ASMR | Spongebob Squarepants Gives You a Tour of the Krusty Krab


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    Oh MAN I've been meaning to do this video for literal years, so I finally just DID IT -- doing a Spongebob script was really intimidating!! There is SO MUCH content, so shoutout to our bff Ray for helping me source the references and also help me proofread/edit the script :))

    So let's have Spongebob take you on a tour of the KRUSTY KRAB and what he gets to do all day, you lucky dog--- fish.... you...!

    Me trying to do Spongebob's voice/accent kind of makes him sound like an Epic Redditor lol listen let me have this

    RIP to the great, Stephen Hillenburg ♥️

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    PS this video is dedicated to Mitch Grassi uwu

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    This video was edited by Shawn, my full-time editor! Give him some love: MrTheVestman

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    1. TheThrilledOOF

      Can We All Take The Time to Realize The Detail That was Put In to This. I MEAN SHE EVEN DYED HER HAIR YELLOW!!!!11

    2. Omega burbank

      You forgot pickles.. 😔

    3. Martin Matta

      When I saw the burger i screamed mom can you make me burger please! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. Rosemary Kennedy

      Notice that millions of people watched it so isn’t everyone the Winner

    5. Kai Baker

      This is adorable.

    6. Camoz

      I haven't gotten through the whole video but I'm surprised that she didn't bring up the quote "Never deny a guest even the most ridiculous request and the Krusty Suites

    7. Dead meat numbers

      Day 44 of asking gibi for shrek movie asmr

    8. Abimbola Daramola

      gibibob asmrpants gibibob asmrpants gibibob asmrpants asmrpants gibi bob asmr pants

    9. Triniti Fernandez

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    10. Dat TeslaTho

      Never seen someone hit rock bottom and peak performance in one video

    11. With Love, Grace

      You killed this roleplay, I loved everything about it !

    12. Kid chariot

      "We've had a few foods on our menu before like.. cum.." 1:49

    13. Ada Doston

      Spongibi Asmrpants

    14. Ada Doston

      My dream come true

    15. Felipe Henrique


    16. some random the last of us fan

      "our guest is ready to learn about the cash register" Me: "fuck you" "okay then!"

    17. Fangy Does Art

      I LOVE THIS THIS IS WHY I FOLLOW YOU, you're so fun and creative with everything that you do! I kinda wanna see a Squidward roleplay now. Can you imagine him trying to show off his art and get us to buy it, or him ranting about the culture in Bikini Bottom, work, or Squilliam, enthusing about the clarinet, canned bread, and the Interpretive Dance Quarterly, or, well, just genuinely having a friend over? TvT

    18. Scarletlilly Vandrake

      This brings back all of the nostalgia of my childhood I love it

    19. Marcus Stone


    20. Jayden Dodge

      It scares me that the cheese is at the very top of the Krabby patty instead of on the patty

    21. Melissa Gragg

      Gibi: If you go overboard- Me, understanding the reference: I'll blow up? Gibi: No, worse. It'll go straight to your thighs. Then you'll blow up. 4:25 Me, who has seen a lot of memes: (thinking) I bet she's gonna say, "No, that's a gun." Frenchy: a few seconds later Me: (thinking) well I was wrong Spongebob made a tiny model of the Krusty Krab and his house so that he could play Krusty Krab when he got fired. Also you forgot the even tinier models that model Spongebob was using to play Krusty Krab with after he got fired from the model Krusty Krab when real Spongebob was playing Krusty Krab.

    22. Alex Cyhna

      I actually wanted to eat that burger so much lmaooo

    23. Alex PR

      Ben: so how many references are you gonna say or do? Gibi: Yes

    24. Dr_Pugsworth -

      This was posted on my birthday! Its past my B-day but still🙂

    25. [Lovely Playlists]

      POV: gibi is our sleep paralysis demon that we made friends with 😩😩👟

    26. Lauren Jdhdhdh

      Mr kRaBs i HaVe A iDeA

    27. jack brunton

      “See, easy, now you try…. That’s a gun!” “Yes” *bang*

    28. TheIronChainMaster

      Petition for an Ed , Edd & Eddy roleplay

    29. TheIronChainMaster

      Gibibob: That's a pickle Me: *YES*

    30. Omen


    31. Jacob Cabrera

      “Son, I found a video of your great grandmother.”

    32. Lucia Beernink

      The pickle rubbing broke me😂😂 I love this so much!!

    33. 》k i g h a《

      I WANT A PART 2


      For a grown human, woman, she is WAAAY too good at playing a young, male sponge. This shouldn't be possible.

    35. CuteOverload49

      This is spot on good job Gibi Also I already had a tour cause I got a custom book where I went around the Krusty Krab sooooo

    36. Jacob Cabrera

      Me when I’m inside: 2:42

    37. Erin Searles

      Gibi: "I have a bucket and a mop" Me: ... Gibi: ... Me: "That's a wap"

    38. Believe On Jesus

      JESUS died for our sins on the cross, HE shed HIS holy, innocent , precious blood for us (HIS blood washes away ALL sins) HE was buried but on the third day GOD raised HIM from the dead. All you have to do to be saved is: Believe in JESUS, trust in HIS blood. JESUS did everything for you, no works are required for salvation (Ephesians 2:8-9)

      1. Sunny TheKitKat

        Jesus doesn't want me to exist, I'm going to hell, it's depressing, so n o

    39. Galaxy The demon black knight

      Its like she looks at our childhood favorites and recreates them in real life the effort she puts in is really amazing never change gibi never change.

