ASMR | You WON a Disney World Trip! Travel Planner / Picking a Resort


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    Ahhh this is hopefully going to be a 3 part series!! I asked you guys where you'd like to stay and one won, so that'll be the next stop! :') This video is nottttt sponsored in any way LOL; but I DID get to work with a really awesome, talented writer named Lauren who is super Disney knowledgable!! I couldn't have done it without her! I was really interested in doing a Disney series because I feel like Disney is the epitome of not only immersion but escapism; and ASMR is good at that as well. So, a natural combination!?
    That being said, if you'd like to reach out to Lauren to work with her, she's available at LMscreenwriting at gmail dot com !! (Spelled out to prevent spam!)

    After you make all your travel plans with Disney Gibi (congratulations on winning!!) You'll be ready to fly out to your resort, and then have a VIP tour of one of the parks (which I will poll you all on next video!)

    What did you think of this? :D I'm so curious!!!
    Have a ~magical~ night heheh.

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    1. Laura Nolan

      I have everything crossed that my November trip happens, I’m coming from the UK 🇬🇧. Until then, this will do nicely. I’ll take club level, main building at the Grand Floridian please. 😂

    2. Jcnextgener

      Okay before I listen is this a Time Share.

    3. NarrativasdaCidade

      i miss disney so much. In love with this video.

    4. Samantha Ong

      Wonderful video with amazing detail!

    5. Galaxyalphawolf


    6. Abby s

      wait wait wait, i’m down for a free trip but 627k other people won too?

    7. Laura Moore

      I know this is one lil data point, but I haven't been back to Disney since I quit due to a really difficult work situation over 2 years ago. It has soured my feelings for the parks and particularly the hotels, which are a huge reason I even went into hotel management in the first place (what I ended up doing there). This has felt really healing to hear the pure excitement and get into a better headspace about potentially taking my daughter back someday.

      1. Laura Moore

        Ok but also of course my brain was looking out for anything off and fort wilderness is actually next to the wilderness lodge 😍 Fort has campgrounds for tents, RV spots, and cabins, while wilderness lodge is one of my favorite resorts on property along with dakl, of course.

    8. bonni peat

      Me watching astray😌 when the ads pop up 😯😭😭😭😭😭nooooo

    9. Shinobuwu

      I like how I won a first class plane trip when I live an hour and a half away from Disney World...

    10. the gamer

      finally i win something

    11. Tabitha

      I'm going to Disney this summer lol

    12. Russell Harrell

      Gibi always giving us next level ASMR. From someone who has been to WDW every year for several years but unable to go last year this series has itched that scratch.

    13. Megan Robinson

      nobody’s role plays keep me engaged like gibi’s role plays

    14. julydolls

      i’m a huge disney fan, i go almost every year & everything is accurate! good job gibi 💛

    15. Lavender Bees

      my 6 year old sister thinks this is real because she overheard this and now she is a bit to excited-


      She should do like chickfila interview

    17. I Cant

      Day 16 of asking gibi to do shrek full movie asmr

    18. The Loser


    19. KimmyChi

      God this makes me miss going to Disneyworld. I never had the experience of staying at a resort, but I loved every single time I went to Disneyworld. Hopefully in the future I can go again and get the full experience

    20. Lahsay Wah

      #meme review

    21. Lahsay Wah


    22. Purple Fox Gaming

      This has become the one videos I listen to every night 😂

    23. arnold davis

      i believe Gibi is truly a Disney Staff member from her 2 Disney ASMR videos.

    24. Jillian !

      I haven’t been able to go to Disney in 2 years because of COVID. I have been going every single year since I was 4. You really made me feel like I was doing to Disney. When you said “Disney’s Hollywood Studios” and “Disney’s Animal Kingdom” I felt nostalgia inside of me and automatic make me want to go again so badly but I can’t this year. Whenever I feel like I need a “Disney trip day” I will come to this video. Excellent job Gibi!

