ASMR | Pen Testing, Clicking, Writing, Rolling, Tapping, Organizing, Sorting


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    Pens!!!!!!!! YESSS. And some markers/highlighters/pencils too :) But the title was already enough of a mess....

    Let's look at each type, test it out on our new journal, and then sort them from a big disorganized pile to a nice, neat layout :'D
    Sorting starts at 30:58

    PS Someone tell me how to use a grease pencil PLEASE

    My outfit is actually a Snorlax bodysuit/pajama moment hehe from BlackMilk! They sent it to me for free, thank you so much! I've been shopping from them since high school and I love their stuff so much.

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    1. Kristi Davis


    2. Manuel Naveda

      It's sad black milk only have stuff for females

    3. Ivy Trapnest

      What kind of headphones are those? I need.


      my brain be like: she whispers you whisper too

    5. Mason Fowler

      No wonder there are no pens at the dollar store u got them all i needed them😭😭😭😭

    6. Fortnite Clips

      I love the asmr

    7. JZL H

      Peeling the paper off the pencil was a super trigger

    8. Dana Osgood

      I love pens so much! I haven’t used them as much since I got an iPad for school which I’m obsessed with in how it feels to write on, but you can’t replace a real pen!

    9. Sif S

      Yay Im also using sennheiser headphones right now for listening to asmr and music :>

    10. SongbirdStargazer

      I keep coming back to this video... I just love the sound I guess, I think I discovered a new favorite trigger!

    11. Eleanor Whitehorn

      the multi colored pens though, i remember i used to have one with 7 colors lol

    12. liquid fire

      Gibi holding the pens reminds me of dio with knives

    13. lisa Rosen

      i am a pen obsessed and over 3 hundred of em and i am also Pokémon obsessed love your video's

    14. Aayan Natha

      Me want to sleep. So me came here

    15. Thomas Montaldo

      gibis shirt. Snorlax use tingle

    16. x

      7:52 push them all together push them all together

    17. VibeEdits

      Nobody: Not even ariana steppin on a spider: *me at **12:04** on my 16th asmr fast asleep my mom comming to turn it off*

    18. Nitephall

      Pilot G2 07. Get one today.

    19. Dailybuzzz

      To the 14 people who disliked this......I hope both sides of your pillow are warm🙂

    20. Beatle Zeus

      Nice body suit 👍

    21. Brittany Mendoza

      snorlax hoodi?????

    22. Shawn Chambers


    23. Genifer Romero

      I so need to do this. With all my stuff again. I need to finish my organizing process. Lol.

    24. Elf Town

      Idk why but I can’t stop watching this- ITS TO SATISFYING!!!

    25. Henry Hausschwein

      Gibi: Pen testing Me, an (ethical) hacker: You write that as one word! :) As explanation. In ethical hacking the word "pentesting" is used as short form for "penetration testing", which is just trying to break into someones system on their wish and then reporting security ischues.

    26. Sydney Robbins

      I like how it takes Gibi 4 seconds to use the multi-colored pen

    27. Annie’s corner

      You can never judge a book by its color

    28. PAPER

      U r so good at asmr

    29. Jade Lake

      I got the chills. I absolutely loved this. Please do more of these. More stationary ASMR.

    30. PineappleQueen

      Can we have a part two please? Btw I love ur outfit! ♡ u gibi!

    31. Ki Kasey

      “I went to the store and bought pens...” like even though this is a ASMR video it still has its humor lol

    32. Thomas Bangtson

      I used to do pen reviews on SEprom. They’re all deleted thank god but I was addicted to pens to the point my parents put me in therapy. If you need pen recommendations, I unfortunately will always know the good ones. I also know how to fix almost broken pen.

