Fastest ASMR | Tailor, Haircut, Drawing You, Face Paint, Allergist, Librarian, Barista, Grocery, Bar


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    ....and Follow the Light :)
    Watch my other Fastest ASMR here!

    Oooo baby we're back for round two!!!
    Today we have multiple appointments but you don't have that much time... don't worry, I have a solution!

    0:00 - Tailor
    1:19 - Haircut
    2:40 - Drawing You
    3:46 - Face Painting
    4:47 - Allergist
    5:55 - Librarian
    6:37 - Barista
    7:36 - Grocery Store Clerk
    8:43 - Bartender
    10:25 - Follow the Light

    My original video was inspired by ASMR Kenshi :)

    This video is funny bc I saw another ASMRtist had done a Fastest ASMR and they credited me with their idea, but then they added in some fun new RPs so I am going to credit them right back! Ha!
    Johnn ASMR :)
    Let's make this a trend forreal I love watching theseeeeee

    Goodnight yall!

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    1. Gibi ASMR

      Dare u to play this back on 2x speed

      1. Trey Davis

        Already done

      2. Amanda Racz

        Oh my gosh I did it and it looks so 😎

      3. The bane of the electro cube

        IThat drink made me wake up in a whole different country


        Dare done now dare u to make another one of these 👍🏻

      5. stalking Louis tomilson

        Omg lol

    2. Ema Brooks

      "Ok just a trim I'll cut off 20 inches"~Gibi How I feel when the stylist says she/he is cutting of 2 centimeters

    3. Alex Munteanu

      me:click's the link Gibi:I'ma just speedrun this sht

    4. Phantom

      Thanks for putting me to sleep! My ego was a little damaged but then repaired. But that’s okay

    5. Marco Wijaya

      Da speedrunner of asmr

    6. Nerdy Julia

      I wonder if you learn all this text by heart before shooting or you can make it up it so fast 😂

    7. dry ice 2.0

      she can rap really good

    8. Nate Dog

      Gibi: Just a little trim Also Gibi: Ok we will take off 20 Inches

    9. Stygi

      9:06 my parents told me that mixing drinks (with alcohol) can be dangerous so yeah xd

    10. Mustafa Ansari

      10 : 8 😅

    11. sam dark

      Me: *sleeping* Gibi: do you really really really really strong? Also me: *aight imma head out here ok bye*

    12. iiwolfieii

      Gibi: OMG YOUR HAIR IS SO LONG YOU CAN STRANGLE SOMEONE WITH IT! Me: I’ll gladly keep my hair then 😗💅 (This is a joke I wouldn’t strangle someone with my hair)

    13. weld boufarik

      I just realized that she is faster than eminem.....🤖

    14. intan paula

      S-E-X C-H-A-T FUCKAEF.TOPLES.UNO ?? ADD KARO 😎 SNAPCHAT- Kunal4g Insta- Kunal4g1

    15. Cayson FL

      Gibi: what are you allergic too Me: uhh idk : earth sun? Wtf

    16. Marc Sclifos

      17 weeks?!?!?!?! 100$?!??!?!?!?!

    17. Joshua Ryan

      I don't think you realise how unique and amazing this video is Gibi! That must have taken a lot of practice to be able to speak that fast. I think you improvised the entire video which is why you were able to speak so fast without making mistakes. Really enjoyed this and looking forward to another one.

    18. JBburgercoolnes

      can u please make another one of these!!!!!!!

    19. Rusty Spoons

      The funny things she says like tomatoes good for throwing at people 🤣

    20. Aeryli Green

      she makes me feel like im having an acid trip

    21. Leanna Cruz

      I would gladly use a tomato at someone😃

    22. OLY Music


    23. jellyfish

      I'm loving these fast occupation asmr, really cranks up the tingles

    24. 『༒AG༒』

      What if this happens with u in real life I would be asleep in a minute 😴

    25. SmollBlossom

      when you go to the salon and they say "oops"

    26. Peyton And London Show

      Gibi: do you have a library card Me: yes Gibi: you don’t have a library card I will take this Me: DID YOU NOT HEAR ME

    27. Teeba Barakat Ali AL Said GRADE7B

      I did the dare

    28. пожилой выдр


    29. Tintin Meyer

      Love you

    30. Madison Wessling

      This is chaotic I love it

    31. India Prasad

      Love this

    32. Silithid120

      This kinda feels more like parody than ASMR tbh

    33. SDX gaming

      00:41 Why do I want to eat that chalk?

    34. K. Only

      Eminem retired after watching this

    35. Mohammed Kamara

      I had no idea my tailor and my allergist looked the same as the librarian and bartender...

    36. Danial01

      Gibi: Tomatoes are good for throwing Tomatoes: *wut*

    37. des smith

      U drink?

    38. Eliud Jaimez

      "That'll protect my floor from ur hair" Literally me putting people on visitor in Minecraft to protect my house from breaking

    39. Limitless Aarnav

      Tomatoes are good for throwing at people!!!

    40. Max Nice

      Me: just a little cut off Her: ok a little cut off like 20 inches

    41. Tyson Orzechowski

      I honestly love these

    42. James Moffatt

      Gibi: just a little cut Also Gibi: let's cut 20 inches

    43. auggie

      this sounds normal to my adhd tbh, all other asmrs are so slow lmao

    44. 5:01 she drew 4 but only 3

    45. Hima-Chan

      5:21 *casually yeets away swab*

    46. Playboi fernie

      Do more of these PLEASE

    47. Carson Foster

      Did you fill alcohol bottles with lemonade

    48. Favian Arief

      Where's my drawing?

