ASMR in the Dark | Glowing Objects for Sleep


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    Ooooo this was a fun request! Sometimes I get too nervous to try and do a low light video since it’s not really my forte filming wise, but I like how this turned out! What about you? :)

    Sleep well!!!

    Gibi ~

    Timestamps :D (Thank you Stephen!)
    0:00 - Audible!
    2:26 - Lighting Candles + Intro
    3:45 - Multicolor LED Fiber Optic Lamp
    9:48 - Mario Mystery Block
    12:49 - Foldable Book Light
    17:53 - Glowing Potion
    21:08 - Glowing Edward and Alphonse Elric Figure
    24:36 - Soft Mic Brushing

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    1. Stephen M

      Timestamps :D 0:00 - Audible! 2:26 - Lighting Candles + Intro 3:45 - Multicolor LED Fiber Optic Lamp 9:48 - Mario Mystery Block 12:49 - Foldable Book Light 17:53 - Glowing Potion 21:08 - Glowing Edward and Alphonse Elric Figure 24:36 - Soft Mic Brushing

      1. Isabel D


      2. Isabel D


      3. The Beet Burgurler

        The time stamps are already in the video...

      4. Stephen M

        @Takumo you're welcome

      5. Takumo

        So useless wtf

    2. Tobster367 vB


    3. Ali Almozaiyn

      1% of the comments “actually about the video” 99% of the comments “the hoodie”

    4. Chasidy

      Please make more videos like this!!!!

    5. David Serret

      Breakfast outside does hit diffrently, we all should do that more often!!

    6. SB - 05RJ 986024 Artesian Drive PS

      u deserve more subs gibi!

    7. destinitra

      Me: oh i like her jacket Me suddenly realising: SHES WEARING UNUS ANNUS MERCH!!! Then Me riotously shouting: UNUS ANNUS UNUS ANNUS UNUS ANNUS memento mori MEMENTO MORI.....

    8. Serenity Rowland

      The Mario Block was my fav yet u say it don't make good sounds

    9. Serenity Rowland

      Omg tingles I DONT LIKE ITTTTT i itchy now

    10. Serenity Rowland

      Your making me wanna sleeeep but i be doing school work sooooo that's not gonna happen I'll watch dis again tonight i smart

    11. Serenity Rowland

      Omggg the candle lighting yassss

    12. Matt

      Good job with the unus annus hoodie Gibi!!

    13. Ivan• Basmanov

      Oh.. Wow.. I'm from Russia, and... I really love your videos 💚

    14. Random bulls**t

      You should put an audible commercial in an inaudible whispering video.

    15. Anime Gurl

      Haven’t watched this yet but i got really bad sunburned and I get sick when sunburned and can’t go to sleep, if it helps I’ll edit this comment when I wake up! I’m really confident that you’ll help because you always help!☺️ Edit: this helped a lot!!! Thanks gibi!!! I woke up early from laying on a burn though so I slept from 2:00am-6:00am

    16. Caroline Archibald

      i just finished the flatshare...its soo good

    17. I Cant

      Day 25 of asking gibi to do shrek full movie asmr

    18. Mark Potato

      Ah yes, at 3:45, the glowing fern, sequel to the burning bush Edit: someone help now I cant stop laughing even thought I'm trying to sleep

    19. Friendliest Devil

      i can just imagine a closet filled with random objects used in asmr

    20. crazycrafter 7841

      nice sweat shirt :D

    21. J S

      YOUR MARRIED?!?!?!

    22. J S

      me wanting to relax and sleep. also me wants to watch the glowy things.

    23. Peter Ferrarotto

      I love the way you whisper in your sponsorship segments, I've fallen asleep to it more than once, are there entire videos where you whisper like that the entire time?

    24. spinzel

      you make listening to sponsors nice

    25. Maya


    26. Skylar Wolf

      When you watched so much ASMR you don't get tingles due to your high immunity I get that, but If I watch it or it's irl I 100% get them.

    27. CutiePaulina1st

      Can you do a face routine of you doing little taps to spread your face cream I will enjoy and never stop watching it!

    28. Caleb Hardin

      her voice is so satisfying but so quiet

    29. Lattecat

      10:36 Anyone else hear Gibi laughing or something there haha?

    30. KarlaRei

      19:31 Oh indigo! Halfway between blue and purple, and my favorite color

    31. Peter Ferrarotto

      Love your hoodie, very Italian, just don't dance in it, it's still illegal

    32. x

      So i can read books on audible for free??

    33. Hugo Wasserstrom

      This is one of those videos where i cannot watch it twice because if i did it wouldn’t be satisfying

    34. Hugo Wasserstrom

      Why does her voice calm my mind?

    35. Wendy

      She- when i go on trip i watch u 🤥😎

    36. Sofia C

      This is amazing I have never been able to fall asleep to ASMR before but I did last night and I had an amazing sleep! Thank you so much

    37. BananasAreAmazing

      this video reminded me of when i was little i used to have sleepovers with my friends and we would stay up past when the adults wanted us asleep and we would sit in the dark and just talk for hours. it made me happy :)

    38. Rxagan

      Gibi is the only one who can make me tingle

    39. marilia dias

      Unus annus hoodie

    40. QuanChuloo

      does everyone have to mention the unus anus hoodie (or however tf you spell it)? the channel wasnt all that special, it was basically the same as markipliers regular content

    41. Junior

      Don’t mind me just marking where I am just gonna go research when the blood moon is 3:19

      1. Junior

        Nvm it’s 5:10

    42. Katherine Jordan

      13:04 Hahaha I is peasant! How do Gibi know? Gibi knows all

    43. WhitêBeär

      Why is everyone talking about the unus annus Hoodie But i love theese asmr videos

    44. kat

      Please tell me where to buy that book lamp you peasants

    45. casper aalders

      Unus Annus hoodie!! 😍🖤🤍

    46. Payton Magness

      Did anyone else think the end brushing a one point kinda sound like waves

    47. xHxney - Piex

      The LED fiber(at 5:03) gives me hall county festival at night time vibes.

