ASMR | In-Depth, Gentle Eyebrow Shaping, Tweezing, Makeup [One Hour]


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    Yaaay I know I've been doing a lot of faster videos so I wanted to slow it down, and I accidentally filmed for an hour OOP
    Well, lots of personal attention and face touching in this one! Doing your eyebrows :) It's been a while since one of these! Enjoy, and sleep well ~


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    1. Euphiemia Drake

      Major immediate tingles all over face and scalp definitely worth watching and rewatching 😌 ☺ 🤗 😍

    2. Lucinda Maxey

      The busy margaret considerably like because light immediately avoid on a sloppy cousin. pink, unwieldy freezer

    3. snakes and ladders

      6:08 10:49 22:16 24:22 29:21 46:53

    4. payg

      i’ve been sleeping to this video past couple of nights

    5. Carter Dike

      11:40 BEST ASMR MOMENT

    6. SON

      Gas gas gas I'm gonna step on the gas tonight flight and the battle yeah yeah yeah

    7. Andrew

      Gibi has the best whispers

    8. rjcass33

      It would be interesting to know how it would feel to be that gorgeous.

    9. Dead meat numbers

      Day 46 of asking gibi for shrek movie asmr

    10. beckyleed3

      Me: its not just 1 hour its 1 hour and- My Sister: SHUT UP!!!

    11. Zodiac Zone

      if there's a sponsor, idc. As long as shes still whispering, I'll watch it. (I'm also here from her Honey ad)

    12. Virk Kv

      Feet asmr

    13. Lit Jarred

      Omg I just realized you’re totally an adult version of Charli Damelio lol, (looks wise)

    14. Aidan Amling

      I will always respect Gibi for always being so polite.❤️❤️

    15. Jasmine Riddle

      okay but just imagine getting free stuff for doing asmr/making SEprom videos ._. aight forget college I need a crash course in asmr and video editing

    16. Julianne

      me with barely any hair on my head Gibi: can i pull your hair back? me: absolutely.

    17. BXD V1b3s

      i accidentally slept ;-;

    18. Stephen Raines

      OBEY THE SLEEP QUIZ. Im on a king midnight luxe and its worth the price

    19. Emma Blumentopf

      Gibi!!! Your socks!! They are so pretty and look sooo comfy

    20. Emma Teivas white

      I think this would be amazing if we were watching and listening to you do it to a real person.

    21. Mani Khan Azhar

      Hi lovely pose

    22. Owais Qadri

      Peaceful hour of life :P

    23. GIannellah Tonantzin Perez Moncada

      I cant stop hearing her voice it sounds so good when she is whispering

    24. Alessandra BryanJohnson

      your eye color is so pretty. it looks like a brick red sometimes

    25. Teresa Thompson

      I swear in every comment section there is always that one guy who just gotta start something 🥲

    26. JamKe

      to me it just sounds like a weird fettish, asmr

    27. JamKe

      what even is asmr and why do people like it?

      1. Jake Brogan

        @JamKe I am glad this has helped you.

      2. JamKe

        @Jake Brogan I do not know much about this but am glad to be enlightened. I never knew of that feeling being induced in people watching ASMR but i get how people would feel relaxed watching and help with insomnia and sleeping. I should support people's likeness of thise instead of assuming. Thank you for this response, it is great

      3. Jake Brogan

        ASMR Stands For Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, this is a sensation that the brain triggers when very calm, usually most who experience this sensation feel a tingling feeling in their legs, head, and spine. Most use ASMR to sleep and ASMR is known to be able to help relive insomnia, and an other comment you posted ASMR is not a fetish and is a way for people to relax and sleep. An example of ASMR could be getting a massage and feeling a tingling sensation as ASMR is not only triggered by noise it can also be triggered by Visuals, Sounds, And Touch there are also many genres of ASMR this one is a roleplay, but there are many others like just simply making noise, hopefully this helps you realize that you cant assume something you dont know much about is a fetish

    28. Alex Garcia

      Those lashes tho 🔥🔥

    29. Nia Nathaniel


    30. Misty Bloo ASMR

      I love eyebrow videos! Thank you :)

