ASMR | Face Mapping Skin Analysis Appointment


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    This video was inspired by Angelica first of all, who said she watched the Dermalogica series on it; then a bunch of ASMR creators have also made their own videos, so be sure to check them out :)

    Angelica face mapping with me:
    Angelica face mapping HERSELF
    Angelica Face Mapping another :D

    Some more Face Mapping faves :)
    Gentle Whispering:
    Karuna Satori:
    ASMR Glow:
    ASMR Jonie:
    TingTing ASMR:
    + much more if you search!

    This video itself is pretty straightforward, plenty of analysis, personal attention, the whole nine yards c:
    Enjoy, sleep well!!!

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    1. Pixel ASMR

      "we lack sleep in this community" no kidding!

    2. 10171981

      WHAT this sounds more like a CHALLENGE to me !!! G-FUEL vs. Gibi ASMR !!! WHO WILL WINNNNN !!!!

    3. jay

      I swear to god satin is so adorable ugghhhh

    4. Dead meat numbers

      Day 43 of asking gibi for shrek movie asmr

    5. Ashley Goldsmith

      Do another fastest asmr pleases its my favorite kind of asmr

    6. Katlynn Arbaugh

      Did anyone else notice the little piece of gibis hair that's sticking up in the back🤣

    7. Angels Beauty

      Subbed after watching this I got major tingles 😌😌😌😌

    8. Kate F

      Gibi: You’re fairly symmetrical Me: 👁 👁 👃🏽 👄

    9. ʞɔɐɥʍ sᴉ ɯsᴉɔɐɹ sʎɐs ǝpnɐlƆ

      Gibi without glasses: • • 👄 Gibi with glasses: 👁️ 👁️ 👄

    10. Jim West

      She is so beautiful. Damn to spend a day hanging out with her would be so fun.

    11. nerdalert 400

      6:43 👁👄👁

    12. camocaplamo

      Simps:gibi is so attractive Me:I WANT TO PET HER DOG

    13. Allama H

      Girllllll ur teaching me science while helping me go to sleep at the same time WHAT A LEGOND

    14. CplWonk

      "The forehead being connected to the bladder and the digestive system..." Me: Nani?

    15. Jaiden Solberg

      What better the canned or powder gfuel

    16. Big Floppa

      An asmr SEpromr... being sponsored by an energy drink, makes sense to meeeee

    17. CanIBeSnake?

      Mam I just drank a whole koolaid do you think I would still be thirsty?

    18. Hyoudou Issei

      When she was writing on the paper she looked like alfalfa with that one hair sticking up

    19. Forward Smash

      Gibi really said "👁️👄👁️"

    20. 6216

      you are so pretty! and your voice is so relaxing :3

    21. Grace And Aaron

      literally nobody: me: *looks at the glass besides focus on the appointment* o.o

    22. Reid Gassler

      GIBI’s comment section:wow I love yur’oe awesome Glow’s comment section: I am Connor, an android sent by cyber life

    23. Cecilia Mark

      We really lack sleep in the community Me at 2 am : well technically she isn’t wrong, but I don’t want to admit she’s right...

    24. Cheryl 0n 60fpsψΩ

      thx bbg

    25. the duck

      ayo the sharingan rug?

    26. Snow Omijachi

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    27. Kortney Lizotte

      Anyone else notice the one little strand of hair sticking up in the back ?! 🤔😂

    28. Thomas Cagle

      OMG you've now become higher on my favorite SEpromr list due to the DOOM gfeul canisters

    29. hamavery64

      90% of people are right handed?! Dang I’m weird then. Left hand gang!

    30. Dogs my favorite and anime!!

      Gibi: do you smoke Me: I smoke meth,marijuana,weed,cocaine and I snort anything I can

    31. Emily Suzanne Sher

      Does eyes tho

    32. Sveniboy_ 108


    33. Vera

      Don't walk Rün 👏

    34. Creative Wishes

      Her with the glasses be like:👁👁

    35. URB Wavy

      At 20:50 that face though

    36. Jonathan Castles

      0:19 Mumbo jumbo discount. Gosh I love that


      When she put her glasses on she looks like that chick from Space Buddies that would control the ship. Like if agree!

    38. Jaylin Williams

      anyone notice that rug is a sharingan

    39. Stella Jewell

      who else got gibi's honey ad on this video?

    40. isabel


    41. Madmitchell 78

      When you drink the doom g fuel :doom music kicks in

    42. GameyOscar

      Day 41 of Asking gibi to make the Shrek movie but it's asmr

    43. Alexis

      This wasn't ASMR

    44. Alexis

      We were young together now we have aged :'v your and my face look different, a little bit Chubby

    45. London Neiman

      Gibi: puts on glasses Her eyes: 👁👄👁

    46. London Neiman

      Gibi: we really lack sleep in this community Me at 530: I meannnnn your not wrong

    47. Tragger The dragon

      Bruh she really just said my “LITTLE” g fuel collection as she has a 8 layer rack full of g fuel

    48. Olivia *wow a rlly cool nickname*

      Me sitting here with my combo skin, rosacea, large pores, and breakouts that happen time to time anywhere on my face 👁👃🏽👁

    49. Haley Richmond

      That one hair sticking up in the back 😡😡😡 Me: FIX IT! FIX IT NOWWWWW! (No hate btw😂)

    50. Gabriel Silva

      look like Sid with the glasses! kkkkk

    51. Karma Hisham

      Is anyone gonna talk about how much they laughed when her eyes where big?

