ASMR | Wax Fingers Tapping | Paraffin Wax Hand Peeling Off ~ Satisfying ~


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    OHHH BABY thanks to whoever suggested that I tap on things with wax fingers...because it led me to buy my own Paraffin wax bath and omg............ what a treat........... I hope you enjoyed this video, because this was (selfishly) one of my favorites to shoot so far HA!
    Sleep well :)

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    1. Livin’ with Annie

      Your smile is contagious!🥰🥰

    2. gavin urbina

      I thought it was gibi

    3. Why

      It's the opposite of fingerless gloves

    4. DumbGachaKid

      8:45 is when she dips her finger tips in btw

    5. Daniel Salazar

      Kira moment

    6. Cookie

      Hm I wonder why people would dislike a grown woman dipping her fingers into wax and tapping on it.....

    7. Meekyman

      yeh mate was peng

    8. David s

      You know, im watching Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends and watching this....on Boomerang

    9. Abi B

      Rename this, “ panic attack prevention “ lol. Well, to some extent. Thank you for the content Gibi 💖

    10. Audra Wiswell

      You are so pretty 🦋 ugh I can't stand it

    11. Kadenthe Gamer

      I am addicted to watching this every night to fall asleep

    12. thegamingteen

      why does it look like air heads when you rip it off

    13. ASMR Kamila

      This is incredible

    14. iiDannyPlaysii

      When Gibi peeled the wax off her hands, it remined me of a time when I was in art class, and I put glue on my hands, then when we left, I peeled the glue of my hands, best idea I've ever had

      1. Avarax

        You aren’t the only intellectual here.

    15. evelyn jerrett

      soooooooooo satisfying!!!

    16. yeet noob

      omg I know how plastic humans are made

    17. Mellohi

      Ahh so nice

    18. kiki !

      This is better than putting glue on ur hand and peeling it off at the mental hospital

    19. Izzy Unboxing


    20. Alpha Wolf

      Love the vids

    21. Alpha Wolf

      I go to sleep every time i watch her videos and i trouble sleeping so I keep watching to go to sleep

    22. real percy hours

      when gibi heard the tapping sounds with the wax on her fingers she sounded so genuinely amazed and it made my day

    23. I Cant

      Day 23 of asking gibi to do shrek full movie asmr

    24. Petar `

      Lit up the handle

    25. Rocky Racoon

      Your nails 🌹

    26. Gacha_darinXO

      Iv done this before ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    27. ASMR embracethewaves

      So apprently i watched this entire video last night before bed.... i remember choosing it.. i remember nothing after that 😄 i fell asleep within minutes. I love what Asmr does for me.. knocks me the heck out! 😁

    28. Grace Mitchell


    29. Daniel Smith

      So glad her hair is back to 1 color. Half & Half was cool but distracted me to much

    30. Maura Twohig

      The sound of you playing with the unmelted wax unlocked like 4 childhood memories I had forgotten about 😂

    31. Anne Boardman

      I love tapping and wax plss do a vidoe there 4 hours with wax tapping p Ss

    32. Stormcloak maguire

      Touch your face with that stuff and you can say goodbye to your eyes

    33. Cheyenne Arredondo

      This just reminds me of that one unnus annus video

    34. Enter Name Here

      This is reminds me of playing in my moms Scentse when I was younger

    35. L stabbins Ls

      Pieface adds this to his favourites

    36. gg idk y butt idk 🤣🤣

      Mommy u on SEprom omg

    37. Robert Anderson

      Wax finger tapping was absolutely amazing!!!!!!! Thank you Gibi!!!!

    38. CutiePaulina1st

      22:41 it feels like you are pooping something like a bubble wrap

    39. CutiePaulina1st

      The person who made this idea THANK YOU VERY MUCH YOU MADE MY DAY TODAY

    40. CutiePaulina1st

      The wax on your hand looks like you didn't tan it but the rest of your body is tan Imaoooo

    41. CutiePaulina1st

      I really LOVE wax this is PERFECT for me to play with!

    42. CutiePaulina1st

      Love your shirt thank you very much!

    43. Sophie Brandt

      random thought: would fingerprints show up with the wax on? like if you dipped your finger in wax then put it in some fingerprint paint or whatever, would your fingerprint show up? --it's 11pm and I'm a bit out of it so it's entirely possible my logic is lacking rn--

    44. Leodan Surez Masai

      Alguien que hable español 😃

    45. Nemo Cat TV

      9:40. i used to do that all the time

    46. wjb722

      some info about caution - However, if you have very sensitive skin, paraffin wax may cause heat rash. Heat rash results in small red bumps on the skin that can be itchy and uncomfortable. You should not use paraffin wax if you have: poor blood circulation numbness in your hands or feet diabetes any rashes or open sores If you have a chemical sensitivity, you may develop minor swelling or breakouts from the wax treatment. That’s because paraffin comes from petroleum products. If you’re doing a paraffin wax treatment at home, take care not to heat the wax too much, as it may catch fire. It should be no more than 125°F (51.7°C) when you start your treatment.