      1. Myste Webster

        You’re so lucky! I went to Disneyland Paris a few years ago, but it was under really tragic circumstances so it wasn’t quite as magical as it should have been. All my life I’ve wanted to go to Disney World 😩

    25. 김도연

      I don’t know everything is depressing that watching this video makes me cry. The thought of winning a trip to disney world sounds really amazing

    26. coolarrow89

      Love this so much! 😀

    27. Jude Burns

      Isn’t this odd that i’m calling her on google meets? Out of any calling app it HAS to be google meets!?

    28. Rylee Lockard

      My series in order of asmr videos Disney world travel agent rp Flight attendant rp Disney world resort rp

    29. Tegan Mann

      as someone who misses disney (stuck in Canada, borders closed) this is making me cry, its so accurate.

    30. Aaron Sand

      I used to call the Contemporary the Temporary when I was a kid 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ It's fitting too cause it's a hotel 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

    31. Coach Holden

      Funny enough, having stayed at GF all last week: resort grounds and dining are A+ (Main building club level) Rooms are incredibly disappointing

    32. vicky's vlog world


    33. Friedrice Gaming

      When she describes ur vacation in the end of July: We didn’t win anything tho we just going. I’m kinda bored of Disney I’ve been 15 times, but a faction is a vacation so hey

      1. Friedrice Gaming

        @Coach Holden we’ve been to Aulani twice.

      2. Coach Holden

        @Friedrice Gaming lol how would i know that you’re a dvc member? You said it was boring and have gone 15 times so i was explaining that there’s more to do than theme parks. Go to Aulani then with your points if you’re bored.

      3. Friedrice Gaming

        We stay on property every time because we have a DVC membership. I don’t think you realized that because the rest of the comment doesn’t make sense since we have DVC. Going to the parks to experience great dining and attractions are the reason you go, not to go swimming every day. I live on a lake that’s would be a waste of money.

      4. Coach Holden

        Resort perks are non-existent at the moment but i recommend staying on property and exploring the resorts/pools/dining if you go to WDW often. We go twice a year and it’s a different kind of vacation when the parks aren’t the priority


      Damn a camera that good on a facetime

    35. Cherry Bangtan

      I need a part 2 asapppppp

    36. 🔫J.Dbby🔪

      I am so excited to tell you this: You’re gorgeous and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I am always here to talk and will reply to every reply

    37. Tatya Koesandriani

      omg pls do a part 2

    38. Claire Emala

      Imagine going to disney and being able to skip all the lines. You would save like three hours! Lol

    39. The LilyIsAwesomeShow

      if only i didnt refuse to wear masks hehe

    40. Elizabeth Schiada

      Can you do a Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, or a Royal Caribbean or Norwegian Cruise Line video?

    41. Fatal Assassin

      It’s all fun in games until you remember your in Covid

    42. •Miss tea• Bubble

      It's Funny that I'm going to go To Disney On Thursday 💃🏻


      Oh yeah and that typing is hacking


      Honestly I think she’s role playing a scammer that wants to scam you for Disney resort ticket

    45. Xenfcxi


    46. Marguerite Schmidt

      She need to work at disney.

    47. Crystal Studios

      I work at a call center for a grocery store so this is so familiar for me lol 😂

    48. PHIPSY

      Im sold

    49. Alice

      I hope you’re still planning more parts to this cause I’ve watched it like 5 times

    50. john cifuentes

      This is what I imagine I would’ve gotten had I won the Dylan and Cole Sprouse Danimals sweepstakes

    51. NMartinez-88

      15:02 - 15:35 I'm glad that Mary Blair was mentioned. She's a huge inspiration to me as an artist, especially for her use of color. If you're a fan of her work, I highly recommend "The Art and Flair of Mary Blair" by John Canemaker.

    52. Kristina Cruz

      Part 2 please 💜 💤

    53. Big D57

      Imagine these being monetized? Me trying to fall asleep to gibi: That one over the top soap salesman: 👁👄👁

    54. Ghost X_X

      I'm so excited that I'm the one to tell you this, you didn't win, end of video 25:27

    55. STAN.NCT.

      My first time winning Disney World trip yay 🌼 Love you gibi

    56. Jacob Cabrera

      “Son, I found a video of your great grandmother.”