    40. Podracer J

      The Krabby Patty secret ingredient is

    41. The blinding of Issac Repeatance fan

      How are you living underwater when you gotta breath

    42. Giuliana Babcock

      12:10 oh god kill me the way she said ot

    43. Peyton Lynn

      Alright guys. It's official: Gibi's finally gone off the deep end.

    44. 1fps Zoro

      Best sponge bob role play ever

    45. Alex Unesell

      Gibi what the fuck is this? Lmfao

    46. Tristan Chanvong

      Mr. Krabs: So uh where's the money?

    47. OmegaDabs

      Ok this is officially a bruh moment One of the best Asmr vid

    48. Ace


    49. Miracle. Kat

      That is the cutest cosplay I have ever seen 🥰

    50. valeria prado


    51. Harleigh P

      alternative title: goni references spongebob for 15:22

    52. ThatOnePigeon

      I can imagine spongebob doing this just not saying "well"

    53. V e e

      this was actually relaxing-

    54. kim williams

      I'm ngl I cringed a little bit NO offence all love

    55. Sophia Paz

      Why does this sound like that one guy from Pokemon... just me?

    56. Loopy Talks

      “Bucket and a...mop” that’s a WAP that’s a WAP

    57. Mia Antonia Ferus

      Gibis videos are always my fav!

    58. PolandBall

      2:30 that is a perfect burger

    59. SavePewds DumpTseries

      i like the hair

    60. It's just me.

      Thanks to this I realised that Spongebob actually had eyelashes. How could I never actually notice it when I was ten and Spongebob was my number one TV show alongside with Scooby Doo and The Flintstones? 😢

    61. Hajime Hinnata

      It’s not cosplay it’s kosplay😟

    62. FeelsBadMan n

      Dude her acting skills omg... actually outside of ASMR this is too good..

    63. leah

      spongebob is adorable-💘

    64. Mach-Rider

      this is so creepy lmao

    65. Spymond România

      Good imitation of Sponge bob also a female version

    66. crazy pi22a

      i kinda forgot it was asmr at the beginning lol

    67. Riley Cunnngham

      That's not a fuckin sandwich 🥪 bro it's a burger 🍔

    68. Mr.vanilla

      We have yet to We have yet to see Gibi cosplay gibby😶😌

    69. jacob hildebrandt

      If Disney made a Knock off spongebob lmao

    70. Alex Max


    71. XAngelD0llX

      Omgg she makes such a good spongebob

    72. Wynn Thompson

      Pickles honestly

    73. Vert -

      Squidward ASMR when

    74. V Duchess

      Well Gibs, you outdid yourself this time.

    75. Bowser from Fortnite

      Me after reading the title: *I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!* Also the amount of references made in this video is awesome

    76. Joanne Sadler

      HI EverEBODy IM SPonGEbOB ok so that part got me dead🤣

    77. • 𝙿𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚕 ∙ 𝙰𝚗𝚝 ∙

      Me: *runs to kitchen and opens fridge like speed* Mom: “Why are you running so fast-“ Me: “DANG IT WE DON’T HAVE ANY PICKLES”

    78. Gacha and gamer

      Gibi: what would be your superpower? Me: Being a dead body Gibi: That's perfect! Me: I SAID I WOULD BE DEAD WTH

    79. Marina C

      Luck does not exist! God does!

    80. Frederic FreddieMan

      bruh stop... you making me crush on spongebob and im scared for my sanity omg

    81. Pastellie’s World!

      I don’t want to be that one annoying person like some people who be like “omg her battery!!” but… Gibi’s eyes: usually brown* Today: blue My guess: hazel eyes? 👀🤣

    82. Abrahamster LIVES!

      Wait a minute... She can't be the real Spongebob! She doesn't have two left hands!

    83. BoneheadYT

      Hello Spongebob, I'm Bonehead

    84. Jeremico Sanchez

      See now THIS is what people mean by “ASMR is weird”

    85. Emma Scholtz

      I would love a part two 😍maybe featuring some other ASMRtists playing other characters! 😍I LOVE all the references from the series!

    86. Emma Scholtz

      Arouuuuund town 😂

    87. Reveles03

      Spongebob is a boy so this roleplay is off

    88. Adrianna Sparrow

      Omg i watch this everyday I’m laughing 😂 😂😂😂😂😂

    89. THE 1NTR0VERT

      Gibi low key looks like makima from chainsaw man

    90. Lynel

      You could’ve done the voice lol

    91. Ruby Rider


    92. MASKEDMANgrc


    93. Brooke Hannan

      Doesn’t she have brown eyes?

    94. Baby Quinny

      Wait cause that krabby patty is perfect-

    95. Pomegranate

      Remember: P.O.O.P

    96. Sarcastic Fanstic

      Ravioli Ravioli give me the formuoli I should not find SpongeBob this hot 😤

    97. Sophia Valleau


    98. Sophia Valleau

      Hey I’m a kid and you shore did your sopngbob

    99. Lorenzo steve

      1:54 how to kill an Italian

    100. The MightyQuinnM

      I really really really appreciate the references Even the potato salad that took three days to make... three days!!! Edit: and “Did you look under the tray?” Oh my god this is perfect holy hell