ASMR | RPG Jewelry ✨⚔️ Detailed Show & Tell and Soft Speaking


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    Sooo this is an extra video because of the quick turnaround time on the collection's launch -- but basically I saw BisouLovely's posts on Twitter and was ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with this collection so I reached out to them asking if I could do a video!! They agreed and to my mass excitement sent me a bunch of samples in the mail so I could film them!! 😭😭😭 YAAAY; everyone I talked to was so so sweet and I'm incredibly happy to get the word out and promote! Plus it's ALWAYS a good day to support small businesses, and women-owned businesses! (':

    Which class do you like the best!? Each ring will come in two styles and colors (more ~dainty~ and more of a solid unisex design, and silver and gold)-- but the kickstarter should have some more goals/options! I'm excited to see what's there :)
    In this video I show off quite a few designs but it's not even all of them; so be sure to check out the links above!

    See you tomorrow for our regular scheduled upload! Enjoy four vids this week instead of three hehe :D

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    1. Blade Death

      2:00 Bard Ring 6:55 Rogue Ring 10:23 Warrior Ring 14:07 Druid Ring 17:05 Healer Ring 20:35 Archer Ring 24:37 Necromancer Ring

      1. It’s AFF

        @Aspyn’s Soaps seven classes

      2. Aspyn’s Soaps

        Wait are there seven rings for the seven girls?

      3. It’s AFF

        Some fucking power rangers shit I see?

      4. Lettuce Play

        Remarkable showcase! Thanks for this. I'd be interested in getting these myself, but will have to check out the price. Hmm, my two favorites are bard and necromancer. I love them all however. Im currently playing as a minstrel and beorning in LoTRO. I guess a beorning would be the closest thing to a druid, in that world.

      5. Lettuce Play

        Thanks. I wish there was . A dedicated "plain" mage class. Perhaps a Wizard or Sorcerer. Great collection, You're lucky they sent you those. Im in bed watching this on my phone, so it won't allow me to go to the link. I'll have to see the price of this whole set on the morrow. I have a feeling they expensive as Hell.

    2. trashhead GT

      she looks exactly like charli damelio in this vid NGL

    3. Kenneth Castillo

      Ok just a few questions why you look like charli damlio

    4. jose ledesma

      when you say, "listen idk what this has to do with the rogue ring" I freaking die every time hahaha

    5. 906 Makadebin


    6. Kayden Moc

      You wouldn’t like this comment

    7. Sukrutda Hishobanees

      Hello misses gini....Howdy.....😍

    8. C H A R L I


    9. Heidi Diaz

      This video incepted me into buying this nail polish and I love ittt

    10. Alexander G

      So many years of watching, i can say first time you look so beautiful

    11. Lars Hartmann

      Here you Look nicest.. Extremly ❤️❤️😍😍💍💍

    12. minimoon91

      Archer, Healer and Mage are my go to classes, so I can`t wait for these rings!!

    13. I Cant

      Day 22 of asking gibi to do shrek full movie asmr

    14. Aziz Tounakti


    15. Aziz Tounakti


    16. Fayeble

      This just makes me want a Gibi shopping channel series. I love those! I want an entire HSN channel but ASMR to exist irl.

    17. ekko smith

      Super great jewelery, nothing wrong with feminine, but i kinda want a slightly more "masculine" (for lack of a better term) set of rings to counter part for me and my friends to get.

    18. Gabriela De Alencar

      Oh god, I want all of them, but I’m from Brazil and dollars are expensiveeee

    19. R4ng3 r0ck

      I can't stop looking at her face she looks so prettyyyy...

    20. MUSIC JAM

      How can a women be so beautiful

    21. Reef Richardson

      gorgeous.. the jewlery and gibi

    22. Kevin Barr

      It should be illegal to be this pretty 😳😡🤯

    23. Jimmy Careful

      Hand model!!

    24. Jean Moilu

      so beautiful !

