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    This video is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast's Magic: The Gathering! Strixhaven is Available now! Click here:

    Happy MONDAY! As always, when a video pops up on a monday, that means it's an EXTRAAA vid, so normal tues/thurs/sat upload as well! I just was so excited by the idea of this video I wanted to fit it in, so extra vid it is!

    I grew up around MTG a lot but was always too intimidated to try it out. Now that I'm a CONFIDENT ADULT!!! I've had so much fun learning all about it and seeing how awesome it truly is. I hope you enjoy this Strixhaven video! I did a card opening stream too that ended up being a really chill, calm time and would highly recommend checking it out on twitch. Big unintentional ASMR vibes for sure!

    Sleep well!!! (And which college do you think you would choose?!!? I want to be Lorehold but I know my butt belongs in Prismari....)

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    1. Gattsu

      How did I miss this?!?! MTG is my life and now I can sleep to MTG!?! Thank you Gibi! ❤

    2. Sam Hartman

      Maybe you could do an enemies to lovers roleplay vid with Felissa Fang of Silverquill? I don't think anyone has done that yet, nor will they do it once Strixhaven is replaced by the next major set

    3. Arno Claassen

      Could you do separate videos of every college welcoming us, like you did with the Harry Potter houses? I would love to see those.

    4. MDshadowgirl _1

      So like me in university

    5. I Cant

      Day 18 of asking gibi to do shrek full movie asmr

    6. 2KA0S

      Some towers have their own weather lmao

    7. Krixa15

      Im a Yu-Gi-Oh fan.... but this is nice..... because gibi

    8. Sajjan Virdee

      Thanks Queen! this is the colab we never knew we needed x

    9. RiKShaw231

      Really surprised she wasn't Professor Onyx

    10. Rchitect

      Love the video!

    11. z3pp31in

      Where did you get those scarrrvveeeessss??!!

    12. Kota Zeros

      Im a black and green player. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Reanimate.

    13. Shae Renuel

      "You look terrified, so I just assumed." Ah, sh#t, she's good.

    14. Angelo Benosa

      First day in Lorehold: I asked Leonardo Da Vinci if he was a top or bottom and he slapped me

    15. kcarter02

      LOREHOLD! Such a dreeeaammm. Also I think we all definitely need role play videos for each college separately 😩❤️✨

    16. Aatman Vlogs

      This video exists Me wondering if this is Black Clover or Harry Potter

    17. Anqelifyy


    18. Kynzie007

      OMG Gibi you have to do more of these...Loved it..

    19. Naomi Thomson

      Wait what!!!!! I just found this!!! This is amazing!!!! MTG is my favorite, and this is wonderful!!!!. You look like Liliana too!!!

    20. Jami Gaspar

      Can you make this a series

    21. Wild

      Whattt, omg I just find out you did amsr for mtg

    22. Marelle Dalziel

      Gibi: Inklings Me:(Competitive Splatoon flashbacks)

    23. Angela Bishop

      Am I the only one that knows what the cards were

    24. Colton Fleming

      I would also absolutely love it if this became a series! For all 5 colleges and little things here and there!

    25. Colton Fleming

      Welp! I am torn between two colleges! Prismari and Silverquill. Prismari is more natural for me, though I do not play Izzet much, but I also love Orzhov colors and the challenge of Silverquill's student body!

    26. Joe Joe

      Show me how to fork my spells or I’m leaving, or, let’s just start with casting in general

    27. Briiannaa

      Okay, but when can this be a real thing? Like-

    28. Wilhelmina Stringer

      okay but can we talk about the accent on this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    29. Hugh Wilson

      Thank you Gibi you have helped me fall asleep a lot I truly thank you and god bless

    30. Blackbird94

      To use Gibi’s words, I want to be a Witherbloom but my butt belongs in Quandrix

    31. Adam Horton

      I have played mtg for the last 6 years

    32. Fidgets of ASMR

      Let me see your acceptance letter. Me: passes her my Nintendo. Gibi: good spot keep it under your hat. Me: BRUH WHAT

    33. Meadow Evans

      But what college did u attend if you’re an alumni, that is the question I would have asked if I could😂

    34. ThirdPersonGaming

      The most prestigious university doesn’t double sleeve their cards?!?!?!? BLASPHEMY

    35. AStudioMostRelaxing

      I really like your backlighting🍭♥️

    36. Hal Mosher

      Gibi on command zone !!!! We neeed it

    37. Hal Mosher

      How am I just seeing this haha omfgggg gibi and magic I’m hypeeeee

    38. Fyodor Beenkens

      Omg finally a mtg video from gibi. Do you play or not?

