ASMR | Task Triggers | Telling You What to Do: Follow Me to Fall Asleep


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    Task triggers!! Love these videos. It's great for focus and personal attention at the same time :) But I've never really done a full video on just this trigger alone, so hopefully you enjoy!!

    Sleep well my friends!


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    1. Counterfeit Craig

      I'm sorry did you say TASK?

    2. Tashdid Rahman

      13:45 I said "NOOO" Gibi wadu hek!

    3. Mahdi Jalloul

      Really boring basic tasks complete Where is my achievement or rewards nice skyrim reference

    4. cyber -



      Gibi Didi did u speak hindi

    6. alec mcneill

      What do you think of yourself doing these stuff

    7. Vittorio Persia

      Wonderful like ever. I don't wanna think about the comments for the toungue movements parts

    8. Nezuko Kamado °~°√

      Gibi:"This sponserd Saturday" Me:"Hmm it actually is Saturday tonight,weird"

    9. Andreas Michalczyk

      Jawclenching was the most difficult ..nearly painful..any idea why? 😕

    10. Dawn Vents

      I was doing the arm touching as she said to do it😂 I’ve never gotten tingles but I love asmr and I always find myself doing that when I watch it.

    11. Rylee Doran

      Have yet to make it through this video 🥰

    12. Sapphy -

      Am I falling asleep? No. Mama didn't raise a quitter. Gonna ace these tasks

    13. Jake Rich

      imagine picking 69 as the odd number lol

    14. Mr Nightmare

      This supposed I be hypnosis or something?

    15. WarShark703

      This girl just won 1,457,883 thumb wars.

    16. Richard Gomez

      My anxiety hit when she said lose a game of thumb war because I've never lost and I'm competitive 😂😔

    17. Alexander Danw

      7:22 look right here trigger

    18. Kat

      Me: Turns up volume and gets comfy Ad: SO JUST LYING DOWN, WE ARE GOING TO LOOK AT THE DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE BODY... Me: 😱Trying to pry myself from the ceiling

    19. пг люцифер

      Imagine god came down and said it’s actually jibi then left

    20. Tabitha

      So this isnt related to the video really but when she was coloring the dice for the imagination thing I literally guess the colors before she said them

    21. Sushi

      ME BEING LOUD #notasmr HEKK U LINDA.

    22. Maddz_ studio

      This made me tingle so much

    23. Shadow Wolf


    24. Cherry Blossom

      This is my favourite trigger ever. I’m glad it’s getting its recognition. Because sheeesh it’s just perfect

    25. Todd Died

      0:35 I had my volume really low so I misheard her and thought she said pregnancy, so for like 5 seconds I was freaking the fuck out

    26. Ryan Tripoli


    27. my name

      When she said look to left n right I was like”I’ve never felt more ashamed of myself “💀😭

    28. Do Nathan

      19:16 19:17

    29. instinctive56

      See I've got tingle immunity but doing the interactive hand things that she did I used my own hand to do it

    30. Ryan Berry

      32:40 an odd request but sure I'll do it

    31. Wicked Webb Snek

      u look very pretty !

    32. Mrs. RoadBlocks

      Gibi always makes me feel warm for some reason :3

    33. 🧸hinata-chan🧸

      I like the task asmr cuz it makes me feel like someone is interacting with me and that gives me tingles-

    34. I Cant

      Day 21 of asking gibi to do shrek full movie asmr

    35. Henry Hooker

      Is it just me and my weird brain or when she said "happy birthday happy birthday" did the song mad world start playing in your head

    36. sid

      I'm meant to be revising for my end of year tests tomorrow, but here I am...

    37. Soviet Union

      I use asmr to distract from my starvation

    38. fairydigger ^ - ^

      Ayo this was posted on my birthday :))

    39. TheOtherJackBlack

      Watching this for the first time on a Saturday is hella fantastic for immersion when the first thing you mentioned was that it's Saturday

    40. The Mustache Dude

      4:43 Suit or suite?

    41. The Mustache Dude

      5:28 Harambe, harambe, harambe.

    42. Ez 16

      Didn’t do any of the tasks because she never said Simon says

    43. TheWeebGod

      You know, if you think about it, the US is like an empire with each state being a vassal kingdom

    44. Hiroaki Hanyu

      24:39 the cake is a lie!

    45. Mariann Lact

      your lipstick is so cute!

    46. Nathanael Pineda

      I’ll be honest girls look more attractive with dark color lips more than plain or bright lips I don’t know it’s more official Shore Leave: uh huh

    47. Sara Dann

      I've never seen the end of this video as I always fall asleep about halfway through 🤣🤣

    48. Forhonoriaplayer101

      just give me a math lesson and i'll be fine for the rest of my life

    49. maryservices98

      Guys go check out @asmrbyb She makes really good asmr videos and she’s a small content creator 💚

    50. JGirl

      Your makeup looks so pretty! I like that look on you

    51. Lynetteh zacharyp

      The angry burma ordinarily flower because tablecloth worryingly pick alongside a neighborly banana. many, rebel thursday

    52. HwansangMatt

      “I don’t want to do too much breathing.”

    53. Bridget Broncales

      more! :))

    54. scorch kid 0

      I see you gibi

    55. Henry White

      wait... I’m not subscribed? I just listened to 5 hours of your videos AND I’M NOT SUBSCRIBED? well +1 sub for sure

    56. Danny Smithson

      Hey yo gibi what that booty feel like?