    57. Corbi B

      in this corona time , is that honestly the best way to dreamin in a holiday vibe :)

    58. ikarii prince

      Would love a sequel to this where the tour is starting!! Would be cute to have a whole video of whispered Disney trivia and facts from the tour guide

    59. Mr. Magic

      Huh, I feel like I actually won something.

    60. Dark Hoodie

      But what did I win i’m so confused? 😆

    61. Noah Bowie

      And when do I get my Universal tickets?

    62. Holly Morelli

      Best video everr

    63. Victoria Eugenia Ruiz Reynoso

      So Disney is basically my happy place, when I was little i changed schools and I felt so out of place. The summer after my first year, with was pretty hard, my mom took me to Disney World and it felt like I huge "you've done well, know you deserve to have fun". Your video really remembered me of that excitement I get every time I think about Disney, thanks

    64. ŠtréêtyxWRLD

      Diney wuorld?

    65. Oliver Banham

      Loved this!

    66. SimplyKimi

      Omg pleaseee do more of this!! This is one of the best asmr videos I have ever watched! I got tingles and info at the same time and I wasn’t bored out of my skull! xoxo FireBug

    67. Morgan Elliott

      I know this is not an ad, but it is very effective anyway. Now I'm like actually contemplating a Disney trip with friends 🤔

    68. Alyssa Potter

      Gosh I freakin wish

    69. Irina Say

      I listening and cry I have never been to Europe or America and it is unlikely that I will find myself there someday

    70. #Team pink

      You look like my aunt

    71. The log cabin birds

      1:30 what did I win

    72. Sydney P

      This needs a part two!! 🤍

    73. Cash Haas

      I bet the background is universal

    74. Claire Tompkins

      Gibi would be great in any job tbh she's just so nice and excited all the time :)

    75. Mimi's Kissimmee Adventures

      As a cast member at Dak I love this.

    76. sarah_ alwood

      Why is this so satisfying tho?!?

    77. Dana Cuadrado

      The Ohana breakfast really is amazing

    78. Dana Cuadrado

      Loved how accurate the script was with Disney language!

    79. Carl Simpson

      Imagine like a four year old watching this and thinking that they actually won a trip

    80. Usama rafieck

      What is your best attraction?

    81. I make comments cuz this is my commenting channel

      this feels like when i got checked in at my resort. the lady was so nice i miss it so much.

    82. Fp

      The fact my friends are going to Disney probably and I can't go makes me feel worse

      1. Kaden

        awww im sorry i know how that feels

    83. Zachary McElroy

      This would be really cool for universal Orlando

    84. Sarah McCullough

      My favorite video yet!

    85. Christopher Feliciano

      But I already live in Orlando...

    86. Shellena_Gaming


    87. Erika C

      Idk why this was giving me Even Stevens vibes

    88. xxWintersLullabyxx

      Gibi: a winner has been selected Me, an intellectual: ooh, I wonder who it could be

    89. SxpleyTS

      I have been in Disney world like 25 times my mom and dad used to work in disney

    90. Georgia Douglass

      I loved this. Please do more of these!

    91. Adam Zunk

      I recommend staying at the Polynesian. Not only is it my favorite Deluxe resort...but you can get Pineapple Dole Whip right in the hotel and for those 21 and older you can go to Trader Sam's and get the Dole Whip in pineapple juice with a shot of Rum. Also, kudos to Gibi for pointing out how awesome Mary Blair was!

    92. Kawaii Nuha

      This makes me happy since I’ve never been to Disney cuz it is expensive

    93. wavechance

      At 0:48 you can hear Gibi's Tummy lol

    94. Sahil Paranjape

      A moment of appreciation for the editor.

    95. Dean Castillo

      Ahhh I’ve been waiting for this since that poll was posted, THANK YOU !!

    96. c.

      i wonder if these travel planners have a quota of how many times they have to say "magical" and "celebration"

    97. Telyn Ho

      idk why her background reminds me of a ridiculously posh toilet that i would dream to have

    98. s1mon86

      The good news is you have won a trip to Walt Disney World... The bad new is Daisy will be your VIP guide

    99. s1mon86

      The good news is you have won a trip to Walt Disney World... The bad new is Daisy will be your VIP guide

    100. Gavin Hernandez

      Yesss this should be a series