    39. Dilemmaz

      This is kinda like Harry Potter mixed with Skyrim lol

    40. Nathan Lathrop

      I love magic... And I love ASMR... And I love YOUR ASMR... I'm overloaded like a Cyclonic Rift 🥰

    41. Catzburguer

      Well, WoTC knows their audience. Come on guys, there is no reason to hide, they know.

    42. 1Thran

      No no I came here to teach, I studied under Uzra planeswalker. I am well versed in all colours of mana, and artifice. My second specialization is archeological history.

    43. Voidragon Asura

      The question is can I be a creative writer in prismari? Because the silverquil doesn’t fit my style at all

    44. Not just another guy

      Love this

    45. Migusta

      Me who knows absolutely nothing about MTG: *”I like your funny words magic woman”*

    46. holistic healing

      You can't do this I need more videos like these specifically continuations

    47. Salamanders Marine

      Gibi does a video for each guild of ravnica

    48. Ramie

      Gibi looks amazing here. Ben's a lucky man!

    49. ross lambda

      i got my sliver deck my white warrior deck and on a budget of 150 bucks i have played mtg since 2007

    50. Ezequiel

      I've listened to all 5, yet I would pick Lorehold, in order to write study and go to dig sites to find the truths of the old world!

    51. QPixie

      I did the test and I'm a Prismari! :D Not mad at it :3

    52. LotusPetalsAndBarbs

      "Seven Hundred Years ago by the Founding Dragons" *Laughs in Niv-Mizzet*

    53. Edwardinho

      GORGEOUS lady!

    54. Cup of Dear god no

      No stone unturned!

    55. Peyt

      this was so funnnnn

    56. Hamza Siddiqi

      does she have to do this w every student cus this gon take years

    57. peanut.butter.problems

      I definitely know I am in Silverquill...

    58. Arklyre

      we made arcavios into a plane in our dnd world and my character is joining strixhaven under the silverquill as a transmutation wizard/ phantom rogue

    59. Brittany Beaird

      Gibi: And you didn't fall asleep once. Me: I've literally been trying to make it through to the end of this video for the past 4 nights....😴

    60. Byakko Brando

      no Grammar magicians?

    61. Theadore Poundcake

      Did we just become best friends?

    62. João lopes

      I'm 14 and I've won 2 or 3 tournaments of magic when I was 7-10 i was pretty good but now I'm "retired" of that and I played w my father, i sometimes still play

    63. Hxllywxxd

      As a mtg player and a Gibi fan this crossover is 10/10, perfectly done. Would love to see this more often, some very good cosplay options too!!!

      1. Scout TF2

        It used to be a 10/10, but it is now a 3/3 elk

    64. Sreetama Basu

      You look stunning, Gibi!

    65. Abdulrahman Elsafi

      Oh ma gaud... My fav game and my fav asmrtist.. This collab will be thr best to me❤️

    66. Azza Wazza

      Is this porn? What is this? Why are there 500k views?

    67. Nekrotik Plays

      can we use our magic to make MTG not suck? because fuck me hasbro are driving the game into the dirt.

    68. Jack Barron

      I both love MAGIC THE GATHERING and Harry Potter, so this was great XD I just bought a Strixhaven booster box aswell haha

    69. Mad Nintendo 02

      What even is magic the gathering. I’ve heard of it but know absolutely nothing about it.

    70. Tabletop Transformer

      Wait..... You had them made specially?????

      1. Tabletop Transformer

        Wait..... INKLINGS!?!? You mean I can squid and kid?

    71. Ochre Rune

      I hadn't played Magic in a few years aside from Arena but oh man the Commander Strixhaven Decks pulled me back into the paper version and it's amazingly good fun. With Ikoria and Throne of Eldraine having so many great cards you don't need to dip far back into the massive backlog of cards to improve your decks or even into your wallet (in my personal opinion). It's a really good time to get back into the game or even start playing because it's just such a fun theme. ;_; I love it so much

    72. Biade

      Gibi: As an alumini I can confirm I ate his cake weekly, daily Me: hourly

    73. Hdthebest25

      Still watching this despite never have playing magic, more of a Yu-Gi-Oh kinda guy