    25. Rixiella :3

      You look like Addison Rae with brown hair 😂

    26. Michael B


    27. Desara Demiri

      Gigi the best jewelry in this video is you🥺🤍✨

    28. MagnumTriumph

      is she pregnant?

    29. Anna Anderson

      in the thumbnail she looked like charli and addison😭

    30. Tinne

      ok ok i'm crazy or is she identical to wonder woman ???

    31. gerda


    32. PinkCupid

      These peices were beautiful! The roleplay was amazing too!!

    33. Antonio Chuquillanqui

      What if i wear them all like if i had the infinity guantlet?

      1. Hammdog Porkington


    34. Em L.

      Omg what do you use for your hands? They look so soft and beautiful. Thanks to miss rona and constant hand washing my poor hands are sooo dry and sad looking.

    35. Leonytus Yang

      Gibi loves them beefy babes, respect ✊🏻

    36. kevin perez

      Why are you so pretty 🥰

    37. ghosttowntomato

      She looks kinda hot here

    38. dor45list

      Está guapísima.

    39. Alexandria Neudorf

      As someone who plays a Druid character, I totally approve of this ring.💚

    40. Hector F.

      The hair omg Gibi, you always look beautiful but I just wow I...

    41. bunny

      she's so pretty wow

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      You are so pretty!

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    44. Dimitri Pippos

      Why is everyone saying she looks good

      1. Dimitri Pippos

        @Roundea oh ok thanks for telling me

      2. Roundea

        because of her hairstyle, its different from other videos she uploaded

    45. andrew kilik


    46. Liliana Dlugi

      Bestie- u look so beautiful like omg

    47. Tina Morris

      I'm playing a cleric right now and I love the healer ring!

    48. SpiralMystic

      Anyone else would never wear any of these but loved hearing about them?

    49. OK V

      Like dua lipa

    50. Edwink_06

      I legit thought I was the only one who though she looks gorgeous with this hair


      OMG SEXY

    52. Christian S

      who else thought she was naked at the beginning

    53. Heythere imagamer

      What did Gibi do? I mean don’t get me wrong she always looks really good but on this video she looks gorgeous 🤩

    54. Taltan

      The magnifying glass is a fun prop, I hope to see it return

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    56. Caeden Govender


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      Low key look like Mia frm re8

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      She reminds me of Adelaide Kane with this hair style

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      "women owned." Me: aiight ima head out...

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      I have not watched it yet, but I just HAD to write something first YOU LOOK GORGEOUS✨✨ WITH THAT HAIRCUT♥️♥️ You Ofc look A M A Z I N G without it, that’s no lie♥️

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      Ngl i though it was Dixie

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      omfg you look so Gorgeous !!

    67. ASMR Sam

      Hi everyone. Please follow my playlist on Gibi asmr to find more than 16 hrs of asmr sounds from Gibi. spotify account: 8uug8cnpegfma4zf1um1n2l3s Playlist: Gibi Asmr Click the ❤️ button to follow the playlist. Thank you.

    68. John Titor

      Your looks are melting my heart.

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      You look like Kendall Jenner!!

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      I clicked on it and was like WHO DIS FINE GAL

    71. HYPER 45

      You’re pretty af🥵

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      Cool Hair

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      wow you are absolutely gorgeous!

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      She’s so pretty I love her

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      Her hands are so nice...

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      ok gibi this hair is EVERYTHING

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      Man she looks pretty

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      I feel like the only other character that should have a green crystal is an alchemist

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      Ok omg the hair, but can we talk about her gorgeous nails?!

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    93. The Rain System


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      Omg!! I wish I could afford all of these, but I can't even afford one. However, I think I'm willing to splurge and get my wife the pink Zelda ring they gave on their website.

    97. a a

      She looks way prettierbwid her hair like this :^ not lying shes pretty normally but damnnnn

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      Says a lot when I saw RPG my first thought was you was gonna be playing with a rocket launcher haha bet it would make some “unique” Asmr sounds too lol

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    100. 아리아