ASMR | Fluffy, Comfy, Cozy Ear Attention | Brushing & Fuzzy Cuffs


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    Ok I highkey love how this video turned out and I usually really don't like using the 3dio---
    Time for fluffy fuzzy cozy tingles!!! I hope you enjoy :))


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    1. bianca

      timestamps ✨ goodnite everyone, sleep well ♡ 0:00 | sponsor 2:31 | hello it's gibi ~ 3:59 | red bracelet puff 10:15 | brush 12:06 | alpaca plushie 15:50 | fluffy earmuff 19:45 | back to red bracelet puff 20:07 | mimikaki (japanese earpick) 23:45 | brush + mimikaki 25:11 | fluffy pillow 28:05 | yeti plushie 30:33 | earrings 30:47 | outro lmk if there's any mistakes~

      1. Gamer Gamer

        I wouldn’t have even known there were that many triggers if I didn’t see this comment I would have been asleep already (:

      2. {Amiee_San} YT}

        No hate but *goodnight

      3. Sarah Grant

        @Aali ah ok

      4. Aali

        @Sarah Grant I edited it

      5. Sarah Grant

        @Aali yeah and you spelled it right sooooo...

    2. PHRKazzy

      Gibi whare can i get a attack on titan case for my xr please help me i need it now!

    3. Sophie G-


    4. cherryb0nb0n

      No one: The person mowing their lawn: *It is time*

    5. I Cant

      Day 17 of asking gibi to do shrek full movie asmr

    6. little vani


    7. Extremejedi

      Anybody else think about the ocean at 4:42 ?

    8. Guilherme Martins

      Y R a PRO IN ANY MIC

    9. Yvette B

      Waiting to get my biopsy done, and I’m freaking out with anxiety. But somehow I have comfort in knowing Gibis got my back!! Thanks so much Gibi, your a lifesaver right now!!!

    10. Frost1x

      y tf is this making me tired

    11. casper aalders

      5:30 eyes closed I feel like im on a windy beach and I love it

      1. casper aalders

        Or more a windy storm I guess

    12. Shello

      why does she look like Loba from Apex Legends in this video (her hair)

    13. Sam Schellhase

      those finger flutters right after the sponsor are **crispy** This is definitely a new favorite video

    14. WenWash

      I got a casetify ad lol

    15. Courtney Whitlock

      This is perfect. Please do a scalp massage video 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    16. Jayda’s Life

      I am obsessed with Gibi’s makeup I love it 😻

    17. Junior

      Don’t mind me just leaving off where I am right now 2:44

    18. Owen Bitar

      14:36 fluffy butt😅

    19. Çòttøn_ Çàñdÿ

      “ I drop my phone at least once a day “ I dropped mine like 50 times a day and my thin phone case and phone is fine

    20. Fingerboard_dec Fb

      When she rubs the black earmuffs it sounds like a thunderstorm.

    21. Fingerboard_dec Fb

      All I'm going to say is gibi is the best asmrtist to ever exist.

    22. Paintpot ASMR

      Day 2 of asking gibi if she can do a doing our makeup video

    23. Leandro Sousa

      I didn't like almost all the sounds, especially the dark red one, but I liked the casetify L case.

    24. Kat

      Love the fluffy alpaca! 🦙

    25. chrismobiliophotography

      wonderful! :)

    26. Dr. Scarlett

      It's not often you wish you were a Ferengi...

    27. Natalie Perry

      Are those ur eyelashes? What mascara or fake lashes do you use???

    28. MEMER HU

    29. Sofia Rivas

      I don't know why, but gibi's face is extremely beautiful and relaxing to me

    30. Dulaj Amarasiri

      Fluffy and cute GIBI 🐨

    31. Kingston Billings’s

      make a ear eating one that will get lots of views

    32. •cinder-paw°

      Let asmr finish your sentence:asmr and you can get it to the first place to get you a new one and you know what you do and you have melons to be a person that is a little more important and you don't know if the only thing that is to be in a different place

    33. •cinder-paw°

      12:04 anyone hear gease?

    34. Julia Adamkiewicz

      5:05 If you close your eyes you can hear something like ocean waves 😌

    35. Vaughan Peters

      the brushes on both sides of the ears. fucking hell i could feel that shit in my back. amazing

    36. Idiot

      COMPLETELY UNRELATED-your makeup is just 🤌🏽

    37. Timboslice0

      I love this, SO, MUCH!!!

    38. Janine Fiasconaro

      Wow your makeup and skin are flawless

    39. X Box

      I love how she just threw the phone behind her. Now that's gangsta lol 😂

    40. Surprised Gamer

      Is it just me or can u hear goose in the background vaguely

    41. Norah H

      Day 5 of asking Gibi to do an asmr thing where she teaches us history or reading so I can feel like I'm falling asleep in class but I don't get in trouble

    42. Lily Evelyn

      You are the only person I follow because your videos are just so amazing! 😻 I appreciate all of your hard work and thank you for putting me to sleep EVERY night!❤️❤️

    43. Ollie Moore

      19:44 is one of the smoothest transitions between video and audio I've ever seen: so satisfying!