    33. ainsleigh keiller

      girl you like pens you like bens what don’t you like

    34. Barış Erdal

      İf you not talks video is good

    35. flux_fn :/

      me wondering how hard it is to have a d and the end of your sentence then a second d

    36. THE LUNGER

      You are absolutely adorable!!! 😍 I love your facial expressions and cute little jesters! I really enjoy your videos. Thank you.💙

    37. Lars Hartmann

      Hello sweet GIBI.. The Part from 40:20MIN till 40:50MIN I Loved most.. These sounds tapping with you're nice Finger Nails and the scratching on the Pens with the rougher surface.. I was almost falling into sleep. This is so extremely Relaxing ❤️ . If you could do this more often and especially longer, would be very nice.. 🙂 😍 👌🏼👌🏼 And in the beginning when you have this BIC pens or Sharpie box... Tapping and scratching over the Box. Love it.. Kiss from Germany.

    38. Shyla

      Love the asmr but that body suit is fire 🔥🔥💙☁️

    39. Aislyn Ryan

      When you peeled the pencil I died laughing

    40. BestGrandma Ever

      My computer broke for a second when I put a like to this video

    41. M1 A4 Sniper Rifle

      you know after completing this whole thing i realized someone already did it *Timestamps* : (never done this before but i hope it helps at least one person.) 0:00 Whispered intro 0:35 picking up pens (clicking noises) 1:05 picking up book (tapping and scratching) 1:15 gentle whispering 2:00 picking up markers (tapping and scratching) 3:20 picking up book and tapping 3:30 opening book and page flipping 3:35 testing the green pastel highlighter 4:16 tapping the green pastel highlighter 4:34 whispering intermission 4:58 plastic pens (tapping and scratching, clicking) 6:11 testing the black plastic pen 7:21 multicolor pens (tapping scratching and clicking) 8:28 testing the multicolor pen 9:57 ink joy .5mm pens (tapping scratching and clicking) 12:05 testing the yellow ink joy 13:08 sharpie s gel and bic pens (tapping boxes) 13:52 taking the bic pens out and tapping 14:40 testing the bic pen 16:06 opening the sharpie box and tapping 18:10 testing the sharpie s gel pen 19:30 sharpie highlighters (tapping and scratching) 20:20 testing the sharpie highlighters 21:00 OG sharpie classic (tapping and scratching) 21:22 writing with the sharpies, off camera 21:42 whispered intermission with book tapping and page flipping 22:42 jumbo No.2 pencil (tapping and scratching) 23:24 testing the jumbo pencils 24:00 red pencils ( tapping and scratching) 24:25 testing the red pencils 25:13 expo markers (tapping and scratching) 25:43 testing the expo marker 26:05 china markers ( box tapping and scratching) 26:28 taking the markers out (tapping and scratching) trying to figure out the pencils 28:10 googling how the china markers work (phone tapping) 28:51 reading the instructions and taking the pencil out of its paper 29:57 testing out the china marker 30:57 camera transition and sorting markers. clicking, tapping, scratching 40:58 picking the pens up 42:28 tapping the pens in hand 42:41 setting the pens down, more tapping and scratching 43:13 picking the selected pens up and giving them to you 43:40 END

    42. Carrot


    43. Bronwyn

      Gibi getting new pens 🖊 My Mom knowing where the pen 🖊 i lost 2 years ago

    44. player santtu 2020

      I love your nails

    45. Clarissa Wilson

      They're just too obvious now, its horrifying

    46. Manel Pinto

      Pen giveaway!!!

    47. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

      I’m watching this in office max so I know which pen to buy 😭🤚

    48. Vanyas Gachatub


    49. Blaze Enos

      You said shit in this guys video

    50. WolfieZSide

      Hello! Just wanted to say your channel is awesome I love it I've been subbed for a little while now love ur channel Thanks for readying my comment bye!

    51. OK V


    52. •

      5:20 😳

    53. Rob Iapicca

      "Super simple"... an instantly regrettable statement lol

    54. Martin Smith

      Sort it aaaaht, guv'nor!

    55. Funny vids especially for you Haha

      Do you watch the promised never land ?

