you're right. it would be pretty weird for someone to say "yo leo las cartas ahora". it would be more like "ahora estoy leyendo las cartas". seems like duolingo makes it easy for people to do these quizzes and tries to put sentences with the words in the same order that they would be in the english language. but but that just makes it not accurate enough to how the actual natives speak. i wouldn't recommend it to learn tbh, i think it can be a nice tool for basics but if you REALLY wanna learn a language I'd recommend another platform and/or to watch tv shows/movies on that language

    33. Jonathan Oziel Sandoval Ramos

      Tu español es muy bueno 🥵👌

    34. Minato Namikaze

      We’re all gonna die

    35. James

      as a native Spanish speaker i usually don't particularly like hearing non-natives speak it unless they're /trying/ to pronounce it correctly. that being said, i honestly love your accent, Gibi, it's very satisfying and great for ASMR. it's great to hear someone honor the language by taking care to pronounce it so nicely even when it's not your mother tongue.

    36. Josueee _VM

      Duolingo creado por un guatemalteco ah me llena de orgullo mi país :D

    37. Cloudys Time

      Adonde esta la bibloteca

    38. xXExtelsiXx

      This reminds me I need to do my German lessons lol.

    39. Pimpzy SZN

      If you are trying to be fluent in Spanish visit Mexico for months

    40. Axel2236


    41. Jack Your Friend

      Oh my god I love you Elle pop socket


      Haz otro video diciendo garabatos o groserias idkddk

    43. Elvis José

      Dios esperaba esto ase tiempo 😍💙💙

    44. Matías Quispe

      ¡Gibi, eres una chica genial! ¡Me gusta que hayas pensado en la comunidad hispanohablante! Saludos desde Argentina (Gibi, you are a cool girl! I like that you have thought about the Spanish-speaking community! Greetings from Argentina )

    45. Maria Angelica Pulgar Castañeda

      Excelente! Que genial poder escucharte en español. Sabes más español de lo que yo sé inglés 👏🏼

    46. darck Thiago

      Hola gibi saludos desde San Juan argentina

      1. Cualquieraxd


    47. Alexander

      Me caes perfecto , 💜

    48. FENIX 2.0

      Hola Gibi, estas hecha una fenomena :)

    49. Grace

      As a person who is Spanish but speaks English and Spanish but more Spanish than English this was swag

    50. Sofía Bittar

      Soy nativo hablante pero a la hora de comentar acá me siento estúpida JAJA I love your spanish videos Gibi! Keep on practicing!

    51. Rabid Hog

      How unlucky am I that I turn my volume up for an asmr video and I get an ad for a 6ix9ine mobile game 🤣😂

    52. Dunia Gutiérrez

      Gibi keep doing this series of Spanish Duolingo please! ¡Eres la mejor!

    53. Loaning Lola

      6:23 I don’t think you need the ‘ella’ because tiene, conjugated verb tener, means he/she/it has. Tengo- I have tiene- he/she/it has, you don’t need any pronouns in front of anything because the conjugated verb shows who is being talked about: O- I As- you (singular) A- he/she/it Amos-we Aís-you (plural) An-they But these are only for verbs that end in ar, there’s a whole other set of endings for er and ir verbs 😂 That’s what I was taught anyway

    54. Loaning Lola

      I’m doing Spanish in school 😌

    55. Prof. Dr. Gut Spieler

      it would be very enternaining, if you did the same, but with german.

    56. notgurneet

      the L pop-socket and phone case is SO DAMN PRETTY OMG

    57. Leonardo Tireck

      Please do a portuguese version of this! 😛

    58. Xavier Estellés

      I've seen the Spanish the app is teaching is American Spanish, which is fantastic, but imma add a few things that might change across the pond, speaking in Spain: 6:47 instead of "computadoras" we mostly use "ordenadores" to say computers 9:41 instead of "quisiera" we'd use "quiero", it sounds too formal otherwise. That goes for every time the "Usted" formal is used (for example in 9:42 when they say "tiene" we'd say "tienes") 12:15 that "Yo sé" sounds weird to me, maybe it's latin Spanish maybe it's just wrong, but we'd say "Lo sé" 22:37 instead of "carteras", which is nuanced and barely used, we'd use "bolsos" for a more general translation of "purses" 23:36 instead of "niña", I'd use "chica", but that's just because I'm Andalucian (a region in Spain) 25:49 again, instead of "usan ustedes" we'd use "usáis vosotras", and even "lleváis vosotras" I probably missed some, but this video was super super fun! I'd love to see this turned into a series!