    31. p00

      Be barefoot next time it's more relaxing

    32. Paige Marie

      I barely remember watching this. I fell asleep so fast 💖

    33. Jusmil Vinluan

      I am watching this in 2021 how about you?😁


      You are so beautiful Didi 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

    35. Clipt

      Bro I’ve tried watching this so many times but I keep falling asleep

    36. Joff Lez

      the asmr and comfort factor in that helix ad ALONE was INSANE i literally almost fell asleep in the first two minutes, please we need more of this miss gibi, THE PEOPLE NEED WHOLE VIDEO HELIX ADS

    37. Travis McQuain

      Oh yes may I have a large root beer instead please Gibi? Thank youuu!

    38. Kara Nicole

      The fact that my teeth is the color of her jacket 😂🤫😫😵

    39. madelainemgp

      I have been asking this for a long time but is Helix international?

    40. Doge

      Gibi’s sponsorships are the only ones i watch. They are so relaxing 😴

    41. Strawberry_cow_ASMR

      Omg so satisfying

    42. Evil Gamer

      It says sponsored satuday

    43. Mug Gold

      You should change your channel name to “ I got the best asmr

    44. IzzyAnims

      "excuse me ma'am but I must question if this is part of a Walmart then why isn't there lady Gaga music blasting into my ears?"

    45. Heather Cornella

      Imthe kind of person who hates hearing people chew so you can imagine how I feel about people whispering in my ear, but you afte different somehow. When you whisper in my ear, my mind is art ease and I feel calm and sleepy (which is rare for me). I'm so happy I found you years ago.

    46. Mug Gold

      Who else saw the eclipse

    47. Tony Barrera

      Me encantan sus ASMR GIBI, son muy relajantes.

    48. 𝚂𝚒𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚢_𝙞𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙞𝙘

      imagine if gibi cheated on helix with purple 😩

    49. Deuce Deuce

      Gibi reminding me of the girl from 40days and 40 nights( josh Hartnett goes without it for that long)

    50. Noah Stewart

      “Is this how you usually wear your hair” me - bald “yes”

    51. YOBLECK

      took me a week of rewatching this to notice sponsored SATUDAY edit: on the bright side its the only video with that "#", so it's easy to find

    52. Old Sport

      i need penis extension surgery???????? can you help?/????/?

    53. Too sturdy king Khai

      I love u

    54. Puchowska

      Ruined by the gross loud slurping noises.

      1. Kenfechi


    55. Anton Amirkhanov

      just another nice comment to re-assure you that you are beautiful und awesome

    56. Dr. Shelly knowles

      Learn to whisper

      1. Kenfechi


    57. Iska Jessen

      I love it that she asks for consent before touching you every single video

    58. Sara Savat

      I love your videos

    59. Panda bro’s 3232

      Gibi: Yaaay I know I've been doing a lot of faster videos so I wanted to slow it down, and I accidentally filmed for an hour OOP Well, lots of personal attention and face touching in this one! Doing your eyebrows :) It's been a while since one of these! Enjoy, and sleep well ~

    60. Panda bro’s 3232

      man, this lady is talented!!! lets take a moment to appreciate what she does for us (me cause I sleep to her sounds)

    61. Imguumel

      i dont know why i love this🥰

    62. Bilingual Asmr

      Hello cuties i Do ASMR in spanish and just uploaded a makeup roleplay. I am a newb so please check me out. Much love to you all

    63. Eva Paschalidou

      Does anyone here understand that Gibi is not only gorgeous, not only has a beautiful voice, but is also good at ASMR? She's perfect!

      1. Emily Coffey

        Yes sir

    64. John Cox Master Cartoonist

      Hey, Gibi! My fan-art of you in this Helix ad is ready! Plz tell me whether or not you want it taken down, I couldn't resist :). There's a few minor details I got wrong, but hopefully it looks just as beautiful as the actual scene! Also did some humorous fan-art of Ben I hope you check out soon. I dunno whether your next #SponsoredSaturday will be them or not, but I did one for Castify! Even if you don't, I want so badly for your fans and fellow ASMR colleagues to comment on my work. I know Tinglesmith ASMR and Busy B ASMR said they were interested :).