    74. JJSwaggyy

      day 62 of asking gibi to do a keyboard asmr video

    75. Nemicelle

      HANDS DOWN IM A WITHERBLOOM I WANNA LIVE IN A SWAMP shrek is who i aspire to be

    76. Help me reach 10k with no videos!

      ENJOY!!!!! ✨~sleep reminders~✨ Get in your most comfortable pajamas~💜 Make sure your doors are locked (and closet door)~💜 You are beautiful 😇 (make sure your taking care of your skin)~💜 Make sure your not tense (loosen your shoulders, jaw, hands,legs etc)~💜 Brush your teeth 😌✨~💜 Say goodnight to a loved one (if your alone say goodnight to yourself self love is always important!🥺)~💜 Get your comfy socks on (or not your choice)~💜 Get a drink (caffeine does not help you sleep 😌)~💜 Say 3 things you did today and what your proud of what you did (it always cheers me up and makes me feel happy 😊)~💜 Your special don’t forget that and your loved remember that~💜 Turn off auto play!~💜 Make sure your lights are off~💜 Untense you eyebrows and eyelids (very important)~💜 Make sure your homework is done~💜 If you have a test tomorrow relax don’t stress it out you will do your best!~💜 Make sure you brush your hair~💜 feed your pets and give them walks~💜 Set your alarm~💜 Make sure to let go of any negative thoughts their not true you are perfect in every way!~💜 Write about your day in a notebook~💜 Make sure you went to the restroom~💜 Make sure you have taken a shower~💜 Goodnight✨✨~💜 ✨~morning reminders~✨ Good morning I hope you slept well!~💜 Make sure you got the rest you needed (if your still sleepy dab water on your eyes)~💜 Make sure that your dressed (for school if you have school)~💜 Color in a notebook to express how your feeling today~💜 Stretch all your muscles (especially your shoulders and neck)~💜 Eat breakfast (it’s very important)~💜 Whatever hard things your going through right now you are ok and there will always be someone there to love you especially me your doing great!🥺~💜 Feed your pets make sure they go to the bathroom~💜 Drink some water~💜 Play a song you like with headphones to get you motivated~💜 If your on zoom make sure you have no distractions and your following directions~💜 Say good morning to anyone in your household~💜 If your stressed go outside get some fresh air and focus on other things that make you happy~💜 ~💜your doing great and you will never be alone in tough times like this💜~

    77. Leo Saunders

      What’s your college

    78. caleigh best


    79. Malcolm Forbes

      Who is buying this block now? I know I am. It seems like a perfect format for Wizard's Tower.

    80. TRalph

      Been playing MTG since Lorwyn block back in 2007.

    81. Paige The Ghost

      day 27 of asking gibi for an anxiety removal video with tweezing and snipping

    82. Merlin S.


    83. RigelAntare5

      I don't think I've ever been this targeted by my youtube recommendations but I'm here for it

    84. Vorpal Inferno

      Ben you lucky bastard. Shower her with happiness. If you dare hurt her the wrath of the internet will be unleashed upon you.

    85. Briana Courtney

      This totally gives me little witch academy vibes and I love it

    86. Shaine O'Neal

      I’m guessing the student thought there was gonna be a sorting hat 😭

    87. no0ood1e

      Do you have spare mana 🥲 i never have enough

    88. Battleking 00

      You play magic!?

    89. TheRedFryingPan

      *Plays* [Planar Cleansing]

    90. Sascha Hauck

      As a MtG-player since Revised - and ASMR-fan - It´s quite clear I need to watch this ^^

    91. Madleen Cloppenburg


    92. Jonathan Mateus

      Why do I get merlin vibes from seven deadly sins

    93. mduffin632

      15:33 "all the worlds a stage,,," AND ALL THE MEN AND WOMEN MERELY PLAYERS

    94. Papi

      I love your soft spoken and your ssss' s ;)

    95. Rose Boy

      الشعب السوري بيعرف بالغيب -بيعرف مين رح يصير الرئيس قبل ما تبدى الانتخابات

    96. Rose Boy

      جابوا الجحشة وحطوها بالحركة الطزحيحية التي قادها الرفيق المناضل اير الكر بعمر بن الخطاب -والخلود لرسالتنا

    97. Eloise Smith

      did yall realise she's not wearing a choker- FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER

    98. Richard

      Gibi's hair/the lighting in this is incredible - like, this is literally how I imagine their house would look if Ben walked in during her filming this...

    99. Cloudz

      Anyone here from the shorts lol?