    48. Willowisp


    49. JUMONG DV PH

      Nag tatagalog ka ba?

    50. ✨cursed anime only😩✌️✨

      3:47 i have that same thing though its broken

    51. The Caitasaurus

      Unus Annus sweater T_T

    52. Caroline Collins

      The perfect brightness!

    53. møønsky

      that you are wearing a unus annus hoodie just made my whole day

    54. zrtree

      Memento Mori

    55. Chro's ASMR

      omg this reminds me so much of being at a sleepover when i was a kid and checking out all the cool glow in the dark stuff ur friend has 🥺

    56. stormcloudx

      Unnus annus....

    57. NeoMaple Art

      i gasped when i saw Unus Annus merch

    58. Limeboba_456

      You sure your ASMR you make me laugh

    59. SugarPop Official

      3:45 oml i literally have that exact same thing due my birthday

    60. TheSilverCat

      mm yes, lovely unus annus hoodie, 10/10

    61. Sam Grainger

      Pls do a sequel

    62. •Qaippacino•

      Okay but her hoodie Her hoodie *It's the pee men's merch*

    63. Alyson Kauffman

      Memento Mori, Gibi 🤍🖤

    64. Gráinne_Róisín

      Day 3,462.5 of asking Gibi to do a video on asking gibi for oddly specific roleplays.

    65. Č̴͝a̶̾̽i̷͋̕d̵͆̈́e̵̿͝n̴̔̾

      Sponsored asmr intros are the best vids

    66. Donna Wolf

      hey look at her short does it mind you of a deletd channel.

    67. Alistina Asmr

      Love this great job!

    68. Apostolia

      You have the beautiful fingers of a pianist!!!💖💗💝the first glowy item you used, the one with the fibers, was a big decorative "hit" back in the 70's, an uncle of mine had two of them, multicolor!!

    69. Dym S

      That book light is so soothing!!

    70. вяυиα ɨ ǿ ȿ

      Indigo color

    71. Justin

      This is a nice Book 😂 do you Read it 😂

    72. Magajuice

      am i the only one who's listening to asmr videos while learning?

    73. ASMR Sam

      Hi everyone. Please follow my playlist on Gibi asmr to find more than 16 hrs of asmr sounds from Gibi. spotify account: 8uug8cnpegfma4zf1um1n2l3s Playlist: Gibi Asmr Click the ❤️ button to follow the playlist. Thank you.

    74. Emily Jungman

      “I feel like my house looks cleaner when it’s dark” yes Gibi 😂 that’s what happens when you can’t see

    75. Plant_22

      nice Unus Annus merch :)

    76. CrazyWarriorsCatFan


    77. Kathleen Hope

      Gibi! I was cringing all through the fiber optic part! When I was a kid in the 80’s and 90’s we would get our hands smacked for touching the fiber optic strands because you can break them! Lol!

    78. Isha Nimbalkar

      Can you link where you got the foldable book light :p?

    79. One Clouds


    80. Rashad Sheik

      I like your videos because you talk to quite THANKS BECAUSE I DONT WANT MY EARS TO HURT

    81. tweed

      love the unus annus hoodie

    82. Madelyn fountain

      Plot twist:it's real

    83. Itachi Uchiha

      You must edit out the unas annus shirt because it never existed it’s not real memento mori

    84. jela819

      I love this video!! How about a cleaning asmr? Maybe like sweeping and dusting?

    85. Gabriel Emerson

      Ayyyyyyyyy, she's wearing Unus Annus merch! RIP Unus Annus, Memento Mori!

    86. Ian Stumpf

      Gibi: "I got this from gamestop" Me: "Where are the redditors?"

    87. Ian Stumpf

      At 8:52 I thought one of those was about to stab her in the eye, relieved it did not.

    88. Christa Solo

      I think the best part of having been there for UNUS ANNUS is... you just keep stumbling upon memory holders and references in corners of the interwebs you never thought you'd find that... and you're sharing this secret, this memory, this sentiment, and just just suddenly feel so much closer to a bunch of total strangers again... and it weirdly makes you feel less alone/lonely. Like the good old times when it was them, cheering us up with their goofs. I wish y'all a good night's sleep, beautiful souls. and always, memento mori.

    89. arius s


    90. Joshua Wagstaff

      anyone know what that weird noise was at 8:30? also gibi is very wrong the mystery block does make the best noises.

    91. mia whitt

      i couldn’t help but notice done unus anus merch😭😭 love you Gibi

    92. ᄆᄌ먓ᄂᄋᄃᄆ소


    93. Heisenberg

      Perfect video

    94. RexMagister

      Thank you for the recommendation. Flat share was a great listen. I’d love a full video recommending books/audio books. I listen when I run 🏃‍♂️

    95. シvictoria s.

      *this is my like 500th time watching this its so relaxing! Could u do more triggers in the dark?*

    96. KaynStoopid


    97. Piss Man

      She is one of the only ASMR people that are good. Great video

    98. AUBRIANNA Sandvig

      I love your vids Gibi your ASMR makes me go to bed

    99. Wynter Dupuis


    100. Abigail B

      Can you do like a "hair tutorial"? Like braid tutorial, fish tail tutorial? A bunch of hairstyle tutorials. If that makes sense... ❤️❤️❤️❤️