    47. Jian And Yannas Channel

      Gibi: I think this is s** Me: * gasp * * goes back to here it again *😮😮

    48. K & H Loiselle

      candle wax is fun

    49. K & H Loiselle

      her ad plauyed on this vid

    50. Tommyinnit

      Im here from jschlatt...

    51. HastisMulle

      This is not a Clickbait everyone!❤️❤️

    52. Avery Dani

      I am so sincerely sorry about your sesame oil allergy omg that shit is delicious this is such sad news

    53. Susan Garlits

      Cool 😎

    54. Susan Garlits

      Cool 😎

    55. Amanda A

      Important notice!: Everyone if you want to try this at home remember to use candles meant for this like paraffin candles, not just any candle. They melt at different temperatures and will burn you!

      1. Amanda A

        @julian hernandez Nothing wrong with that, just maybe don't burn your skin off.

      2. julian hernandez

        I love pain though

    56. james harper

      Pooh bear watching you put your hand in hot wax, " oh dear.." than falls asleep lol.

    57. Yaneli Ortiz

      Your hand looked liked a mannequin”s hand 😂🤚

    58. Nadja Dambach

      Got a little inspired by Unus Annus huh xD

    59. KokrX_Minecraft


    60. Taufique Mohiuddin

      #gibiasmr next video should be ASMR SKINCARE💆‍♀️💆‍♀️

    61. S Ak


    62. Little Kittens

      I need that 😯

    63. Nadra Patterson

      U should do asmr on you doing your makeup bc I really wanna see what you look like without it

    64. Levi Schofield

      That sticky tapping is sooooo ✨TINGLY✨

    65. MrLazarus

      *Unus Annus flashbacks*

    66. Olivia Smith

      I need my own wax bath now!

    67. A A

      I liked the peeling more than the tapping actually. You should do a wax peeling vid only where you dip things into the wax and peel them. It would be so satisfying and interesting at same time

    68. Sum Demon

      11:25 favorite part aka when the finger idea comes alive

    69. Olivia Sears

      Hey love this you make my day and that is so relaxing and I have one question. Can you pls do another reviewing fidget toys it my fav

    70. PlayswithSquirrels

      almost a million views let's gooo

    71. Maddy Begg

      New character unlocked: bubble buddy (spongebob reference) lmaoo

    72. KaleiVR

      she said that 70 pounds is a lot.. *my German shepherd is 110 pounds and always pulls me around, imagine that gibi*

    73. The Monster

      How did that get on ur wrist like ur dog go scratch u lol

    74. jayy

      Why does BEN always think something is werid

    75. crystals ASMR

      But I used to take my moms wax melter and dip my fingers inside and it was one of those smelly ones and she caught me one Time and then hid it I haven’t done it since

    76. Jenel Esmeralda Angel (ja2549)

      Dude I am literally going to DIE before I have had enough Gibi videos

    77. Garrett DeBow

      I went to sleep in two minutes didn’t really even watch the video

    78. Shannon Bestiee

      PSA - Paraffin is known to contain a highly toxic fume called Benzene when burned which is carcinogenic so please be careful and try not to use too often

    79. chocolatetickles

      Do you have a singing bowl? Those things relax me so much. Even after a stressful day. Love your videos!

    80. Hayley Anderson

      Omg it’s a wax glove

    81. Natalie Hester

      Omg why do I enjoy this soooooo much ahhhhhh

    82. LIRVB

      My favourite trigger yet!

    83. Tania Clinch

      It’s so long I could be playing Roblox not seeing this it’s so long

    84. jazmine d

      you should still do the 100 layers at 3.5 mil and also because i know we’d all love that!! it’s so satisfying and would be soothing to fall asleep too.

    85. ASMR Sam

      Hi everyone. Please follow my playlist on Gibi asmr to find more than 16 hrs of asmr sounds from Gibi. spotify account: 8uug8cnpegfma4zf1um1n2l3s Playlist: Gibi Asmr Click the ❤️ button to follow the playlist. Thank you.

    86. Million Miler

      Beautiful eyes at 30:24-30:26

    87. Gmp

      Your a favorite of mine no doubt

    88. Nathalie

      Guys, I've just realized I've been watching asmr for 4 years... I was just curious about it before and now I've been addicted to it for four years lmao

    89. Jason Monroe

      When Gibi held up the hand “hi, I’m your neighbor.” I lost it 😂😂 great video as always

    90. Scrim G59

      God damn, I never thought i would fall in love with a youtuber.. but gibi got me like 10000% your husband is such a lucky guy!

    91. stells

      10:15 : me as a kid

    92. Primary Prey West Music

      I have long nails so I constantly tap things XD (not acrylics)

    93. Anthony Janthony Crowley

      Girl your eyeliner.. 🤯❤️

    94. Mandy van Oosterom

      Waahh it looks like a doll hand

    95. odzul djordje kecić

      I would just like him to sit with me every night and talk until I fall asleep. hahahaha.

    96. odzul djordje kecić

      I'm starting to adore her. Gibby is so very sweet and soothing.

    97. odzul djordje kecić

      which is why she laughs so sweetly in every video?🥰🥰🥰🥰

    98. Ninou Tower

      11:28 that box 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    99. Star dragon!

      So satisfying

    100. II Mariio II

      *chefs kiss* beautiful