    49. Sweet Dream Studios

      I swear if I go to a grocery store and my cashier is digging through my strawberries, thumping my eggs, flipping my fish around, or commenting one my vegetables...I probably will be back

    50. DinoBear

      Carrots= good for you eyes Bell pepper=good for something Tomatoes= good for throwing at people And that was our lesson for today lol😄

    51. KaSh1F JaM1L

      I love you done your dare and alexzendria asmr too you both amazing love you both

    52. Settings66

      My favorite video ever

    53. Raker_ Playz


    54. cheshire cat

      “Spray this down that’ll protect my floor from your hair” 😂😂😂

    55. Remembero Taco

      When you play it on 2x speed it sounds like the is saying welcome to Taylor and I like “hey Taylor! How are you :)”

    56. Gaming Alex

      I like how she is doing asmr and be funny at the same time😂

    57. Jandra Daughter

      Challenge accepted. 👁👄👁

    58. Jandra Daughter

      Challenge accepted. 👁👄👁

    59. Alexandra asmr

      I love your video’s have my interest for asmr

    60. Sara Bulad

      Gibi- what was the lord thinking of when he made you Me- nice on the outside complete opposite on the inside 😇😈

    61. ~~~~~stich lover~~~~~

      press coustom and do 6 its so funny!

    62. Souza Souza

      🎧😴 Sugestão de Asmr para vocês verem na sequência 🎧😴

    63. Chico Loco

      You make it harder to distinguish you from a squirrel with your near perfected squirrel language. Those clicks really destroy the quality of silence, making your videos way too noisy to be asmr since asmr isn’t about filling a video with noise. I wouldn’t be surprised if people get tired this quickly as it is more likely to induce anxiety than any kind of relaxation.

    64. luna lovegood

      Gibi: what was God thinking when he made you God: B I G F O O T

    65. GamerSloth23

      I listened to this on 2x and still heard everything clearly

    66. FilterWing Productions

      Me: plays it on 2x speed Gibi: *speaking gibberish*


      “Okay we’ll just take off 20 inches

    68. Katelyn Bird

      Because I’m a professional


      Are you actually talking to somebody in real life

    70. brayden henry

      what a 100 for your face to be paint

    71. Mochiilover21

      Did anyone realize that during the coffee one she had a straight red line on her forehead

    72. Oz Media

      POV: You've befriended the ADHD girl and have to now deal with their hobby swings every other week.

      1. siggo_

        @Chelsea Hughes i agree this comment can be offensive, but he doesnt mean everyone with adhd

      2. Maximus Ekon

        so tru

      3. FadeOnline

        @Chelsea Hughes it doesn't mean everyone with adhd They are just known for hyperactivity, which gibi obviously displayed

      4. Noah Alvarez

        @Chelsea Hughes not everyone but some not even ADHD

      5. Emmie MkDucki

        I legitimately just came from your channel-

    73. The Legend 7.0

      yes allergic to air

    74. Molly Catherine

      well i knew my feet were different sizes (6 1/2 and 7 1/2) but now my arms are different lengths?!?!

    75. Milos Djukic

      Gladiator costume. Haha

    76. SxmpplyJoe

      “You have long hair, *you could strangle someone

    77. Jual Patel

      me wondering how she knew what coffee settings I wanted

    78. Asiansimp

      Me when me and my mom go to a barber; Mom I just want 2/3 inches off pls. My mom; okay 20 inches it is.😀

    79. maaike van den besselaar

      The colours from the rainbow outfits

    80. maaike van den besselaar

      She talk so fast! Really a talent! Go girl!!!!

    81. Kristjan Lufaj (2022)

      Mom: Let me take your birthday money, I'll keep it safe Me later: Where is it? Can I get it back? Mom: 9:10

    82. Brody Bengle

      You look like dua lipa

      1. Brody Bengle


    83. Harshith Thakur

      The tingles doubled when I played the video at x2

    84. Goodman’s Late Night Show

      Do another with flight attendant, pawn shop, furniture store, gas station, restaurant, car salesperson. I’m just trying to get creative

    85. -𝕾𝖔𝖙𝖋𝖈𝖃𝖄-

      I don't know but those unnecessary fast words make me tingle faster.

    86. shrill_kill

      Just Heard "Okay " and "Prefect"

    87. AestheticCancer

      Ok were goin to take off 20 inches, id be bald -_- ik its a joke

    88. ꧁ Vespyy ꧂

      "Ima draw your ears" *Me, casually wearing headphones* Okay...

    89. Ethan Salisbury

      Can i feed you

    90. Ethan Salisbury

      Your killing me gibi

    91. Madeline Roberts

      I fell asleep to this video and woke up six hours later only to find out i was 2hours in on so other asmr video😂

    92. Name Surname

      5:22 YEEET 5:49 *YEEEET* 6:36 *YEEEEEEET* 9:10 *POP AND YEEEEET*

    93. Tyra

      6:35 ok🤣🤣🤣

    94. Tyra

      5:22 Gibi: *throws swab behind her like she doesn't care* Me: ummmmm ok?

    95. Luis Ortiz

      Did she actually have the drinks Just wondering

    96. Diego Contreras

      This video is so ralaxing

    97. suckman ok


    98. Ilaria Colombini

      My favourite is librarian❤

    99. John Ngata

      she is very funny

    100. f4iryjin

      *Her telling me to do stuff* Also me: (•ᴗ•)