    65. Pat Brannan

      I hate black people

      1. Kenfechi


    66. What Am I Doing

      4:00 gabi:"coffee tea wine..." me: Ill take 4 bangs, a nos, 2 monsters, and 3 rockstars please 10:20 gabi:"is this how you normally wear your hair" me: yes its a mullet and In to lazy to put gel in it to slick it back

    67. London Neiman

      Gibi: have you been drinking a lot of water? Me: I... I... I HAVE FIVE EMPTY SODA BOTTLES😭😭😭😭

    68. my mans

      gibi has disney eyes

    69. Jase Lhirondelle

      I wanna try a helix mattress now but I’m only 13

    70. Aimee Crawford

      Me, who’s suffered from trichotillomania for years and only now has some semblance of eyebrows: ah yes I’d love to have them pulled at again 🥴

    71. Daniel Zhupanov

      3:00 when video stats

      1. Daniel Zhupanov


    72. Rhianna

      Gibi 😍😍

    73. WilburSootSimp

      This is why I love Gibi: ¨We have wine if your legal drinking age¨ lmao

    74. Connor StJohn

      Would love to see another long men’s grooming video like this too!

    75. Jayvon Salahsush

      Am I the only person who saw a grape on that dolly thing

    76. Flutter_bat_16_

      I have been told by many people that I have perfect natural brows, but if gibi is doing eyebrows, imma get an appointment

    77. P P Poo Poo

      I literally just did my brows lmao 💀

    78. Astolfo

      Litterly i am the baddest in english bc i am Czech

    79. Ethan Spring

      Me: Click on ASMR video SEprom ads: "GET A FREE AUDIOBOOK NOW"

    80. Yurytzy Melgar

      Once I hit the vid and heard you whisper I fell asleep like that😌😌😌🤣

    81. WASP AquaPack

      Я один на заднем фоне слышу шум самолёта?😃

      1. Br0k3n 1c3


    82. chargebolt

      "we actually give out free make up touch-ups on birthdays" this video came out on june 5th.ONE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY

    83. T T

      I took the helix quiz and i got matched with sunset.

    84. TheSilverCat

      YESSSSSSS we got the sequel we needed edit: yes i sat through the whole thing before i commented

    85. Sienna Humphreys

      Gibi ty so much for the code I just got the moonlight luxe with $100 off

    86. FlynnCreatz

      AMAZING VIDEO!! Good job

    87. butterpeep

      why are u whispering the whole time

      1. Kenfechi

        @butterpeep Asmr is a thing that people listen for relaxing,some people get sleepy when people whisper.There is a lot of different types of asmr tho lol

      2. butterpeep

        @Kenfechi ok wat dos it mean

      3. Kenfechi

        It’s asmr 😀?

    88. p0ww0wp0nch0

      gibi i aint a simp but uhh...great content uhhhh...yeah have a good day.

    89. Rejeki Anak

      ⭕📽️ここに私のヌードビデオ👇 ❤️ここで私のストリームを見る🎁🍌 !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでしたjl

    90. heidi smith

      I like wene people talk quite

    91. Aikam Bhangal 👑

      try doing asmr with fidgets!

    92. Gavin Ring

      Gibi: is this how you wear ur hair? Me: wait how do You wear hair? Also me: wait do I have a wig that was dropped on me?

    93. Mr Beast

      I love these types of videos so much you are helping me through tough times thank you plaease keep uploading!

    94. Oliver :weary:


    95. Soviet Onion

      Question: What's your PhD in? Answer: Brows!

    96. Groovy Cody

      Guess my next mattress is gonna be a helix😒😂

    97. Rorie Deweber

      So when are we getting the eyelash video?

    98. Foxel Teh Foxxo!

      i legit drank a monster right before this and now im tired

    99. weirdo-ram Vaughn

      her: the sponsor is HELIXXXX!!! my dumb brain: OO PRETTY SOCKS