Gibi ASMR House Tour 2021


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    Yaaay house tour!! Partial house tour anyway -- some of the house I didn't show for privacy reasons/you could see outdoors too clearly, etc.! Ben does indeed have his own office LOLLL and I think one day my stream room will probably be converted into a kids' room but. For now!! Adult anime gaming playground!!!
    Ben and I finally did make the leap and purchased a family home, where we would want to raise a future family, etc... and it was a huge huge undertaking getting to where we are now BUT I'm really happy with it and thank YOU guys so much for making my (and Ben's!) job so much fun. Comparing my house tours over the years is definitely a trip haha. But after a million years on pinterest and looking at catalogs and reddit and other sites; I think I have lil knack for decorating spaces!! Trial and error, and about 100 tabs open on Chrome at all times hehe.

    Time stamps ~
    Thank you applemeatsauce c: (I hope i remembered your username right)
    0:00 Helix Sponsor
    2:47 Master Bedroom
    9:22 Master Bathroom
    11:43 Guest Bedroom
    18:50 Streaming Room Sneak Peek
    19:03 Guest Bathroom
    22:03 Stream Room
    23:38 G-Fuel Stash/Storage Room *use code GIBI hehe*
    24:52 Back to Streaming Room
    43:55 Manga Alley
    58:32 Satine Says Hi
    58:58 Living Room (soft-speaking)
    1:09:22 Film Room
    1:16:07 The End :)

    Where do you live?
    I'd rather not say!!! People are crazy y'all... but I do not live in a city obviously LOLLLL I moved my butt to the middle of nowhere so it could be quiet for filming ASMR/could have more space to work from home! Which is really funny to think about - if I didn't have the job I did, I'd almost definitely be living in downtown Chicago!

    Does Ben have his own office?
    Yes! And he has a place for all his sports stuff too :)

    What kind of dog is that?
    Satine is a Swiss Shepherd, she's 13 months old! Her name is both a reference to Satine from Moulin Rouge and Duchess Satine from Clone Wars!

    What happened to Luigi?
    He unfortunately passed away last July. We miss him a lot but have a lot of fond cuddly memories! He was 15 years old and sadly had a brain tumor, but he was very loved!

    What are your computer specs?
    I don't know -- my editor Vest is a computer god and he helped me configure this pre-built computer!

    What monitors are those?
    Sorry I don't have the exact model names on hand BUT the vertical one is a Dell ; the ultrawide is an LG, and the top monitor is an ASUS VG279Q 27"

    My desk is from Ikea, mousepad from amazon, keyboard from
    I get all my frames from Amazon. The front-loading ones are the easiest. I use nails to hang them in the wall.

    Any other questions? Let me know! :D

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    1. Gibi ASMR

      Here's my house tour from 2016 when I lived with 9 roommates .... And my Chicago apartment tour, Ben and my first place together!

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