ASMR | Treat Test with Satine | Doggy Mukbang Eating


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    MY LIL GIRL GOT SO BIIIIIG and she's back in another video!! She was jazzed about it, let me tell you. Fun treats and food, for doing absolutely nothing?? (Don't tell her she's being filmed tho she's shy) Yes please!

    FAQ - Satine is a Swiss Shepherd, or a Berger Blanc Suisse. She's a little over a year old. She was named after Satine from Moulin Rouge! and also Satine from Clone Wars!
    I wouldn't recommend the breed to first time dog owners, people who don't work from home, or people who don't have a partner or buddy to help raise them. I couldn't have done it without Ben for SURE. She is very pretty but A LOT lot lot lot lot lot of work!
    My other dog, Luigi, passed away last July. RIP my little buddy, I miss you every day...!

    But one of my greatest joys in life is feeding dogs fun foods, so let's give it a go! Enjoy :)

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    1. pyro plays

      2:17 this is freaking content.

    2. pyro plays

      Oh my gosh! Satine is so freaking cute! I have a dog myself, he is a German Shepard and his name is teebo! (We are native American, mohawk to be exact.)

    3. Ada Doston

      Day 46 of Asking for Tobias Asmr

    4. Anthony Lawson

      She is sooooo cute

    5. Sarah Is Tired

      Satine looks like bolt from the Disney movie bolt :)

    6. GoldAlicorn9 -Gaming

      5:39 |Milkbone does not compute| |Escape with egg| |Resume|

    7. Emma Nemz

      "she's really picky" Me: *laughs in lab*

    8. Christa Edmonds


    9. Christa Edmonds

      GIBI LOVE dogv t b eira wow

    10. Aaishani Das


    11. Liam McLaughlin


    12. Epicans

      5:56 "Satine you're a natural" Is that a reference to Raphy's old video with his roommate when he says " I think you're a natural"?

    13. Kat Spencer

      Your dog is picky, meanwhile the list of things my dog has eaten include: Rocks Socks 3 of his beds My brothers steroid cream My moisturiser My antidepressants (he spat them back out and was fine but imagine how hard it was having to call my doctor for more tablets because my dog ate them) And a 20 pound note.

    14. LisaLiso ._.

      I have a Swiss Sheperd too. He is a Boy😄

    15. Matei Alexandru Dinu

      SATINE IS 13 MONTHS OLD?!?!?

    16. Clara F

      Gibi : … or a 🤌🏻berger blanc suisse🤌🏻 Me being French : Ooh~ oui oui baguette that’s a really pretty doggo 👀

    17. James Henderson

      Guys is Luigi still alive? 😢

    18. Softpillow ASMR

      No dog was dissatisfied in the making of this video :)

    19. HedgehogTimes

      M-m-m my favourite dog! me in the future: "Kids dinner is ready it's dog!"

    20. Nick Hernandez

      Only white people still say “he’s x months old” dude will be 3 “yep he just turned 36 months”

    21. DarkMagic GD

      Is she a white German Shepard or a husky

    22. QuirkyTomatoBoy

      ACE IS HERE!!

    23. I Cant

      Day 27 of asking gibi to do shrek full movie asmr

    24. parsa nikbhat

      I dont think chocolate is really healthy for dogs just saying

    25. Amanda Stewart

      My dog would have just taken the treat and go 🐶💨

    26. Brenda Edwards

      Your dog is so cute gb

    27. ray shirogane


    28. Alaura Harrelson

      i cant imagine the bathroom problems yall had to deal with after this

    29. Rykensnow

      That dog is stunning but I will never understand why people, who don’t need shepherds, buy a shepherd

    30. SkyBeats

      Funny how she doesn't notice the camera, same as Disney's Bolt, she even looks like him!

    31. Richard Noggin

      Satine is the cutest dog I've ever seen.

    32. Trap Underling

      Satine is so cute!!!

    33. Shreks Dumpster

      7:17 cheese

    34. Anna Schulmeyer

      Nothing brings me greater joy than watching a dog eat. It's especially funny if it's something sticky.

    35. Ida Ho

      What's her name?

