ASMR Organize a Target Aisle with Me!


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    OMGGG ok first off biggest shoutout to Southern ASMR Sounds because her ASMR store organizing / browsing videos are LITERALLY a godsend to me and I love them so much. Subscribe!! She posts SO much it's a blessing

    Let's go to TARGET!! I went to visit my momma for Mother's Day and I was like mom can I go to target really quick its for a vid and she's like "only if you don't make me go with you I'm too embarrassed" LOOOOOOL
    Low key was kind of hard -- actually I went to the dollar store first but it was too crowded and so I PEACED OUT and took solace in the Target... let's go through the soap dispensers and bathroom things!! :)

    Thank you SO MUCH to Sennheiser who sent me this lav mic. I'm in love with it.

    My ASMR SHORTS channel just hit 100k!! Thank you SO MUCH!

    My nail polish collab with Loud Lacquer is ON SALEEEE because they're doing a whole warehouse move, their entire site is up to 75% off right now, I think only Lorelei is left though!

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    1. Cohen

      I liked this! But i would be embarrassed if i did this 😂😂

    2. Cohen

      A beach house

    3. Damien Riddle

      It'd be funny if she started breaking things and shoplifting stuff... 🤭

    4. Justus trinn

      Zoning to help out the fellow Target employees I see 😌

    5. Mel Rox

      I used to work at target & I feel this was me talk to myself while stocking the aisles. Lol

    6. Emo Crab

      Wait this is actually part of the job of retail- I just do this when I'm bored at the store 👁👄👁

    7. Star Leona

      Southern asmr sounds is amazing, my faves are the nail polish organization videos.

    8. NarrativasdaCidade

      OMG, i'm in love with this video

    9. Mohamed Nail

      Great idea!

    10. liam renshaw


    11. Edgar García García

      The security guys looking at Gibi through the cams like: What is she doing? Is she stealing? 👁👄👁

    12. Samantha Ruiz

      You need to do more o this

    13. jacob rankin

      Can we get another please!

    14. Juan pablo Rodriguez

      Bro I be doing that at stores

    15. im a namhoe 。• ᴗ •。

      with restocking in retail it depends on the day, sometimes we get trucks in sometimes we don't, probably varies on the store though, we're also constantly restocking everyday, always have skids on the floor with boxes being emptied because of the amount of quantity we go through per day then again that's just what it's like at my store, i know it can vary from store to store and country to country (as i am not from america) on another note if i walked around the corner seeing a customer doing this, i'd be so confused, in my head i'd be like "why are they doing this for free" nonetheless i'd still be grateful LOL

    16. Crystal Teets

      Oh my ....please do lots more of these...i love this

    17. sunnydays

      So Gibi is cosplaying as me in high school?

    18. Stoo

      This is my favourite ASMR video of all time 😁

    19. Chelissa Rumsey

      I love that you watch southernASMR I LOVE HER TOOO🥺

    20. Flxffybunni

      How is target so quite

    21. 𓆏frog-a-cola𓆏

      Middle schoolers that think they have ocd be like: PLEASE FIX IT mY OCD They friend be like: NO WORRIES -does this- Edit: this isn’t supposed to be mean ok

    22. Addison Thatcher

      I love the threshold brand! I'm pretty sure they have a tv show on Netflix too

    23. Abi Taylor

      Please do more of these!!! 🙏🏼

    24. David Arias Umana

      Anyone else hear her say “Oop I hope you’re wearing a mask” 😂

    25. Loui Bangz

      Omgeee plz make more of these😆

    26. C0ng0 B0ng0

      I'm sorry... You want me to do what with you?

    27. Hadassah Herron

      Imagine if a fan comes up to here while she is filming

    28. QuirkyTomatoBoy


    29. OG WILLIAM Robertson

      PLEASE KEEP DOING THESE and good jod keep up the hard work💕💕

    30. I Cant

      Day 30 of asking gibi to do shrek full movie asmr

    31. Karrisa Phulsingh

      organize a snack section with crinkly packs.

    32. Bri Goose

      Remove the mask

    33. Eric Gallardo

      wears mask but touches a whole ass row of things with bare hands

    34. Grounded Psychology ASMR

      You are living my gf's dream

    35. Rhylee lawrence

      "ooo hope you're wearing a mask hehe"😭😭😭

    36. Jordan Foster

      Mary from southernasmr is amazing! Love that you shouted her out. Been watching her for years.

    37. ergosteur

      The secondhand anxiety + relaxation + satisfying combo hits real good.

    38. Meredith

      At Target we call that Zoning

    39. Samantha Herrell

      We called this Recovery when I worked in retail- going through and fixing up the aisles, putting things back and aligning the product with the labels, etc.

    40. yoshi1697

      I love these. Please make more.

    41. Bubexia Livin'

      Ch0nky is a new trigger word

    42. FidgetPanda

      Robots aren’t taking over jobs…Gibi is

    43. Amanda Snowden

      You are good at organizing videos. I enjoyed this video. You didn't move to fast, which was great.