    56. J1cob_


    57. : M a r i :

      gibi give me my mechanical pencil i need it for homework🙄✨

    58. G e n t e l m a n

      You are very cute

    59. Steven Curtis

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    60. B Jeff

      what kind of mic do you use?!?!i bought a mic i dont like it i am sending it back. I bet its a Blue yeti....

    61. B Jeff

      man you really do have the best channel of all time.

    62. Mia Hately

      Can u just scream in one of ur vids😫😫😫😫 it’s satisfying what u do but for god sake how do u do this?!?!? Ur amazing!!

    63. Anastasia Derfelt

      I was hoping this wouldnt be so breathy sounding. Anyone else notice she sounds breathless? Like sucking in air like shes out of it every other word? dang i was looking forward to this.

    64. Fatemeh Asadi

      Perfect ♾🇮🇷

    65. Moosetafa!

      Nice vid

    66. purplelullaby

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      You’re definitely on crack here.... or too many redbulls. Calm down, slow down... lay off the crack!

    68. Royal Couch Potato

      LOVE THE VID!!!!!!!

    69. WeegeTeo / super teo glitchy 21

      the best part, is your snorlax body suit. i Love pokemon. edit: i buyed a pikachu costume (is not just a shirt. it’s got a hoodie with pikachu’s face and ears. and also is a shirt and pants together. and it also has pikachu’s tail.) and it is really cute!

    70. Fortier Stephane

      not my definition of pen testing but yeah

    71. I.like_cheese

      Am I the only one who would buy a notebook and pen use it once forget about it then try use it again and rip the pages out cus I found it messy ??? I- it’s 1 am what am I doing

    72. Борислав Тихомиров

      21:51 🥱🤙🏻

    73. Adrianne Constant

      More pens gibi pleaaaase 😍😍 its always been my favorite trigger!

    74. Thx1138


    75. Shaylee Turcotte

      Her sweatshirt is so cute🥰⭐️✨🌸🖤❤️💜🌙☺️💚

      1. Shaylee Turcotte

        I meant bodysuit today’s not my day to type

    76. Yare Yoshi

      Okay i know, pens but can we talk about her cool hoodie?

    77. Amc

      The ad i got was so bad im pooping in my bed rn Omg i didnt know turd was this hard omg

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      ok... this is day 6 of trying to watch this video all the way through and not falling asleep....

    82. Layla Ellison

      Request plz do random talking that relaxes me too and pencils omg there grate

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      Love the Sharpie S Gel

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    91. your local simp

      i rememberd when i used to be obsessed with pens and notebooks, idk where most of my pens went but the notebooks are with me lol

    92. Ryen Irvine

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    100. smudge

      ✨random pen story because I thought it was appropriate✨ So, I've always been someone who loves drawing, right? So, naturally, as a kid, I brought a bunch of pencils and pens with me to school everyday in a pencil bag. Everybody knew this about me as I made no effort to keep it a secret. Fast forward to the very last week of fifth grade when the teachers are super lax and all the elementary kids are just kinda roaming between classrooms eating cookies and watching movies and stuff. I had left my backpack in my homeroom (yeah, my elementary school had us switching classrooms like highschoolers) since I didn't really need it, and I had left my pencil bag and a half-finished drawing on my desk. Anyway, the end of the day came, I packed up my stuff, and went home. That summer, I was doing some drawing and I noticed a blue marker I recognized as one of my english teacher's markers in my pencil bag. I think someone in my class assumed it was mine and just put it with my stuff. I still have it to this day since I switched schools after that year and never got a chance to return it. It's a nice marker. A fine point bic mark it marker in the shade, "blue skies blue," for all my pen fanatics out there. Anyway, sorry Mrs. O. I didn't mean to steal your marker. 😔👊🏻 if you read that whole thing, thank you but,,, why??

      1. smudge

        @coheun why thank you 🤣

      2. coheun

        lovely story 😂