      I really love hearing you talk its soo comforting

    58. Victoria Adames


    59. wibbo fresh

      14:30 this head movement and resistance stuff makes me wish my physio exercises had asmr guides

    60. Faith _

      I can't picture anything in my head :(

    61. Sxunflowerblxss

      idk if i'm tired because of gibis hand movements or because it's 4 am

    62. Txzyteツ

      Wait why am I watching this id rather listen to lil “AsTrOvErT”/“uzi vert” 😂 or kv or ps or x or Juice

    63. Daniel Merceron

      _hello beautiful people_

    64. Techno Bloom


    65. ColorTheUniverse

      With task triggers I expected you to say things like "Take out the trash!" xdd

    66. Nish09 :D

      So cool

    67. منصور قناص


    68. hassan Cali

      I wat to stop good by 🤚💣

    69. Josh Moon

      I loved this asmr thank you gibi

    70. Mc Lovemoffin

      I already have Nord VPN and can tell you it's worth it.

    71. Druid Barbarian's ASMR Campfire

      I don’t think I’ve ever fallen asleep this fast.

    72. Alice and Moon

      She's perfect 💕💕✨

    73. Leighton Spillane

      ًًٍさあかまはまひな、まび まみらまはたたらばはあはllama

    74. mars

      1...2...3...4...i declare a thumb war 5...6...7...8...who do you appreciate

    75. ProBigOunce

      my friend sent this with the caption "Mommy Kink"

    76. Nityashree B

      I can't explain why, but gibi's makeup in this video smells like cedarwood.

      1. HGTV boi

        Nah I feel like it's a 3 a 7 or q R S

      2. Sunny

        Why do I understand this

    77. The Mysterious Sailor

      14:56 I wonder who watches asmr while standing up?

    78. Kylie-ann Mullen

      Gibi: "picture 3 dice" me: okay 1 4 and 6 Gibi: "the first die is a 4, the second a 6, and the third a 1" me: *mind blown

    79. fr33z3out

      Her: Click on this video and ill tell u how to sleep. Me:Well we just have to listen to ur vid

    80. Copycat Covers

      I fell alseep during the Nord Vpn ad lol.

    81. K M

      20:10 Wait, this isn't the common US American way of counting with fingers, isn't it? I'm confused, but it was very comfortable to watch for me as a German.

      1. K M

        21:18 And over... xD

    82. Japhe Lahens

      why are u so quiet?

    83. Scorpio_1407

      "5,6,7,8 hurry up dont be late" is the one i learned

    84. kagetora

      she has won 1251327 thumb wars as of 5/25/2021 3:12 am

    85. Ro Sa

      the whisper volume on this one is perfection.

    86. Jacob Thiers

      who else was woken to the sound of mr beast screaming "I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR ALL OF YOU" in a honey. commercial

    87. Adele Maria

      JESUS IS COMING SOON! Repent & trust in Jesus alone! Jesus is the only way! Lemme know how i can pray for u :) God created the world good & perfect, but we've rebelled against that. All of us sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. As on earth there’s punishment for breaking the law, so there’s punishment for breaking God’s law: death & eternal separation in hell. All of us will receive according to what we have done, and sin can’t be removed by good deeds. BUT here’s the good news: out of God’s great love for us, He sent His only Son to take that punishment. While we were still in rebellion against Him, He died for our sins on the cross. Jesus paid our ransom and set us free, giving us life, by giving up His. It’s like being on death row, and then an innocent man dies in your place. He paid the price IN FULL, so we don’t have to. He rose 3 days later proving His sacrifice accepted. All u have to do, is repent (turn away from sin) and trust in Jesus alone! And now there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ. (Being a ‘good person’ won’t get u into heaven, only Jesus will)

      1. Sudarshan .R


      2. Captain Bruh

        @sophie read Baruch Spinoza’s work

      3. sophie

        I'm atheist...

    88. syed hamza ahsan

      6:00 but he got caught

    89. IzGaming

      Night reminders💗 🐚Get into something comfy ✨Lay down and relax your body, you’ve been through a lot today give yourself a break 💗Turn auto play off 🌻close your eyes and drift away into your dreams! Your body needs a nap since you’ve been doing so much! Try to not think. That sounds hard but what I mean is don’t think about anything that will not help you sleep, for instance don’t get overly happy or upset! It’s not good to go to bed upset or angry won’t make you feel good in the morning. If you’re reading this I know you’re reading comments since your brain is still running but get some rest you deserve it!🌺

    90. Yo-yo Ryu

      You know what's real sad? Like, really sad? I never get tingles. 😢

      1. Yo-yo Ryu

        Well, almost never. But when I do, it's like.. In my sides, or the top of my head. weird, right? 😕

    91. Tamaki Amajiki

      Asmr is like the Lotus hotel (Percy Jackson thing). Once you start you can never leave. Literally.

      1. Tamaki Amajiki

        @Leon van Rijn BAhAh thank you.

    92. koi boi

      i recently got a job that requires me to wake up at 3am, which means going to bed super early (which i have a really hard time with!) but somehow, every single time, this specific video has me zonked out by the 25 minute mark. its genuinely been a lifesaver ❤️

      1. A Spratt

        I came to the comments to see if it was just me,. This video puts me to sleep within 10 minutes. I think it’s magic.

    93. Billy Line

      Gibi is so pretty 😍

    94. bandit kfk

      1st thai purple

    95. Nitka

      1:58 the beginning 👍

    96. Esme Potato


    97. Aquareyes

      Thank you Gibi!

    98. christopher daniels

      ive watched this 17 times in the past 8 days its my fav video of yours

    99. Jeffrey Bogard

      Do this again pls 😁

    100. Emma Bolette Ulvnes

      Please do another video like this!!! So so so tingly!😍