    44. Shazamdevil 03

      Your voice helps me go to sleep it’s a big part and it’s so soft and smooth

    45. Chase Booker

      Kind of insulted it's only iPhone cases

    46. Loaning Lola

      I looked at casetify but they only have cases for the newest iPhone. I have an iPhone 7 so ig I won’t be able to get a casetify case 🙁

    47. flipflopgirl84

      I loveeee the cuffs! So tingly. Please do another video with them! ♥️♥️🙏

      1. flipflopgirl84

        Actually this entire video is amazing. My new favorite! 🤩

    48. Namrata Mulwani

      Can you do another water sounds video🙏🙏

    49. Kids Phone

      Do another pleas÷eeeeeee

      1. Kids Phone


    50. cherryysunkie

      Me the whole video : 👁👄👁 Gibi: 🤗🌫 🎤 ✋🪡👏🎙 🌬🔴 📱 Anyways I love her vids though

    51. Savage Sandwich

      I love your Nails!

    52. carriep781

      You are my fav asmr girl out there!

    53. Aodhan Hildebrandt

      Can you make one just about you and your life plsss?

    54. Katelynn Lange

      Not me accidentally disliking this video because I was half asleep

    55. Jess Carter

      This made me realise I want Gibi to either react to or recreate the virtual barbershop... that was my gateway to ASMR content way back in 2007!

    56. Alexis Danticat


    57. Alexander Gallegos


    58. Shannon Police

      I need an hour of just 4:37

    59. Amrit Pandey

      Ahh!! 😍😍I'm feeling so relax

    60. Chro's ASMR

      everything is so fluffy 😭I love it

    61. Vlady Damy

      My mom drops it like 3 times Per day and the screen protector Its at least changed 2 times Per week

    62. Marcelo

      Day 6 of ASMR Rickroll at 4 million

    63. Katherine Jordan

      Lol I think my tingle bone is broken cause when I start to tingle I feel it in my leg. I have no idea

    64. Himashish Das

      I feel like a pet cat 🐱 of GiBi .

    65. Giraffe Dude


    66. Priyanka Prasad

      So Uniquely Relaxing😌❤️

    67. Brandon Vossberg

      You really so look good in that shirt.

    68. CharMich96

      Ur a sag me tooo

    69. Cam

      Omg that sweater is amazing 💀🤚🏻

    70. Shawnee Hellman

      I would love if you made a video with Orbeez! ♥️ that would be relaxing!

    71. ruggie_bruh


    72. Kokuneko

      Chewbacca scalp massage is the best! Lucky Han Solo...

    73. Monkey Man

      Just wanna say this is the only asnr I have fallen asleep to in 2 ish years of watching asmr. Its so nice to put this on on my headphones, lay in bed with the screen block so my room is dark, and just listen lol. I've fallen asleep to this 3 nights in a row and have not seen past probably 15 minutes because I'll just fall asleep. I also have been having trouble falling asleep for the past few months so this helps a lot.

      1. Monkey Man

        Realized its I've never made it ro 12 minutes bc I haven't t seen the alpaca part.

    74. Blake Pezzarello

      Honestly can't get over how well you've done your makeup

    75. Dragonela Draws

      The fur cuffs surprised was like a rain storm and then it turned into a windy day at the beach and then a sea storm and then went lovely and nice for someone like me who loves her intense triggers

    76. Blake Pezzarello

      Gibi--your makeup is ON POINT in this video. Love it!

    77. Toxic_V0IDYT

      Is it me or does 16:20 sound like thunder?

    78. Katie Sherliker

      She reminds me of Mindy for Drake & Josh😱

    79. Sarah Hayes

      You know it's a good video when you fall asleep during the intro.

    80. Adam Woroniak

      I don’t think I have ever seen the end to one of your videos, I’m always dead asleep by then 😂

    81. Moumita Ghosh

      On one hand she's so polite, on the other hand she's cool too... 👍🏽

    82. Patricia Perez

      I need to know where that dino sweater is from

    83. arian sajady

      It was incredibe

    84. Smothzilla 0702

      I just threw up so thank you this helped relax me

    85. studymusic

      Drop the makeup routine por favor!

    86. Champs Gaming

      Those red bracelets puffs kinda sounds like sea waves, just love them ❤️

    87. eeavess eeavess

      Use the 3dio more often pleaseeeee

    88. Just Joshin.

      The geese in the background

    89. Caleb Brown Guitar

      11:39 goose gang

    90. Ely David

      So calming

    91. Gabrie Barry


    92. chastarV

      You is kaut

    93. Juliet Klaassen

      omg can you please do a phone cases collection

    94. xlaurax 99_

      We need a updated makeup routine. You look gorgeous (even without make-up). 😊😍

    95. Faith Barone Gonzalez

      I've got places to mingle and ppl to tingle

    96. Joe the boa


      1. Joe the boa

        The soft things lol.

      2. Joe the boa

        Like dam they sound they ocean WAVES

    97. Jennifer Louw

      okku WAIT A MINUTE 😳…this was my first real asmr video and i instantly felt tinglish when you brushed the mic🤣😳

    98. Blunder bass

      Are there... very faint seagull noises in this for anyone else? Am I going nuts?

    99. Rachael S

      day 7 of asking you to do an Allison Argent from Teen Wolf role play because I think you look (and kind of sound) so much like her

    100. The muffin Man

      Can you post this and more stuff on your Spotify I like to listen to this on my X Box while I'm gaming?