    59. The Great Jim of Germany

      *spanish or vanish*

    60. mobile gamer

      I speak Spanish and English cause I'm that bilingual mofo :)

    61. oneleg mess

      You got this.

    62. Namjoon's lost airpod

      2:17 bada bing bada boom......wait....... YOU'VE SUMMONED BLACKPINK STANS

    63. meme_tv13

      22:52 SUS Amogus

    64. Emma Espinoza


    65. xXx_ アイシャ_ xXx

      Me being spanish You did a great job!

    66. josedavidpc310

      OMG Gibi

    67. rudo-corsario 363-GT

      A ver si aprendieron algo diganme que escribi 😎

    68. EET FUK


    69. ianpitts

      Very good expression

    70. Sunshine Sunashi

      A todos los que están aprendiendo español, muchas gracias por aventurarse en este viaje tan bonito. No se desanimen y practiquen mucho. To everyone who is learning Spanish, thank you for giving yourself a wonderful learning experience. Don’t give up and practice a lot!

    71. Isobel Grace

      I’m using Duolingo to learn Arabic!💗

    72. David González

      Los mejores videos de Gibi, son en los que habla en otro idioma. Sobre todo en español. That's the truth.

    73. CBandz

      try to use it in a Puerto Rican type of language

    74. Barklyandtheb

      Not even the ever impressive strength of ASMR can succeed in helping me where common core Spanish failed 😂😂

    75. Deadpoolgaming _

      Im am also trying to learn papiamento. Its a language used in the ABC islands of the Caribbean and its so cool

    76. Entahla Xthuape

      Rase cm kt dlm kelambu.. Tbaik jgn bg org lain dgo..

    77. 10,000 Rambos

      Tengo diarrea

    78. Lino

      I would’ve never thought I’d hear Gibi say “que lo que” 😂

      1. Mike F.V

        In Spanish we don't said "I don't understand you, would you repeat it to me?" We said "Que lo que?" And I loved

    79. A_VERY_THICK_BOY :3 :0

      23:04 your is sus lol 😂

    80. HickoryKitten

      i love that L phone case tbh its epik and i kinda want it

    81. paszczur


    82. TheDuckGoesQuack

      Je m'appelles Frederic et comment ca va "French". Lol. Only French 1, but I ordered French 2 also (book).

    83. Dicte Lorentzen

      I can speak danish and werry soon i have to learn german (in school) AND i want to learn spanish

    84. Ch S.

      I don t understand who would dislike this video, and why?


      Saludos desde Cádiz, sigue hablando español que seguro que lo consigues

    86. Mauricio Portillo

      Gibi tu español me excita

    87. ReineckeFuchs

      I wouldn't have thought, but I really like it! Hope you'll do more of this in the future❤️😊

    88. Aristotolos

      Cuántos españoles vemos Gibi?

    89. Aegi Irene

      As a Spanish talker I have to tell her that she is learning latinoamerican Spanish, literally in Spain we say 40% of the words differently

      1. Bianca Araoz

        Los españoles son raros jajaja

      2. Izuu

        Che, no es ''Native talker'' es ''Native speaker'' XD

      3. José Gabriel Suárez Pérez

        40%? no exageres!

      4. lifeispink626

        Well... Latin America is bigger than Spain 😈.

      5. debit


    90. Maddy 1D

      Pls do a portuguese version of this Love uuu❤

    91. Kiyoko Shimizu


    92. Eco Sundays

      Did anyone notice how all the profile pics spelled "Hppy"? I mean it's close to Happy

    93. Tommy Callahan

      “Bruno works in two libraries. What a guy!” I died laughing

      1. egemen

        You are british right

    94. Rajnish

      Spanish is not like English which is has become necessary in all over the world so people have to learn it. But Spanish is the most popular language I guess coz most of the people want to learn it without any necessity.

    95. Remy Fate

      Omg this is awesome, although it really changes the way you speak altogether. Vamos Gibi Español!!!

    96. Kuutti Kuusimurto

      japanese nexr??

    97. Luca


    98. Tatiana Coronel

      You're right. We say "Estoy leyendo cartas" we don't use "Yo leo cartas ahora" but if you say it, we're gonna understand anyway 😁

    99. Asuka Langley

      Feliz Jueves

    100. Andres Pelaez

      Se te da muy bien Gibi, mucho ánimo con el aprendizaje y si algún día viajas a España visita Andalucía, saludos desde Sevilla 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