    52. Tiho

      Dayuuuum that 3 tomoe sharingan capret tho! CARPET REVEAL! Mega hype

    53. Sienna

      If you want to skip the Sponsor then here is the time stamp 1:58

    54. Jacob Villani

      Slow triggers whisper viddd

    55. Jacob Villani

      Trigger video pls I miss those

    56. Kristopher Cruz

      Announcement: I love your pup. That is all.

    57. Lai Tulip


      1. Lai Tulip


    58. V I B E Z

      Look at her eyes, that made my day

    59. Just Jordan

      Why does she actually sound like a doctor like I have been to a doctor like this and it is so accurate

    60. Βασίλης σακαρακης

      you are like a frog with this glasses

    61. Faalkar

      I actually went to buy my very first flavour, pewd's of course, but then I saw it. 21 FUCKING DOLLARS for shipping a three pack, wtf gfuel?! Im swedish give me some viking discounts instead


      Tbh Gibi kinda looks like Allison Argent from Teen Wolf

      1. George Rhianna

        Omg- now you mention it she really really does

    63. 0131_Soham

      Am I the only one rewinding the intro everytime 👀. That "Hello Everybody" is so beautiful 😍

    64. wnnalis cioov

      Gibi: "how much water do you drink a day?" Me: "uhh.. enough to take my pill in the morning plus a couple glups ands thats it.."

      1. - ToastyChips -

        This is a copied comment

    65. C L O W N

      Is the are am you is?

    66. littlexQueenx

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    67. Carson Merritt

      ASMR and G fuel the best combo ever!

      1. wnnalis cioov

        No one: Gibi with her glasses. 👁👄👁 🖌

    68. toes

      wait did she name her dog "sitting"

    69. aola wili

      Me: trying to sleep Gibi's one tiny hair sticking up: u aint goin to sleep

    70. A Nidohogg

      My headphones broke so I can only hear with one ear very sad.

    71. Keira Cowan

      Me: trying to sleep Gibi's one tiny hair sticking up: u aint goin to sleep

      1. Rorie Deweber

        Idk it kinda looks like she did it on purpose 😂 like that is not ONE hair, it’s a whole lock of hair 🥲😆

      2. Keira Cowan

        Lol same

      3. Oops met Hi and then there was Larry

        Dude that's all I could think about! It was bugging me so badly, I just wanted to flatten it.

    72. Frank & Charlie

      Gibi helps me sleep... but gfuel helps me stay up... but when you put them together I don’t know what to do anymore

      1. aola wili

        Gibi in the beginning of the video: how are you? Me: depressed, SEVERALLY, depressed.

    73. Atronx 7

      Gibi: "Do yo use an SPF" Me: "What's that?" Gibi: "And is that every day?" Me: "I don't think you're listening"

      1. Captain Jack Sparrow

        Like in sunscreen is usually 50 spf

    74. Robloxian Gamer6363

      There’s sanic da hehog

    75. Maryann Villarreal

      So Gibi has basically reiterated how much I’ve been neglecting my skincare routine. The only area I’m excelling in is my water intake. I feel attacked, lol!

    76. Landen Meeder

      The sharangan carpet looks sick

    77. 8-piece Chicken strip bucket

      Blob fish Acctually look like normal fish but when they pull them up rapidly through fishing and exposure to the atmosphere it damages there tissue making them look like a “blob” or like a middle aged white man


      Why you're so beautiful ??

    79. I Cant

      Day 34 of asking gibi to do shrek full movie asmr

    80. aaron skinner

      I think u have an addiction

    81. Maria CLP

      I hope you sleep well. Good night. Tomorrow is gonna be an amazing day

    82. Thomas Fuchs

      No one: Gibi with her glasses. 👁👄👁 🖌

    83. СижуНа Седативе

      6:14 cool, funny glasses turns gibi into an anime girl with big eyes

      1. wnnalis cioov

        Why is the mouth 12a not 13?

    84. Nocturnal Vampire

      What breed is satine

    85. Emily Coffey

      Ur so pretty 😍😍😍😍

    86. LilJ Jackson

      1:42 gfuel is loaded with zero sugar 😂

    87. Nick Allison

      Gibi in the beginning of the video: how are you? Me: depressed, SEVERALLY, depressed.

    88. [-Craftiry-]

      What I see when I see Gibi's eyes through the glasses: 👁️👄👁️

    89. Cheese Doodle

      Her “mumbo juuumbo” me : yOu ArE AfKkkKkKk

    90. AmZocken88

      Asmr + energy = sleepingpower😅

    91. Emma Williams

      Grateful Intelligent Beautiful Interesting to watch There are not enough letters in your name to describe how awesome you are. Really hope you get to 3.50M

    92. Detective

      Her eyes: 👁 👁 10:12 👄

    93. Detective

      I get tired from watching these because they are so relaxing but end up watching these all night because I focus on what is said and what is going on

    94. Tenemos Vector

      Day 3 of asking GIBI to do the entire Hamilton musical but in asmr

      1. Amanda Noel

      2. Amanda Noel

        She actually already has a video where she whispers the entirety of Hamilton

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