    36. Sara Thompson

      Did that peanut butter have Zilettal

    37. HyperX

      Her dog looks like a wolf bear mix

    38. ka1undead

      Bro I tried petting her through the screen lol😭😭

    39. ka1undead

      Bro 3:03 she’s like let me do some ASMR XD

    40. Courtney Burney

      Aww I bet simon will like this one

    41. Ultra Tingles ASMR

      I can’t give u enough to pet her

    42. Mrironflam

      So when the doggo took the egg away that means she’s taking care of it like it’s baby

    43. Soup Boi

      0:51 muckbong it’s muckbang

    44. taja valantinčič

      I read in a book once that Swiss german shepard became a breed after the germans didn't like the white german shepard puppies and some americans took them and voila. I wonder if it is true.

    45. jamie jury

      Definitely need more of this 😌😇

    46. mini neon boba blaster

      Aww this is making me miss my swiss shepherd! He's temporarily living with my parents and I haven't seen him in weeks :(( He's just as picky as your puppy haha. Also as a star wars fan I love Satine's name!!

    47. Melissa Garrison

      Nice dog😊😊🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 and she loves cheese😊

    48. MRmiss13

      NOM NOM NOM NOM you can't look at this angel of a dog and not smile I dare you it's impossible

    49. JM Playlist Run 6

      Beautiful dog. Yummy treats. TY for sharing.

    50. P_Nelly

      She is sooooooooo CUTEEEEEEEEE!😍

    51. Cap Simp

      Omfg her eating the mic 😂😂

    52. MRmiss13

      1:57 I accidentally paused here 3:02 Help me I've been laughing at these images for way to long XD

    53. MRmiss13

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwww they so fluffy and adorable Dogs are my weakness *inhales* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    54. Anna Kiehn

      Satine just did a line of cheese

    55. Fernando Iglesias

      I usually put egg shells on my plants, but they end up feeding my dogs instead...

    56. Luna Washington

      You are required to do more of this. I'm kidding but I fluffing love dogs like I legit love Satine already.

    57. aluuc4rd

      Saltine: **eating the shit out of an egg** Gibi: *it’s free real estate*

    58. Whispxrsh

      That’s a big 13 month old

    59. Adele Maria

      JESUS IS COMING SOON! Repent & trust in Jesus alone! Jesus is the only way! Lemme know how i can pray for u :) God created the world good & perfect, but we've rebelled against that. All of us sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. As on earth there’s punishment for breaking the law, so there’s punishment for breaking God’s law: death & eternal separation in hell. All of us will receive according to what we have done, and sin can’t be removed by good deeds. BUT here’s the good news: out of God’s great love for us, He sent His only Son to take that punishment. While we were still in rebellion against Him, He died for our sins on the cross. Jesus paid our ransom and set us free, giving us life, by giving up His. It’s like being on death row, and then an innocent man dies in your place. He paid the price IN FULL, so we don’t have to. He rose 3 days later proving His sacrifice accepted. All u have to do, is repent (turn away from sin) and trust in Jesus alone! And now there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ. (Being a ‘good person’ won’t get u into heaven, only Jesus will)

    60. Jclozada

      She eating more then me

    61. Amande mm

      burger blanc suisse haha im french and she is so wowow ☺️

    62. Mervyn Keene, Clubman

      Lol at BBC test card 😅

    63. chris04ful

      Did you name her cause of Star Wars ?

    64. 쯔위

      먹방이라는 단어를 여기서 볼 줄이야...

    65. Brenda H

      Aren't pork rinds toxic for dogs?.

    66. HIT Locker


    67. Bookaholic ASMR

      Funny thing, I absolutely hate mugbank videos with people, but when cats or dogs do it, it's so cute.

    68. Karla Rivera

      "She's really picky" my cat can relate 🙃 it's so hard to find any cat food that he likes and then he gets bored of his food so quickly so we have to rotate. I envy people with pets that accept all food.

      1. saturne .-.

        Oof that sucks, my dog will eat anything it’s crazy but it can be a problem because he will eat shoes, clothes, headphones, etc😂

    69. Nathan Janciauskas

      13 min the dog eating treats, best day of the dogs life

    70. Angel Euan

      Hi gibi, why are you doing an asmr in Spanish? ps: do not feed your dog boiled eggs because that is very bad for them

    71. Reilley Williams

      so cuuute

    72. Jamiie

      My dumbass read her name as 'saltine'

    73. JJ

      I that for a minute her name was satan I'm dum

    74. YukiS

      Satine is adorable! Also, I really like her name.