    44. Melitza Alvarado

      This was sooo satisfying, I hope we see more of these in the future ! 😭✨

    45. Quiettypw

      Girll nooo don’t put things in front of other price tags 😭 I cringed at 6:02

    46. Quiettypw

      Hmm so it’s called zoning in the states? Here in Canada I’ve only heard it called facing

    47. Qipez-_-

      Tell me you have OCD without telling me you have OCD

    48. Mike Mcgreevy

      I never work retail but I worked at a amusement park we had to restock our games every night so I think they restock it every night

    49. Kaden Lags

      i would definitely rather have a beach house

    50. Thinaran

      These shelves look a lot like the ones at Goodwil. Felt a bit like watching LGR Thrifts.

    51. Courtney Gillespie

      I need a co owner to my business idea and I because.....I see alot of myself in you and as business associates we could literally take over the world 🤝

    52. Lydia Deetz

      Imagine Gibi just meant to go and pick up a few things but she ended up spending 30 minutes in an isle

    53. Five Nine Militia

      Damn gibi. I'm sitting here tripping.

    54. WinterTxste

      Imagine someone going there and get some stuff and unorganized them while Gibi is still organizing-

    55. It's Hannah

      22:58 reminds me of my grandmas bathroom set up in her lake house.

    56. Cole Kresmer

      She earned more money in 30 minutes than all of those employees

    57. Explore with Margo

      As a grocery store worker if I walked over and found you doing this I’d hug you!

    58. Raven Angel

      As someone who was in retail for years, I tend to have the compulsion to organize shelves in stores. Since I know how they're supposed to look, it's hard to see them in disarray and not fix it. I love these types of videos as well.

    59. Dreeam Dreea


    60. Lupita R

      I love Southern ASMR sounds. And she will go to stores during every holiday and show what they have.

    61. Rylie Marie

      My favorite kind of asmr ❤️❤️❤️

    62. Star_moon

      How is it so quiet it the store

    63. Amir The king

      You should open tik tok account for asmr

    64. Amir The king

      You should do nail polish like southern asmr does

    65. Quimjin.

      If I saw someone do my job I would give them money for it

    66. fifacup

      I got a leetle motion sickness but I LOVED this video!🥰

    67. Emerald Emblem

      Target Employees: This customer is refacing this entire aisle at the store that I work at. I make minimum wage or below. They’re doing my job. I’m replaceable. Also Target Employee: HAHA IM IN DANGER! 🙃

    68. Melissa Garrison

      😊😊😊 yes restock😊😊

    69. L Miller

      Gibi, "You're doing it wrong!!!"..... ( Inside jk, ask Mary bout it, lol). Love u both..

    70. Anthony Dillion

      I LOVE MARY!! I’m so glad that you mentioned her! She deserves so much love


      Gibi your videos are so damn good. It's something about your voice.

    72. Tay Lor

      I need so many more of these please!!!!!!!!!!

    73. Emma


    74. Emma Louise Delaney

      Day 2 of asking for a Daisy and Tatyana cross over video

    75. Tube You

      Are you at IKEA?

      1. lana


    76. Gameing with Brooklyn

      Lol I dared my brother to put a red tagert shirt on and he did he was able to go to the back

    77. Ava Privratsky

      OM GOSH! SHES ChUnkY! I love her ❤️

    78. DiagnalGamer

      new's: this just in target has had a rise in stoke all because of gibi

    79. Michael Stambaugh

      I'm literally on my 6th time watching this. Always start from the last time I remember. I will finish this damnit lol

    80. Soba FM

      As an ex target employee this has me feeling some typa way

    81. Djsrevenge

      The workers are like I’m getting paid right now to do nothing 👍

    82. Emma

      nobody asked but the reason to use the shower wrap is cause it has elastic and snaps on one side so it stays up and is easy to just hang out in when you go sit around your room for an hour after taking a shower 😅

    83. Jennifer Bennett

      I love these types of videos. Love the Mary references she is amazing!

    84. BlueberryMuffin

      Welcome back to this weeks “perfectionist corner!”

    85. arionna watson

      24:41 squidward : "oh my gosh, they have it !" gibi " sQuArE "

    86. Joys everyday ASMR

      Oh I wish we had Targets here in the UK, I see so many things I would love to buy! Also can't help feeling a little guilty for sitting here watching someone tidy up a shop when I've a load of dishes and laundry to do 🙈

    87. Rih :D

      No one: Dr. Jane Goodall right when I'm about to fall asleep: *monke*

    88. Cloudys Time

      On behalf of target we sincerely appreciate your hard work 🙌🤫

    89. hadas

      This is so entrancing I’ve watched it twice through without looking away


      security be like: 👁👄👁

    91. xYAHx

      I like to imagine she walked through the isle and disorganized it first.

    92. WaVYNiZE

      Gibi with the mom drip😩👌


      Once I was walking through Target and saw an open tube of lipstick in the string aisle

    94. Hamza Siddiqi

      Is this ok with the covid restrictions, touching everything in a store xD

    95. leila el mahi

      omg thies things are expensif man in my land thoos things cost 1 at to 4 dollers

    96. Tara Mccormick

      i found myself organizing a shelf at target yesterday lol

    97. Maddi Rose

      Why was this so relaxing?

    98. Emily Biro

      I very much think we would be great friends and would love to go shopping with you. I would have felt so nervous of getting in trouble for doing this? Do employees not care?

    99. alii. Sson

      I libre southernsoundss asmr

    100. Turbsky

      This is literally half of my job lol!