    75. Derpy Kittens

      bro i literally died when you said "an at home puppaccino" and then the screen was just like "THIS LOOKS ILLEGAL"

    76. Derpy Kittens

      new asmr trigger: egg on wood table

    77. Starpop

      i respect the name satine

    78. The ninth Weasley

      When dogs eat and make a lot of noise: “oh well” When a human does it: “ OMG CLOSE YOUR MOUTH”

      1. Nathen

        @Isabelle I find that weird, it’s impolite sure, but if you’re not at like a fancy restaurant, I don’t get hating on people for it. It doesn’t really bother me.

      2. Isabelle

        they don't know any better but when any human does that I literally want to slap them across the face

    79. Napalm Sideswipe

      It has a bib on haha

    80. Leonel Flores

      9:13-9:16 S:Cans I eats? G:yes S:yes? G:yes!get it^^ S:okies thank chu Such a well behaved doggy 🐕 😍 And yea im a week late-

    81. bulbasaur 365!


    82. Resoma

      Next is a hotdog.... Me who thought it was her hand

    83. jonas bleek

      dog likes chees never goes to waste

    84. Seth Rose

      I love it tho dogs are so cute when they do that 7:27 Edit 1: THIS DOG GETS WHIPPED CREAM AND I HAVEN'T HAD IT IN OVER 2 YEARS

    85. Lexi

      I know Gibi isn't, but for any new dog owners quick PSA if you're seeing this. Grapes, garlic, onion, and chocolate are all toxic for most dogs. I didn't know this and gave my dog (who is also my first dog) some of the frozen grapes that I was eating, and he had to be rushed to the pet hospital a few hours later and had to stay overnight for observation. When that happened, my mom and I looked up what foods dogs can't have and made an extensive list that we posted on the inside of one of our kitchen cabinets. Most dogs will eventually eat something they shouldn't, so if this ever happens with you and your dog call the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) and they'll tell you what to do.

      1. Star Lord

        This is great info for everyone! I’m not a new dog owner and I’m very aware of what they can/cannot and always telling people what they can’t give dogs because I’m so scared someone will feed my pup something that she can’t have! Thanks for commenting I hope someone can learn from this also ☺️

    86. Darkblade

      "a burger blangue suisse" no judging 😭😂

    87. Lexi

      My dog really loves Himalayan Chews. It's like one of those bones that dogs can chew on, but it's cheese instead of bones. So it lasts forever, but it eventually can be eaten so it isn't so hard that it'll never break down. But it's like a bone in that it's like a cross between a treat and a toy because of how long it lasts. We get him one every Christmas, and he loves them! But talk with your vet if your dog has any heart conditions or hypertension, as some types of Himalayan chews (certain brands, etc.) are high in sodium.

    88. Mina Patar

      Well legit my golden retriever has the exact face structure like satine. Well her name is Iva 💜

    89. Caitlyn Burkhart

      I would love to see more of these. Whenever I’m in a depression slump, I have to eat alone, but having Satine eat with me would be something I would love to try.

    90. Mason Dacio

      This is not even ASMR because the dog is to cute

    91. xer0 affinity

      8:21 tho. Lmfao.

    92. KaTaRiNa8749

      She's sooooo adorable!

    93. sot plays

      dog: eats hotdog me: THAT'S ILLEGAL

    94. Raul Ambriz

      Muk-bong 😂 i am dead lmao 💀

    95. Kaylea McRob

      They may have fixed it but millbone had ingredients that were bad for dogs such as bha I believe just so everyone knows

    96. Lissette Kinzie

      She probably thinks it’s her birthday with all them treats haha !

    97. shadowbrine

      I just realized, if she's 13 months old, she was born in the first lockdown back in March / April. Poor baby has barely experienced the "normal world" :( I hope she gets to soon and meet lots of other puppers

    98. Jezo timuri

      I just keep coming back to this video

    99. Omega Sensei

      he is hungry!

    100. laughlater

      2:59 lol RIP Vine